REFER & EARN gives you a golden chance to earn up to $4,200*, for introducing ambitious friends traders to us.


Refer your friends and get up to $4,200 as an introduction fee for every single referral opening a live account and start trading.

You can also get up to 6% from spread when they trade.


And because trading with friends is more encouraging, spread the word about and benefit the most from our Refer a Friend program.

How it works:

It’s very easy, let your friends know more about and tell them about your trading journey with us.

Share their details with your account representative or contact our support team to help you with the process.

Invite friends (the Referees) to open an account, deposit and start trading.

Enjoy the perks of the Referral Program and collect your introduction fee. You can earn up to $4,200* per referral.

First deposit introduction fee

The more friends you invite, the more you benefit

First deposit: $ 4.200

Your introduction fee: $ 500

$ 500

$ 50.000

Total Deposit and Trading Volume Introduction Fee

Example: When a referred friend deposits $50,000, you will earn $3,500. And you can also benefit from your friends trading volume, you can get up to 6% payout from the spread.


The above calculations are based only on one referral.