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CAPEX is a rapidly expanding online brokerage firm that is regulated by CySEC and managed by Key Way Investments Limited. Our main objective is to revolutionize investment practices by providing expert resources to investors of all levels of expertise.

Earning the reputation as one of the fastest-growing providers in the industry we offer top trading conditions with superior transparency and slick execution. Read on to discover why we, at CAPEX, are the best online broker.

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What is CAPEX? - Your go-to online trading partner

Here at CAPEX, we offer an impressive range of over 5000 financial instruments based on Forex, indices, bonds, ETFs, commodities, shares, blends and cryptocurrencies that cover global markets. We offer an original approach to trading and a good mix of features on our prize-winning platforms, which we will talk about in a bit more detail later.

We at CAPEX offer our clients a choice of two superb online trading platforms – MetaTrader 5 (MT5) and WebTrader. Both are highly intuitive, reliable and customisable to fit every trader’s needs. MT5 and WebTrader take the user experience concept to a whole new level in terms of technology-rich features and ease of use.

Above all, our core mission focuses on equipping our investors with the expertise and resources necessary to create an optimal trading environment for both novice and experienced traders.

Trading with CAPEX: Unrivaled expertise

Here at CAPEX, we initially set out to reach European-based traders, and have to date, earned the reputation of one of the newer brokerages that keep gaining popularity due to our fresh and innovative approach to online trading.

As we continue to expand our reach globally, we remain committed to providing our clients with unrivaled expertise and resources to support their trading journey.

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Regulation and Licensing - Fully compliant and ready to trade

With so many unregulated brokers operating in the markets, traders are understandably reluctant to commit to just any financial services merchant. This is not the case for us here at CAPEX, as we have a proven record of being a strictly regulated online broker that adheres to the highest standards of ethical conduct at all times.

CySEC-regulated and operating under Key Way Investments Ltd, license no. 292/16, we conduct our business through our website. CAPEX is also regulated by the Seychelles Financial Services Authority (FSA) under the License no. SD020, the Financial Sector Conduct Authority (FSCA) under the License no. 37166, and the ADGM Financial Services Regulatory Authority (FSRA) under the License no. 190005.

We at CAPEX follow the strictest international regulations as well – by storing client funds in segregated accounts, we remain transparent in our reporting and dealings at all times. You are also entitled to take out negative balance protection on your account, which is a great safety net when it comes to Forex and CFD trading.

Our web security

In terms of our rock-solid safeguarding, the CAPEX team takes web security extremely seriously – with prime SSL encryption for every transaction (an industry standard for online financial proceedings) your data couldn’t be in better hands.

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CAPEX assets

We believe we are up there with the best online brokers, so we like to spoil our traders for choice – so with CAPEX you can trade across a wide range of 5,000+ instruments:

  • Forex: 55 major, minor and exotic currency pairs, including GBP, USD and USDJPY
  • Cryptocurrencies: Trade with 5 cryptocurrencies, such as Bitcoin, Ethereum and Ripple
  • Shares: A choice of over 2,000 companies, including Netflix, Google and Apple
  • Bonds: 4 bond CFDs across corporate, municipal and government bonds
  • Commodities: 18 commodities across gold, oil, coffee and gas
  • Indices: 26 major indices, such as S&P 500 and JAPAN225
  • Blends: Over 15 CFDs, including e-commerce and cannabis
  • ETFs: Over 30 ETF instruments, such as SQQQ and USO

Trading Platforms - Take your pick

We take great pride in our superior online trading tools here at CAPEX, and offer you the choice of not one, but two platforms on which to trade. Choose from the CAPEX proprietary WebTrader or the ever-popular MetaTrader 5. These platforms are modern, robust and offer tailor-made support options for a superb trading experience.


Our proprietary WebTrader is fully customisable and available for Mac or Windows computers as well as iOS or Android mobile devices. The platform has all the features you will ever need, including advanced charts, customisable layouts, Trading Central, risk management tools, advanced analysis tools, key statistics, and a user-friendly interface, to name but a few.

Use as many as 10 charts simultaneously and access financial news and markets around the world. The chart types and time frames are interchangeable, so you will be able to set up charts according to exactly how you prefer to view and use them.

MetaTrader 5

This platform has been acclaimed as one of the best Forex platforms in the wider trading industry. MetaTrader5 is available for both desktop or mobile devices. It features 30 built-in indicators, 2,000 free custom indicators, nine-time frames, customisable tools. The platform has smooth execution, intuitive navigation, easy-access control panels, a watch list, and multi-window views.

Leverage requirements

For our retail clients, leverage starts at 1:2, with maximum leverage capped at 1:30 based on ESMA regulation. However, professional Forex account holders can trade with leverage up to 1:300.

You will be able to find everything you need to know for each trading instrument on our website’s Trading Conditions page. Here, you’ll also find initial and maintenance margins, leverage, overnight rollover percentage, and all trader trends, to name but a few.

Mobile trading at CAPEX

In addition to the superior web trading platforms available to our clients, we have also developed a mobile app for both iOS and Android devices. The app provides secure access to your online trading account with all the tools you need to trade on the go.

