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About Dropbox and Dropbox Trading

Dropbox (DBX) is an American file hosting service, offering a variety of cloud-based storage solutions. It was founded in 2007, but it became available to the public the following year. The project was created designed to facilitate cooperation and enable powerful online storage. The cloud system is currently one of the most popular with a total of 500 million registered users spread across 180 countries.

Dropbox currently has many offices around the globe, including San Francisco (headquarters), Austin, Dublin, Herzliya, London, New York, Paris, Seattle, Sydney, Hamburg, Washington DC, and Tokyo. Dropbox is traded on the NASDAQ under the ticker DBX.

How can you trade Dropbox stock?

You can buy Dropbox shares live on exchanges, or you can trade them through derivatives solutions, such as CFDs. Buying shares on exchanges is a long-term investment since you stand to gain only if prices go up.

At CAPEX.com, you can follow the Dropbox chart to trade on the price movements of this popular stock through CFDs. If you think that Dropbox share prices will go up, you can open a long position (BUY). If you think prices will decrease, you can open a short position (SELL).

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