Best Trading App For iPhone & Android 2024 For Beginners & Advanced

With the inclusion of a range of trading tools and ease-of-access, online traders have shifted their preference and many look to use the best app for a variety of reasons.

The latest trading app continues to impress across the board. With a seamless interface, our app facilitates an effective online trading process. We’ve included an in-depth overview of what makes a good trading app and why our app meets all of your trading requirements, and more.

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Discover the best trading app at CAPEX

The CAPEX trading app for iPhone and Android continues to provide excellent trading opportunities with the inclusion of a wide selection of instruments. You’ll be able to access sufficient Forex markets, shares, bonds, commodities, indices, and more. Make use of leading technical analysis when using the trading app and find that there is cross-device functionality. This speaks volumes to providing the best online trading platform on various devices – all of which can be linked up and accessed simultaneously.

A whole suite of tools and features on a trading app

All of the trading tools and features of the desktop terminals have been incorporated in the mobile app. Thus, you’ll have access to unfettered trading options with all the necessary underlying trading tools. The mobile app is accessible on both iOS and Android – as highlighted above.

This has enabled a wide number of potential traders to download and utilise our latest app. With a variety of secure payment methods and the ability to make use of comprehensive customer support, any online trader will feel that the app is reliable and trustworthy.

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What makes a good trading app?

There are certainly a wide number of different factors that contribute to the success of any mobile trading app. However, the core aspects have been outlined in this section. It’s good to know from the get-go that the developers at ensured the latest app ticked all of these boxes during the creation and launch of the best CFD trading app.

What makes the CAPEX trading app one of the best?

  • At CAPEX, we offer a versatile trading app for both iOS and Android
  • Trade a variety of instruments using the latest CAPEX app
  • Comprehensive customer support on our latest mobile trading app

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Seamless design that facilitates an efficient trading process

A mobile trading app should provide a seamless trading experience to all users. The first step to ensuring this is to create an app interface that has a practical, yet intuitive, design. Not only does this provide traders with a good first impression but it facilitates an easy trading process.

The latest app has been designed and crafted in a way that caters to seamless and effective trading across the board. We’ve aimed to craft an app that possesses all the necessary online trading features without being overbearing. This provides you with an efficient trading experience.

Accessible on multiple operating systems

Mobile trading apps that are only available on one operating system will not reach a wider target audience. You might come to enjoy a desktop trading platform but won’t be able to download the app on your mobile device. This type of situation may well push you to look elsewhere for an online broker who has an app that functions on various operating systems.

Fortunately, you’ll be able to use the trading app on iPhone and the trading app on Android. We have realised that this has catered to a wider range of potential traders. An all-inclusive trading environment is certainly one of our aims.

Licensed broker behind the trading app

It’s important to find out if an online broker is licensed – before you download an app. An unlicensed broker may be able to create a mobile app. However, the underlying services on the app will not necessarily be within the legal parameters put forward by financial authorities. is licensed and regulated by the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission, the Financial Conduct Authority in South Africa, the ADGM Financial Services Regulatory Commission, and the Seychelles Financial Services Authority.

Best trading apps for beginners

There are several characteristics that an app should have if it’s to be a viable option for newcomers to online trading. Secure payment options, informative trading resources, and adequate customer support. Without these services on hand, novice traders may well feel slightly overwhelmed or unsure of the app’s credibility.

Extensive mobile support

The best online trading app will provide sufficient support to new traders. This ensures that all traders have the necessary help when required. Using a mobile trading app as a  trader can be confusing at times. This extends to analysing markets and exciting trades via the app. Thus, a good support team is always necessary. At, there are a number of support options. The mobile app has an extensive FAQ section which empowers new traders with knowledge on how the platform works as well as how to engage in online trading. There is a live chat feature as well as email support.

Educational resources

There should be a number of educational resources via any mobile app aimed at novice traders. This allows traders to improve their trading insights. The trading academy includes a range of webinars, markets news and analysis, and an events calendar. All of which fosters an in-depth understanding of how online trading works while providing practical analysis of different markets.

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Best trading apps for advanced traders

Advanced trading tools

There should be a range of trading tools on an app that caters to advanced traders. Without such tools and features, advanced traders may well look elsewhere for an app that has the right capabilities. These types of trading tools can be accessed via the mobile app without delay at You’ll come to find a range of analytical and technical tools. Plus, there are multiple price chart types and timeframes. Plus, the mobile app has high-end support infrastructure enabling extremely fast order execution.

Ability to access high leverage

It’s useful that any trading app offers you the opportunity to trade with leverage. The mobile app has leverage of up to 1:30 for retail clients. This has meant that it’s possible for such traders to access and control a large amount of money using the app. However, it’s also important to consider the risks involved when trading with leverage, and we at CAPEX allow you to learn with a demo account. This has also led to as having the best Forex app.

Access to markets

The best trading app should provide access to markets on an almost constant basis. The best apps will enable traders to easily access such markets whenever they are open from any place.  . This is certainly a feature of the app. It’s an important feature which should not be taken for granted. Advanced traders will be looking for almost constant access to markets. As such, any exclusion in this regard will negatively impact the ability of advanced traders to trade when required.




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Opening a account via the app

It’s possible to register an account with via the mobile trading app. This streamlines the process even further. Below, we have outlined a step-by-step guide on how you can successfully download our app and register with

  1. Search for the trading app and click on the icon. From here, you can simply download our app to your device.
  2. Once you have downloaded the app, you can launch the app. View our top tips on using the app then you can click on ‘ GET STARTED’.
  3. Provide a valid email address, password, and mobile number. Be sure to select your preferred currency, too.
  4. Once you have verified that you are at least 18 years of age and agree to the terms and conditions, you can click on ‘CREATE ACCOUNT”.
  5. After creating an account via the app, you will need to verify your personal details. After which, you’ll need to make a deposit. Finally, you’ll be free to make use of the app for all your trading needs.

Conclusion – Find one of the best trading apps at CAPEX

The best online broker app can be found here at We strive to regularly update and improve our mobile trading experience. With the ability to easily fund your account, open and close trade, and utilise powerful trading tools, there are very few limitations – if any. The mobile app can be downloaded in an instant and it’s possible to create a verified account in several minutes.

At, it is our aim to provide traders with an optimised mobile trading app that includes all the necessary trading functionalities that allow you to trade over 2,100 different instruments. It is our belief that we have succeeded in doing so and feel that our latest trading app for Android and trading app for iPhone will cater to all your trading requirements.

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