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About Software and Software Trading

Software (SOW) is a German provider of digital software solutions to corporate customers founded in 1969 and located in Darmstadt, Germany. The company is the second-largest software vendor in the country and the seventh-largest in Europe.

Software serves over 10,000 enterprise customers in more than 70 countries operating through three business lines: Digital Business Platform (DBP) and Adabas & Natural (A&N), both focused on product delivery, and a Consulting division, providing related services.

Is Software AG listed on exchanges?

People can trade Software AG on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange. Additionally, the company is part of the technology index TecDAX.

How can you trade Software AG?

You can buy Software shares live on exchanges as stated before, or you can trade them through derivatives solutions, such as CFDs. Buying shares on exchanges is perceived as a long-term investment since you stand to gain only if prices go up, unlike trading through CFDs.

At, you can follow the live chart to trade on the price movements of this popular stock through CFDs. If you think that its share prices will increase, you can open a long position (BUY). If you think prices will go down, you can open a short position (SELL).

Here at, you can trade CFDs on Software AG stock from Monday to Friday, between 08:05 - 16:25.