Best Forex App iPhone & Android 2023 *For Beginners & Advanced*

When it comes to the largest and most liquid market in the world, the CAPEX online Forex trading app is the best Forex app for beginner and advanced Forex CFD trading.

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Extensive trading resources

At CAPEX, we provide plentiful market news, trading conditions, and an economic calendar, through to an extensive education platform for investors learning to trade. We also provide tons of regular featured articles that educate our users about emerging market trends, ways to trade effectively, unique trading strategies, and general finance.

Our education resources include comprehensive courses on topics that you can practice in the demo trading account too, such as basic functionalities and advanced Forex trading techniques. New users can access the trading resources with ease from the tab located on the CAPEX homepage and you can access trading courses immediately and at no charge. It’s like an online trading school!

Knowledge is Power!

When it comes to your money - it's priceless.

An investment in learning how to trade always pays the best dividends. Get access to the right resources, tools and information so you can trade with all the information available!

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55+ currency pairs

At the best Forex trading app, traders can invest in more than 55 currency pairs including 9 major currencies, many minor and unique exotic pairings. There are so many ways to invest in the Forex market at CAPEX. Forex trading at CAPEX is easy too and we at CAPEX provide so many additional resources to follow your favourite currency pairs.

Try using the economic calendar and our updated market news provided by CAPEX to spot potential changes in the value of a currency based on factors associated with that currency’s country. Of course, we let you trade all currency pairs in the best Forex app for iPhone and Android devices too!

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Forex trading explained

Before you go asking yourself, “what is the best Forex app”, you’ll need to understand Forex. The facts of Forex trading would amaze you. Forex, or foreign exchange, is the trading of one currency for that of another such as trading US Dollar (USD) for British Pound Sterling (GBP). Forex is traded in a global marketplace with currencies being traded in pairs – i.e. GBP/USD. There are several different Forex markets such as spot markets and derivative markets. The Forex markets are open 24 hours a day, 5 days a week – the market closes on weekends.

CAPEX CFD trading

Most individuals experience Forex when purchasing goods from a foreign nation, such as holidaying in Italy and trading USD for EUR. The Forex market is unique in that there is no central marketplace – instead currency is traded via an electronic method known as over-the-counter.

Using the CAPEX Forex App Android and Forex App iPhone, you can trade Forex in the form of Contract for Differences (CFD). CFDs are a way to trade Forex currency pairs, GBP/USD or USD/JPY, without actually owning the underlying asset. Trading CFDs at CAPEX allows traders to speculate on the future price of more than 55 different currency pairs – meaning they can even speculate and profit on a currency price going down.

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Guide to using CAPEX app

Using the CAPEX best Forex trading app is so simple. It’s highly intuitive and designed for simplicity and reactive trading. Transactions can be placed in a single click and you’ll never be struggling to find any of the CAPEX app features. Above all else, there is a search function built into the CAPEX app – if you need anything or wish to snap straight to a particular asset, then the search function will be your best friend.

Tabs for different features of the app are easily accessed via the sliding menu at the top of the CAPEX app. You can access the most popular tradable instruments of the day from the featured tab, whilst the watchlist tab lets you store your favourite instruments, such as AUD/GBP, in a single location for easy access and visibility. Trending now reveals the hottest trades on CAPEX and simply pressing an asset will bring you to the New Order window.

Placing an order

Placing an order in the CAPEX Forex app for iPhone and Android is a cinch – just input an amount, add any order features – such as a stop-loss – and then hit place order. Your account balance is always visible and you can access your orders and positions instantly via the top menu. Select alerts to set-up mobile notifications relating to your positions or an asset on your watchlist.


Our expert tips for beginner forex trading

We at CAPEX don’t like to see beginner traders go in blind. We want to be the best online broker for beginners. It’s much easier to start trading when you have a little help. We provide users with in-depth and plentiful educational resources provided by our experts, such as our featured articles. Here are just some of the tips our experts have for beginner Forex traders.

Use limits

The ability to apply advantageous limitations on their trades that can protect them from major losses or time their exits to perfection. Stop-loss orders at CAPEX will let you set up an acceptable level of loss on a position, so you can exit before you lose too much. Some strategies benefit from exiting a trade at a certain time and we at CAPEX let you set limits for wins too through take-profit orders.

Use charts & indicators

Comprehensive educational resources that teach Forex strategy are valuable for beginners. Using the CAPEX Forex app, beginners will be able to access every charting and analytical tool they’ll ever need. Charts and indicators are vital to successful Forex trading strategies and should be researched by all traders at CAPEX.

Trade wisely

Beginners need to remember that investing in financial instruments carries a certain amount of risk and traders need to make sure they take trading seriously. Never invest more than you are actually willing to lose and remember that trading with leverage at CAPEX amplifies both wins and losses.

Use the demo account

Unlike other mobile trading apps, we at CAPEX offer a free demo account on the Forex app for iPhone and Android. You’ll make a lot less rookie mistakes that’ll cost you money if you learn and practice in the best Forex app demo account first.

Demo trading at CAPEX

We at CAPEX offer a fully featured demo trading platform that mimics the live trading platform perfectly. Forex traders can practice strategies, explore the platform, and make mistakes without risking any real money.