The mobile application will allow you to open and close your Forex trades, deposit or withdraw funds and check out the news section – these among many other great features. The CAPEX mobile app is available to download directly for your smartphone from the Apple App Store and Google Play Store.


Trading Accounts - Great options for every trader

With CAPEX, you can choose between three different accounts best suited to your trading requirements. Each account identifies an option for all investor profiles. Read on here at our CAPEX review which might be the best online broker account for you:

The CAPEX Basic account

The CAPEX Basic account requires only the minimum deposit of $100. In addition, this account type provides complete access to both platforms, app, instruments and markets, alerts, and multiple order types.

Also, support via email, one Customer Service Representative session via phone per week, a basic training package, virtual money to use in the demo trading platform, and limited access to the learn to trade library at and the Knowledge Centre on CAPEX WebTrader.

The CAPEX Essential account

The CAPEX Essential account requires a minimum deposit of $1,000. This account type provides the same benefits as the Basic account. Also, it includes the possibility of having three accounts, up to two sessions per week with a Customer Service Representative, the “Essential” training package, up to one 1-on-1 Training session via Zoom every two weeks, and access to monthly webinars held by local market experts. In addition, it includes the Daily US Premarket Newsletter.The CAPEX Original account

Requires a $5,000 minimum deposit and upgrades your Customer Service Representative sessions to three per week via phone. Also, it provides access to a Customer Service Representative via WhatsApp in your local language. In addition, it improves your training package, brings up to one 1-on-1 Training Session via Zoom per week, and invitations to local seminars and events held by renowned market experts. Finally, it increases the number of tools and analyses from Trading Central and lets you have up to 5 accounts and higher capabilities on WebTrader.

The CAPEX Premium account

Requires a $10,000 minimum deposit and upgrades your Customer Service Representative sessions to four per week via phone. In addition, it improves your training package to the “Premium” one, brings up to two 1-on-1 Training Sessions via Zoom per week, and gives you unlimited access to the Learn to trade library on and the Knowledge Centre on CAPEX WebTrader. Furthermore, it increases the number of tools and analyses from Trading Central even more. Finally, it lets you have up to 7 accounts and the Advanced Charting System by Trading View.

The CAPEX Signature account

Requires a $25,000 minimum deposit and upgrades your Customer Service Representative sessions to five per week via phone. In addition, it improves your training package to the “Signature” one, brings up to three 1-on-1 Training Sessions via Zoom per week, and allows having face-to-face meetings with the Relationship Managers. Furthermore, it gives you access to the full suite of features of CAPEX for market research, including Analyst Views. Finally, it gives you access to up to 10 accounts to Unique Trading Conditions and QuantRanks Portfolio / Strategy Builder.

At CAPEX, we want to be the best online broker for beginners, so, as mentioned earlier, any type of account with CAPEX provides access to a demo account. We  strongly suggest that you start with a demo account to ensure you understand Forex and CFD trading before you leap into trading in financial markets with real money.


Trading Costs - No hidden fees

This is an important aspect for any broker review, as obscure charges and costs can affect the overall trading experience. As mentioned earlier in this CAPEX best online broker account article, you will only pay spreads for your trades, with no commissions or additional fees. This makes calculations easier for many traders.

For the sake of transparency, we at CAPEX list our Trading Conditions very clearly for every asset we offer. You will find information such as the minimum spread, the maximum leverage, the lot size, the rollover rate, and trading hours. The spreads at CAPEX make us an online broker with low spreads, with the EUR/USD spread fixed as low as 1.8.

The only potential fee associated with trading is on the WebTrader when your traded instrument has a different currency from your account’s base currency. In this case, there will be a fixed conversion fee of 0.5 per cent.

Financing/overnight rates

The financing and overnight rates can alter radically which are heavily reliant on market conditions. However, as an example, the overnight rollover rate for EUR/USD could be listed as -0.0160 per cent for long trades and -.0068 per cent for short trades.

Deposit fees

We don’t charge any deposit fees. However, you will have to pay a conversion fee for Forex if your deposit is in a currency different from your account’s base currency. Additionally, your payment provider, such as the bank, may charge you a fee.

Withdrawal fees

Much like the process for deposits, we at CAPEX don’t charge withdrawal fees. Your payment provider (bank) may charge you a fee and you may again have to pay a conversion fee for currency exchange.

Inactivity fees

You will be charged an inactivity fee should your account be inactive for at least three months. The account is considered inactive if there are no orders placed within this time frame. The fee is $15 and is applied monthly. It will not be charged if charging the fee would bring your account into the negative, but we reserve the right to charge that fee later in that case regardless.

Also keep in mind that if your CAPEX account is inactive for at least a year, we will contact you to close your account before returning the remaining balance to you via the deposit method of your choice.


Investors can breathe easy, as we at CAPEX don’t request any hidden commissions or fees. Therefore, you can trade as much as you wish, without having to pay anything extra. Additionally, the commission for deposits and withdrawals is zero.

Still, as for all the brokers in the market, we charge our clients with the conversion and the inactivity fee.

