Best Stock Trading App for iPhone and Android 2023 Your Guide to the Best Stock Trading App for Beginner Traders

CFD Stock Trading is popular amongst all traders due to the opportunities and advantages it offers. A good CFD stock trading broker will offer the best stock trading app available on both iPhone and Android.

At CAPEX, we are the best online broker for stocks. This article will detail the benefits of using our Mobile Apps and how our exclusive trading tools will ensure you will experience the best mobile trading outcomes to maximize your trading success.

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Best choice of trading instruments

A good CFD stock broker will offer a variety of CFDs on indices, cryptocurrencies, forex pairs and more. It is important to choose a broker that offers a large number of trading instruments to maximize your opportunities when trading CFD stocks in the global marketplace.

At CAPEX, we will show you how to trade CFDs on your favourite assets. With our large range of Instruments to choose from, all traders can experience online trading of CFDs in the global marketplace.

CAPEX powerful dual platforms

It is important to look for a broker that will provide you with the best CFD trading tools and a robust stable platform for the best trading outcomes. When you trade, it is important that your trading tools and platform are user friendly so that you are always in control when you trade.

At CAPEX, we have the best CFD stock trading tools and the best trading platform. Our unique dual trading platform is both powerful and robust. We have combined two of the world’s best platforms to form a powerful dual platform to give you the best trading outcomes.

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Overview of CFD stock trading mobile apps and the global market

CFD stock trading provides traders with an abundance of opportunity to trade across many global markets. You will discover exciting new global markets and endless options to maximise your trading success. A good broker will have the best trading conditions, access to global markets, a robust platform and mobile apps for CFD stock trading whilst you are on the move.

Why trade CFDs with CAPEX?

At CAPEX, we provide you with all of the best trading tools at your fingertips. You will have the choice of trading options from a wide variety of instruments available. At CAPEX, we are committed to supporting you to ensure that CFD stock trading is suitable and accessible to traders. At CAPEX, we provide you with the best mobile stock trading apps that are easy to use.

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Access the world’s major markets with the best CFD App

That way, you will be able to diversify your portfolio of investments and manage your risk better, all directly from your Android phone or iPhone and with the best service and support.

At CAPEX, we provide you with access to all these markets around-the-clock through the flexibility of the CFDs, while, at the same time, focus our efforts on providing you with secure and reliable CFD stock trading apps for Android and iPhone. This is worldwide access at its best.

Trade with the best CFD stock trading broker

Payment Methods – Deposits and withdrawals

A good broker will provide you with a good choice of payment methods. Some brokers charge additional fees for making deposits and withdrawals into your account. It is important to check this so that you do not pay additional fees.

At CAPEX, we offer the best choice of payment methods and we do not charge you any fees. Our payment methods include bank transfers, credit cards, debit cards and e-payments including Neteller and Skrill. Our withdrawals are fast, easy and free of any additional charges.

Competitive market spreads

CFD stock trading spreads should attract market-based transaction fees which will move with the market depending on factors such as stock prices, market volatility, trading instrument’s liquidity and the currency conversion. It is important to understand your spread costs.

At CAPEX, we provide you with market competitive spreads and we do not charge any additional fees or commissions on these. We have the lowest spread costs and we provide clear and up to date market information so that you can easily track the cost of your trade.

Low fees and commissions

At CAPEX, we charge some of the lowest fees or commissions. Our trading conditions are the best available on the market across all assets. We provide you with a clear view of spreads and leverage costs throughout the trading process. At CAPEX, we know the importance of low costs and the impact on the outcome of your trade.

Choosing the best CFD stock trading broker

A good broker will provide a safe trading environment. It is important to choose only a reliable broker so that you know your stock trading is in good hands. A reliable broker is licensed and regulated in all jurisdictions in which they operate.

At CAPEX, we are licensed and regulated with CySEC, FSA, FSCA and the ADGM Financial Services Regulatory Authority which covers all of our trading jurisdictions. We are a reliable broker and we take this very seriously.

Our headquarters are located in Cyprus and we operate under Key Way Investments Limited. We also have offices located in Romania, Spain, United Arab Emirates and South Africa.


The best CFD stock trading mobile apps

The future of the online trading market is mobile and the number of traders who are trading on their mobile devices has increased significantly. A good broker will recognise this demand and offer traders mobile apps with their trading accounts.

At CAPEX, we provide traders with the best mobile trading apps along with our dual MetaTrader CFD platform and CAPEX WebTrader platform. Our CFD stock trading mobile apps provide you with the capability to trade markets on your mobile and move between mobile and PC at your convenience.

Our CFD stock trading mobile apps have made trading easier and more convenient with traders being able to trade on the move.

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MetaTrader 5 CFD stock trading platform and apps

It is crucial for CFD stock traders to regularly monitor the market. The use of a mobile device provides convenience whilst on the move. This is the reason why CFD stock trading mobile apps have gained popularity. Mobile trading gives you the ability to trade from anywhere and at any time.

At CAPEX, we offer our traders the MetaTrader 5 (MT5) mobile platform, which is the world’s most sought-after trading platform. Our MetaTrader 5 mobile platform has all of the functionality of the MT5 desktop version. MetaTrader 5 mobile is suitable for all traders from novice traders to expert traders and is currently the most popular amongst traders.

