Market News

  • 06 October 2021
    Carnival jumps on positive third-quarter results and outlook
  • 06 October 2021
    The trillion-dollar platinum coin
  • 06 October 2021
    Constant production, rising demand
  • 05 October 2021
    Sizzling Q3 figures for PepsiCo
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    Miguel A. Rodriguez

    Market Analysis
  • 05 October 2021
    Facebook experiences its most severe outage in more than a decade
  • 05 October 2021
    The risk-off whiplash
  • 04 October 2021
    Crude gets a lift
  • 04 October 2021
    Oil drops ahead of OPEC+ policy meeting

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A stock split makes the stock more affordable for more investors and thus can be used to draw in new investors who may have been reluctant or simply unable to purchase the stock at its higher, pre-split price. 

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