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Tesla Stock Price Chart  

The Tesla Stock Live Price & Charts at CAPEX.com features an interactive chart for the price of Tesla in US Dollars as well as Tesla Stock trading conditions. Tesla Stock Live Price & Charts can be displayed using a candlestick or linear chart. You can also look at numerous timeframes from 5 minutes to 1 week to analyze the Tesla stock price today.

Why Use Tesla Stock Price Chart? 

Tesla's stock price chart can be useful in several ways. For those looking to actively speculate on the price of Tesla stock, rather than invest for the long-term, price charts are an absolute necessity. Short-term traders or investors may examine Tesla stock prices on shorter timeframes, looking for areas of support to buy at and areas of resistance to sell at. Short-term traders or investors may also use charts to try to identify trends in the Tesla stock chart to try to take advantage of them. 

Long-term investors can also make effective use of Tesla stock price charts. A long-term Tesla stock investor may not be interested in a 10 minute or hourly timeframe, but longer timeframes such as daily, weekly, monthly, or yearly charts. Like the short-term trader, long-term Tesla stock investors may use charts to try to identify trends in the price of shares, or they may try to spot potential areas of price support to buy at.

How to Speculate on Today’s Tesla Stock Price? 

Trading stocks is a method of speculating on the price of Tesla shares through CFDs (Contracts for Difference). Unlike buying shares of Tesla stock to hold and store, trading via CFDs means you do not have to take ownership or delivery of the digital currency. 

CFDs are leveraged products, which means you can gain full exposure to the price of Tesla stock for a small deposit – called margin. This is not an extra cost to you, but it can make a significant difference to the affordability of your trade. Remember, leverage will magnify both profits and losses. 

What moves Tesla stock price today? 

Many factors affect the market supply and demand for Tesla stock price. The key factors are earning reports and macroeconomic data.  

Tesla Inc. usually releases interim reports on its financial performance once every quarter and a full report once a year. These reports can influence Tesla’s share price as traders and investors use figures including revenue, profit, and earnings per share (EPS) as part of their fundamental analysis. 

The state of the economy a company operates in will affect its growth. Data releases such as gross domestic product (GDP) and retail sales can have a considerable influence on Tesla’s share prices – strong data can cause them to rise, while weak data can cause them to fall. 

How high can the Tesla stock prices go in 2022? 

Historically speaking, Tesla’s price has been more volatile than other stocks. If you invest in Tesla instead of US indices, you would be increasing your risk for more upside potential. 

The 35 analysts offering 12-month Tesla stock price forecasts have a median target of 1,100.00, with a high estimate of 1,580.00 and a low estimate of 670.00. The median estimate represents a +4% increase from the Tesla stock price at the beginning of Q2. 

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Founded in 2003, Tesla is an innovative automotive and energy company taking on the mission to accelerate the world’s transition towards sustainable energy. 

Moving towards a zero-emission future, the company specializes in electric car manufacturing and has gone a long way to prove that electric vehicles can be better and quicker than traditional gasoline cars. 

Besides the Tesla electric vehicles, the company builds clean energy generation and storage products. 

On June 29, 2010, Tesla went public through the Initial Public Offering (IPO), selling 13.3 million shares at $17 per share on the Nasdaq, bringing in $226.1 million. 

In 2012, the company opened its first freestanding charging stations, known as Superchargers. Only two years later, Elon Musk presented Tesla’s semi-autonomous self-driving system called Autopilot. 

To create an entire sustainable ecosystem, on April 30, 2015, Tesla unveiled Powerwall, a large rechargeable battery for residential buildings, and Powerpack, a battery for commercial use. 

Tesla has taken the electric vehicle market by storm. It is the first electric vehicle manufacturer to have almost 200,000 sales in a calendar year. 

Company growth is correlated with share price increases, which is what people are hoping for when they buy Tesla shares. 

Tesla's price jumped seven times from around $90 to over $700 in 2020, making it a historic year for the company. Tesla stock continued to rise above $1.000 by the end of 2021, even though growth stalled till the end of Q2. 

The all-time high Tesla stock closing price was 1229.91 on November 04, 2021. 

Basic analysis is necessary before speculating on the Tesla stock prices. As with any stock investment, make sure you carefully assess your financial situation before investing in Tesla stock and other markets. Tesla’s stock price can be extremely volatile. 

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