Advantages of the MetaTrader 5 mobile platform

  • There are interactive graphs, and you can shift in the interval from minute to day period.
  • Technical analysis with MT5 mobile is performed with about thirty best indicators. The maximum quantity of the open windows with indicators is 10. The indicator is laid over the main chart and is displayed in the other windows.
  • MT5 trading platforms featuring sound notifications.
  • The platform is free when you trade with us at CAPEX.

CAPEX, an award-winning broker

When choosing your stock trading broker, ensure to take into consideration their awards and achievements. You can find these easily displayed on the broker’s website.At CAPEX, we are an award winning broker and are recognized in the categories of Best Forex Educational Broker, Best Trading Tools, Best New Forex Broker Middle East, Best Trading Application, Fastest Growing Forex Broker, Most Transparent Broker to name a few.

CAPEX WebTrader mobile platform and best stock trading app

What is the best stock trading app? A good broker will understand the importance of mobile trading and that it is a major factor in your trading success. The best mobile trading apps provide full and secure access to your trading account. This means you can carry out all of your trading from your mobile in a safe and secure mobile trading app environment.

At CAPEX, we are the CFD stock trading experts and we know that you need the capability to trade on the spot, from wherever you are. And we have the most powerful tools for mobile trading on iPhone and Android.

Our CAPEX mobile trading apps are the best CFD stock trading app Android and stock trading app iPhone. They allow you to open and close trades, deposit or withdraw, create and implement your own risk-management strategies. Our mobile app has all the tools needed by any trader for technical or fundamental analysis and can be used by traders of all experience levels.

CAPEX CFD WebTrader – Free to join, secure and regulated

The CAPEX CFD stock trading app integrates all the tools that you need to trade and experience mobile trading at its best.

To start, you simply download the app and set up your account. You can either practice your skills with our demo / practice version, or enter the market as a real-time trader on a live account.

At CAPEX, we offer the best trading experience for all traders to realise the full potential. Their platform and trading tools offer features such as:

  • Over 2100 financial instruments from which you can easily choose your preferences.
  • CFD Trading on the world’s most popular financial instruments: currencies, oil, gold, silver, Bitcoin, Apple, Facebook, Ethereum, Tesla, DJIA, DAX 30, S&P, NASDAQ, and more.
  • Competitive leverage and spreads.
  • Easy open and close trade execution (one-click trading).
  • Trading Risk management features: stop-loss, take-profit, pending orders. Negative balance protection.
  • CFD stock trading app Android and stock trading app iPhone.

Advantages of using CAPEX CFD stock trading mobile apps

  • Traders can access their investments wherever they need to no matter where they are located.
  • Mobile apps offer efficient and accurate analysis capability of all charts on the go.
  • The smart mobile technology is safe and secure and your sensitive data is secure whilst you are trading on the mobile platform.
  • Mobile apps make it easier for those in the trading market where they have more user-friendly features that are super easy to use and navigate through.
  • Minimize risk of missing current data and forecasts that change all the time by using the mobile apps.




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Start trading with CFD’s and over 2100 other instruments.

The best CFD stock trading broker platform

At CAPEX, we are globally recognized for influencing and shaping the future of CFD stock trading. We are dedicated to providing global market solutions for CFD stock traders.

We provide dedicated individual support to our traders and offer over 2100 assets from multiple markets, including CFDs on Forex, shares, indices, bonds, EFTs, and commodities.

Account types

At CAPEX, we have 5 account types that are suitable for traders, from beginner traders to the elite level trader. Each account includes a free demo CFD stock trading account, access to the dual trading platform, dedicated client support, daily market reviews & financial research, Daily Analyst Ratings and levels of access to the CAPEX video library.

Overall at CAPEX we offer the best features for all traders

  • Powerful and effortless dual platform – WebTrader and MT5.
  • Best mobile and device apps – trade on the move.
  • Award-winning reputable broker for your trading.
  • Dedicated support, tailored accounts and resources at your fingertips. When and where you need them.
  • Everything you need all in one place. Trade from anywhere, anytime, with speed and comfort.

When you open an account with us at CAPEX, it is easy and simple. You simply complete the registration and you will have access to the CAPEX Free Demo Account and the Live Trading Account.

Our CAPEX Free Demo Account contains all of the features that you will find in the Live Trading Account. It is useful and strongly recommended that you use the Demo Account before you start Trading. Once you are ready to start trading, your Live Trading Account will be open for you to start trading at any time.

Why use the CAPEX free demo account?

At CAPEX, our Free CFD stock trading demo account can be used to become familiar with our interface and platform, lets you try out the mobile apps, and take full advantage of the learning resources and tools on offer. You will be learning and acquiring valuable knowledge and insight into our CAPEX live trading which will increase your trading potential. All without making a live trade or spending any of your funds.

Our team here at CAPEX, we continue to use our free demo account to test our own trading strategies.

Conclusion – Trade stocks CFDs with the CAPEX apps

It is important that you choose a stock trading broker that will provide you with the best CFD stock trading mobile apps to trade on the move. A good CFD stock broker will have an extensive range of trading instruments available, low spreads and flexible trading options.

Our team at CAPEX, are the best CFD online broker offering you the best trading features plus our powerful dual platform, competitive trading conditions and dedicated support. We have worked hard to gain our reputation as the best CFD stock trading broker dedicated to supporting your CFD stock trading success.

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