Jeff Bezos to step down as Amazon’s CEO

By: Miguel A. Rodriguez

11:55, 04 February 2021

Record revenue for Amazon in Q4 2020

A day full of news for Amazon. Yesterday, the retailer and tech giant, announced 2020 fourth-quarter earnings which topped expectations.

Amazon posted its most considerable revenue to date of $125.56 billion, higher than the $119.7 billion forecasted. The EPS came in almost double than the $7.23 consensus, at $14.09. The results were driven by a “record-breaking holiday season,” when it delivered more than one billion items worldwide.

Amazon expects a slowdown in sales in the first quarter of 2021, which is forecasted to reach a high of $106 billion. Experts see it at $95.8 billion.

Besides the earnings, another announcement hit the wires. Jeff Bezos, the founder and CEO of Amazon, said that would leave his office later this year transitioning to the position of executive chairman of the company’s board. He will leave the company which passed the $1 trillion market cap threshold to Andy Jassy, Amazon’s top cloud executive. Jassy, who has been part of the Amazon team since 1997, will officially become CEO in the third quarter.

Following the news, Amazon stock price gained about 1%. Year-to-date the share price went up nearly 4%, while in the past twelve months it reported a 70% increase.


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