Benefits of the mobile trading app

Mobile trading is perfect for every kind of investor. Trading using the portable CAPEX platform provides traders with unique benefits. To get you inspired to sign up and start trading at CAPEX, here are some of the best benefits of using the mobile trading app for traders.

Ease of use

The CAPEX mobile trading app is so easy to use. With one-click trading, beginner investors can open and close trades at a click of a finger. Real-time charts look stunningly detailed on a smartphone screen and the interface is wonderfully responsive.

Demo account

Practice wherever and whenever you please. That means you can learn to trade from the comfort of your bed or while waiting for a bus. The CAPEX trading app lets you switch to the demo account from the live account in an instant too! Absolutely perfect for traders to test new Forex trading strategies.

Risk-management features

Pending, take-profit, and stop-loss orders are all available on the CAPEX mobile trading app and benefit beginner traders by providing a means to reduce risk and control trades.


Factors influencing Forex Trading

Graph Shape

Important political developments

Tax changes

Consumer & producer preferences – CPI or PPI reports

Interest Rate Decisions - Bank of England MPC Announcements, Fed Interest rate Decisions, etc.

Other market-related FX news

Visit our Special Articles page for the latest market news on cryptos, stocks, indices, and more!

How to open a Forex app account

Opening a Forex app account at CAPEX is the easiest thing in the world. Best of all, you can open your CAPEX account from within the Forex mobile app! It only takes a few minutes and you’ll be able to access the CAPEX trading platform instantly. It’s always best to be prepared, so we at CAPEX have provided a simple guide to opening a mobile Forex app account with us.

Open an account in three steps

  1. To begin, simply press register. It’s so easy to operate on your iPhone or Android device. Instantly, you’ll be faced with the simple registration screen.
  2. Enter your email, phone number, and a promotional code if you have one. Create a password, choose your base currency from the more than 10 available and then confirm that you are over 18. Hit Create Account to complete the simple CAPEX registration.
  3. When you log in for the very first time, you will be offered the opportunity to use the CAPEX demo account instantly. If you choose to make the switch, you will enter the CAPEX demo platform. You now have access to the feature-packed CAPEX Demo account that is ideal for beginner traders.

How to verify your account

However, you will need to verify your identity to fully open a complete account at CAPEX. Don’t worry, it’s totally easy and again, only takes a few minutes of your time. First of all, very quickly, you’ll need to verify your email address is correct. This is completed by using the link provided in an email you will receive upon initially creating your CAPEX account. Once your email is verified, it’s time to verify your identity.

  1. Either by responding to a CAPEX email requesting verification or simply by opening the CAPEX trading app, select proceed.
  2. You’ll begin by providing some of your basic personal information such as name, address, citizenship, date of birth, and country of residence. Easy stuff!
  3. You will need to answer some questions relating to tax in the United States in order for the business to comply with US legislation. If you are not a U.S citizen or resident, you’ll just be responding with no for all questions.
  4. You will then be asked about your employment status and source of income. This is common practice for all Know Your Customer (KYC) policies and it cannot be avoided. Don’t fret though – CAPEX simply use this information to prevent money laundering, terrorism financing, and protect investors from trading beyond their capabilities.
  5. The CAPEX app is perfect for the final step – You must upload copies of an ID and proof of address. Most people use a passport and bank statement but you’ll have several options available to you.

That’s all folks! You’re done and free to use the CAPEX Forex app on iPhone and Android devices.




Register an account on and start trading.


Send over your documents and verify your account.


Login into your account and deposit money.


Start trading with CFD’s and over 2100 other instruments.

Why use the CAPEX trading app

There are some serious advantages to using the CAPEX trading app over the desktop version. With so many available features and accessibility, there is no reason to not use the CAPEX trading app for iPhone or Android devices. Not that you need more motivation but here is why both beginner and advanced traders should use the CAPEX trading app for Forex trading – be it using the Forex app for Android or iPhone.

Trade on the go

The obvious benefit of the CAPEX mobile trading app is the fact that it’s mobile! Trading in Forex is a 24/5 market and that means trading the news might require a fast trade at any time. You don’t have to go home and fire up the PC because you can whip out your mobile and place orders on the CAPEX trading app within seconds.

Full range of tools

Some mobile apps streamline their apps by trimming some of the features when compared to the PC version. Not CAPEX though. You’ll be able to access all of the 55+ Forex currency pairs, all risk-management tools such as stop-loss orders, and all the charting and Forex indicator tools a beginner will ever need to perform technical and fundamental analysis.

Alerts and watchlists

Users of the CAPEX best Forex app are provided with an alert function for mobile notifications. That way both advanced and new traders will never miss a beat! The watchlist is perfect for checking in on your most closely watched markets at any time you wish.

Conclusion – Discover the best Forex app at CAPEX

If you’re a new trader searching for the best Forex app on the market, or an experienced trader that absolutely needs the best Forex trading apps to keep up with their strategies, then, at CAPEX, you’ll find the answer. Without a doubt, we provide you with the best Forex app for iPhone and Android, offering easy trading capabilities, plenty of analytical tools, and a snappy, pleasant interface.  Head to the Google Play Store or App Store today to download CAPEX – the best Forex trading app.

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