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About Nzdusd and Nzdusd Trading

What type of currency pair is NZD/USD?

The NZD/USD is one of the major currency pairs, as both the New Zealand Dollar and the U.S. Dollar are major currencies. It is often called the “Kiwi” because the $1 coin shows the Kiwi bird, a New Zealand native animal.

In this currency pair, the U.S. Dollar is the quote currency, and New Zealand is the base currency. The NZD/USD currency pair shows traders how much the NZD is worth when compared to the USD.

Why is the NZD/USD currency pair important to traders?

One of the main reason why traders value this pair is that the U.S. Dollar is the top traded currency in the world while the NZD is among the top ten most traded currency, making the NZD/USD an attractive offer.

What drives the price of the NZD/USD pair?

The NZD/USD pair is affected by major factors such as supply and demand, interest rates, political stability, and economic growth.

Also, monetary policy is a crucial driver that influences the NZD/USD pair, with both the Reserve Bank of New Zealand and the Federal Reserve having a big role in dictating interest rates and general economic outlook.

How can you trade the NZD/USD currency pair?

At, you can follow the NZD/USD live chart to trade on the price movements of this currency pair through CFDs. Whenever you believe prices will go up, you can open a long position (BUY). Should you believe prices will go down, you can open a short position (SELL).

Here at, you can trade the NZD/USD pair from Sunday to Friday, between 21:05-20:55 GMT.