Australian dollar - United States dollar





About Aud-Usd and Aud-Usd Trading

What type of currency pair is AUD/USD?

The AUD/USD is a major currency pair, as it consists of two major currencies, including the U.S Dollar.

The U.S Dollar is the quote currency, and the Australian Dollar is the base currency. The AUD/USD currency pair shows traders how much the AUD is worth when compared to the USD.

Drivers for the AUD/USD currency pair

The AUD/USD pair is affected by major factors such as supply and demand, interest rates, political stability, and economic growth.

The AUD/USD live rate is often impacted by monetary decisions taken by the US Federal Reserve and the Federal Bank of Australia. Additionally, the Australian Dollar is positively correlated to the Canadian Dollar. Both countries rely on commodity prices, so shifts to oil or natural gas can potentially affect the AUD/USD live rate chart.

Is the AUD to USD going to improve?

It depends on many factors whether the AUD/USD pair will improve or not. Political stability, economic growth, risk appetite - all contribute to the pair's live rate.

What is the lowest the Australian dollar has been?

The lowest ever value of the AUD was 47.75 US cents, recorded in April 2001.

Is the Australian dollar likely to fall further?

Some analysts forecast the decline of the Australian Dollar over the course of the coming months. However, it all depends on how things will unfold in the future.

What is the AUD trading at today?

The AUD/USD pair has fluctuated in the past few months, with prices going up and down driven by economic and political turmoil.

What does sell AUD USD mean?

The price quote for which you can exchange U.S. Dollars for Australian Dollars.