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CAPEX ThematiX Puts You in the Centre of the Action

Maria Gregoriou
Maria Gregoriou
13 July 2023

If you had a time machine to go back and trade on a company you now know made the right moves at the right time to make it grow, when would you travel back to, and which company would you trade?

The past was a time without CAPEX ThematiX. This new trading method gives our traders the chance to trade on industry specific portfolios that house some of the hottest companies in a trending theme, like Travel or Electric Vehicles.  

You don’t have to worry about choosing one company that could perform better within an industry or keep up with a trend, as this trading method gives you more diversification with just one click.  

Want to learn more and be part of this action? Read on to find out how. 

What is CAPEX ThematiX?

ThematiX is a revolutionizing trading method that lets you trade on the big market movers in one space. Each ThematiX lot acts as one CFD stock but comprises of a basket of stocks all in the same industry.  Each company holds a specific percentage share of the CFD stock depending on its market cap.

For example, the E-Commerce ThematiX CFD stock is made up of shares from five Electronic Commerce sector companies. The weight of all the companies together completes the portfolio. 


ThematiX percent breakdown of E-Commerce Stock CFD. 

But how can this basket benefit you?

The aim of these themed portfolios is to:

  • Give you more time to concentrate on your trading strategy as CAPEX has already taken care of the market research and handpicked the companies to go within the pre-built stocks.
  • Allow you to diversify your portfolio and then, fundamentally through diversification, decrease your exposure to risk.

It is a simple and very easy to use product, making trading more accessible to everyone.

Portfolios that spin on the trends

We all have our own personal preferences and interests. Some of us love to watch television series, others dream of escaping reality with space travel, while there are those who are more grounded and interested in saving our planet. CAPEX ThematiX offers something for all tastes and gives you the chance to invest in your direct interests 

MKT-1861 - ThematiX Blog INSIDE IMG.png

Choose the ThematiX portfolio that suits your preference:

Binging – do you enjoy watching movies and series? Then you might want to consider this portfolio including pioneer companies that bring us content we want to consume for hours, including Netflix and Apple.

Trillion Club – do you like following some of the wealthiest U.S. businesses? The Trillion Club houses some of the most high-flying companies, like Google and Facebook.

Space Race – can you image traveling into space? Space Race is all about the companies who are quickly making this happen for more people with innovation and vision.

EV Revolution – the future of travel seems to be electric, so if that excites you, this choice could be for you.

Green Power – passionate about making our planet even greener? Join the companies with the same vision.  

Blockchain Future – if you think Blockchain is the technology most sectors have already or will incorporate into their businesses, this could be the one to click on.

Streaming Giants – entertainment and streaming services go hand-in-hand. Companies within this sector want to be the one to entertain us and with CAPEX you can also make them part of your overall portfolio.  

Cannabis – as the cannabis industry is becoming even more legal, the companies associated with it are also growing.  

Up in the Cloud – cloud computing helps us bring all our online activity together in one place. Many companies depend on it for their everyday running of business and the companies behind the cloud seem to be on an upward trend.  

Travel – travel is at the top of most people’s list of things to do and this makes the travel industry one which is very much needed.

Gold Rush – gold is one of the few assets investors go to when they want to protect their investments. When the economy is having a hard time or when inflation is blistering, companies that deal with gold are part of this protection method.

Bancos Espanoles – this stock portfolio is dedicated to the five largest Spanish banks and could be for you if you believe the Spanish banking system is strong.  

Get a breakdown of each portfolio and see how they are structured here

More reasons to join than just big names

Trading on these pre-built portfolios saves time and gives you access to several high-ranking companies with just one click, but there are more advantages to CAPEX ThematiX.

  • Zero commissions on deposits and withdrawals
  • Clients’ funds are safeguarded in segregated bank accounts
  • Trade from anywhere the service is offered 

Guide to how to use ThematiX  

Now you understand what CAPEX ThematiX is, which portfolios you can trade, and all the advantages you have with only one click, here is a look at how you can put this knowledge into action.

1.    Log into your trading account with our WebTrader portal.

2.    From the menu bar on the left, select ‘THEMATIX’. A list of all the portfolios within the ThematiX suite will be displayed.  

thematix 3.png

CAPEX WebTrader portal.

3.    Select the pre-built portfolio you are interested in, for example EV Revolution, and click on it. 

thematix 4.png

EV Revolution ThematiX dashboard.

4.     View any relevant information about the portfolio, perform any analysis on the trading chart and then click on the ‘Buy’ button to continue purchasing a ThematiX stock CFD at market price. 

thematix 5.png

Purchasing EV Revolution ThematiX.

5. In the ‘Amount’ box enter the amount you want to place on the order.

6. Click on Stop Loss or Take Profit order options if you choose to use them. When you are ready click on the ‘Place Order’ button.  The platform will then show a message to tell you your order has been placed successfully. 

thematix 6.png

Successful ThematiX order placed.

7.    At the bottom of the window click on the ‘Orders’ tab to open the ‘Orders’ page where you can view your open position. 

thematix 7.png

Ready to be part of the action of your chosen leading industry or trend? Visit the CAPEX ThematiX page to find out more and put these ready-to-go CFD stock portfolios into your trading mix.


  • CAPEX ThematiX offers trading on multiple industry or themed- related CFD stocks in one pre-built portfolio.
  • Each company within a ThematiX portfolio takes up a certain percentage, depending on their market cap.
  • The themes of these portfolios range from companies within the space industry, electric vehicles, travel sector, and more.
  • Traders have more time to trade as they don’t have to make the time-consuming decision of which single CFD stock to choose.
  • More CFD shares in one lot means more diversification and the potential to mitigate risks.
  • ThematiX offers zero commissions on deposits and withdrawals.
  • A guided look at how to trade CAPEX ThematiX. 







Maria Gregoriou
Maria Gregoriou

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