AT&T reveals merger of WarnerMedia and Discovery

By: Miguel A. Rodriguez

17:54, 17 May 2021

The US Telecommunication giant announced a deal through which it intends to merge two units, paving the way for one of Hollywood’s biggest studios

AT&T revealed that its content unit – WarnerMedia – will be merged with Discovery, and a studio that can compete with the likes of Netflix and Disney will be created. Under the agreement, AT&T will receive $43 billion in a combination of cash, debt and WarnerMedia’s retention of a particular debt. AT&T shareholders will receive stocks worth 71% of the new company, while Discovery’s will own 29%.

“AT&T shareholders will retain their stake in our leading communications company that comes with an attractive dividend. Plus, they will get a stake in the new company, a global media leader that can build one of the top streaming platforms in the world,” stated John Stankey, AT&T CEO.

According to The Financial Times, the deal is expected to create a business separate from AT&T that could reach a value of $150 billion, including debt.

After the announcement, AT&T stock price was up roughly 5%, while Discovery’s were up 14% in pre-market.


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