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About Scentre and Scentre Trading

Scentre Group Limited is a shopping centre company operating in Australia and New Zealand. The company is responsible for property investments, property management, and construction segments.

Scentre Group is listed on the Australian Securities Exchange and owns a shopping centre portfolio that includes investment interests in multiple shopping centres across Australia and New Zealand. Its portfolio boasts approx. 42 Westfield living centers and over 12,000 retail outlets.

Scentre Group pays an annual dividend of A$0.23 per share. Its most recent dividend payment was made to shareholders on Friday, February 28. As of December 30, 2020, the company's market cap stands at $14.89 billion.

You can buy Scentre Group shares live on exchanges or you can trade them through derivatives solutions, such as CFDs. Buying shares on exchanges is a long-term investment since you stand to gain only if prices go up, whereas trading them via CFDs offers the possibility to go either direction.

Trading CFDs on Scentre Group at offers a more secure investing environment, access to award-winning third-party resources, and round-the-clock support from our professional team. For more information, check out our About us page or create an account to jump straight into the action!

Trading Scentre Group CFDs on timeframe: Monday to Friday from 23:05-04:55 GMT. For those of you wanting to try out a different stock, you can pick one from our rich offer comprising more than 2.000 shares.