Market News

  • Weekly EIA Oil Report – April 20th
  • Weekly Natural Gas Storage Report for April 14th
  • Weekly EIA Oil Report – April 14th
  • Mixed Q4 earnings for CarMax
  • Extended expertise in FX. Degrees in Coaching & Leadership. Dedicated to sharing my knowledge and passion for FX.

    Miguel A. Rodriguez

    Market Analysis
  • Russian Rouble falls on eased capital control
  • Oil prices continue to decline
  • Unemployment Claims fell below estimates. What will happen next?
  • Berkshire reveals stake in HP

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Oil ETFs

With gas prices so high, people are looking to add oil securities to their portfolios. Oil ETFs offer a way to invest in oil without buying and selling futures. 

Oil Stocks

When you see prices rising or falling at the gas pump, you might wonder how those market shifts are playing out with oil stocks on Wall Street. 

Gold ETFs

Gold ETFs are a popular way for investors to purchase gold in the electronic format or invest in companies in the gold-mining industry.