• How can I be sure that the money in my trading account is safe?
    The Republic of Cyprus is a European Union member state, which means that all investment companies licensed in Cyprus fully comply with the EU MiFID (Markets in Financial Instruments Directive) regulations that apply to all 27 countries of the European Economic Zone.
    The main aim of this law is to increase competition in the investment sector and protect the interests of the investment company's clients.
    According to the MiFID regulations, CAPEX.com is also member of the Investor’s Compensation Fund, which ensures that the clients' interests are protected in the case of company insolvency.
  • While using the Demo account, do I risk any real capital?
    Not at all. The Demo account is completely risk-free as you can’t lose real capital, but you can definitely use it to practice or improve your trading skills.
  • What is a Rollover and how does it affect me?
    CFDs are linked to an underlying asset (a Future contract) that has an expiration Date.
    Most of the instruments we offer, which are based on a futures contract, have a rollover date. CFDs are rolled over to the next underlying Future Price during the last weekend (before the official expiration day).

    This is known as the expiration rollover. If there were any substantial price difference between the two Futures, an adjustment would be Credited or Debited from the balance of your account.
    This Adjustment would show up in your account under Rollover Charge and would not affect the real value of your Equity.
    If you do not want to incur the price adjustment or any implication of the underlying CFD rollover, you can close your position(s) and/or cancel Orders before the rollover date and open a new position afterwards.