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Trading Central - Analysis tools for next-league trading

What is Trading Central?

Here at CAPEX, we are extremely proud to bring an impressive additional service to our traders, aptly coined ‘Trading Central’. This feature can be found on our proprietary trading platform, WebTrader. This is the hub, or should we say, the engine of all your activities on your CAPEX best online broker account. Trading Central is the perfect combination between quantitative technology and the experience of senior analysts. Its multilingual technical analysts help you understand the technical scenario at a glance.

Trading Central displays real-time trendlines, pivot points for trend reversals and alternative scenarios for improved risk management. It is compliant with all leading market authorities and gives you full coverage of the most popular Forex trading instruments.

Trading Central indicators & features

  • Instrument Intraday: Indicates whether an instrument is forecasted to remain bullish or bearish throughout the day. Highly useful for traders when shaping their intraday trading strategies and decisions.
  • Pivot: Indicates the price point at which an instrument is predicted to change from bullish to bearish and vice-versa. Pivot point prices may help traders identify potential buy/sell opportunities which help to build an effective trading strategy.
  • Trading Central preference: Indicates Trading Central’s preferred trading strategy at that particular moment, including preferred trade duration (long or short-term) when an instrument reaches a specific price.
  • Alternative scenario: Indicates an alternative trading strategy to Green Analysis. Data can include the price point at which an instrument may indicate signs of falling and the likelihood of it falling further, highlighting the target price points to look out for.
  • Comment: Offers data on pivot price points, forecasted market momentum. RSI (Relative Strength Index) and price breakpoints. Such data can potentially be very valuable in helping traders identify trading opportunities in relation to market and instrument movements.
  • Released: Shows the precise GMT date and time that indicator data was released by Trading Central. This is fully customisable allowing users to choose which indicators they’d like to show data for.
  • Resistance: Highlights price levels at which an instrument price may continue to rise. This may potentially show when an asset hits a low price before it may continue to rise.
  • Support: Reveals price levels at which an asset may continue to fall. This can be very valuable to traders looking to sell when an asset approaches a support level.

Customer Service - At YOUR service!

Our CAPEX website offers services in an impressive eight different languages to accommodate a broad client base – Arabic, Czech, Polish, Bulgarian, German, English, Spanish, and Italian are all on offer.

Our customer care team consists of Spanish, German, Italian and Arabic speakers who ensure all our clients’ needs are met quickly and properly. CAPEX provides customer support Monday through Thursday from 7:00 AM to 1:00 AM and Friday from 7:00 AM until midnight (GMT-2).

Probably the best way to reach out is via live chat on the website. A phone number and e-mail address are also available, together with the registered address of CAPEX in South Africa and Cyprus. If you are still struggling to reach us, feel free to engage with us directly from our Contact Us page.

Our response times are swift – and our team is savvy enough to solve just about any issue put to them. Another great feature to mention is that an account manager will contact each new client as soon as the relevant account is activated.




Register an account on and start trading.


Send over your documents and verify your account.


Login into your account and deposit money.


Start trading with CFD’s and over 5000 other instruments.

Payment Methods – Accessible to all traders

We provide an extensive range of methods available to enable you to easily make deposits into your account. You can fund your account with your credit or debit card, or alternatively use a wire transfer. Deposits and withdrawals are also available via Neteller and Skrill.

Debit and credit card deposits are authorised by the Central Bank of Cyprus while wire transfers can be authorised by the Central Bank of Cyprus, National Bank of Romania, National Bank of Slovakia, or Federal Financial Supervisory Authority (BaFin) from Germany. Payments via Neteller are authorised by the Isle of Man Financial Services.

Wire transfers can take five to seven business days to process, while credit and debit cards are deposited much more quickly, although we at CAPEX don’t specify the time frame. Withdrawal requests are always processed within a business day.

As mentioned, you will not have to pay any deposit or withdrawal fees with CAPEX, other than those that your issuing bank or credit card charges, although there may be a conversion fee as well.

Awards – World class online brokerage

Since the inception of CAPEX, we have garnered a few rather impressive awards. At the Forex Awards in 2018, it was celebrated as the runner-up for the titles of Best Dealing Room and Most Transparent Broker and has managed to make a firm impression in the industry. But we didn’t stop there – here are all of our accolades to date:

  • Fastest-Growing Provider – Forex Awards 2018
  • Runner up for Most Transparent Broker – Forex Awards 2018
  • Runner up for Best Dealing Room – Forex Awards 2018
  • Best Dealing Room – Forex Awards 2019
  • Best New Forex Broker Middle East – Global Banking & Finance Review 2020
  • Best Trading Tools – Brokercheck 2020
  • Best Forex Educational Broker – Forex Expo 2020

Conclusion – You can’t go wrong with CAPEX

CAPEX has always aimed to offer traders with an environment that is ideal for trading. Now, based on the broad regulatory compliance of the Forex trading industry, as well as the long list of trading tools and features, we at CAPEX can safely attest to offering the very best online broker account. We continue to celebrate brokers who are open to innovation and come with new tools that could potentially improve trading performance.

One of our primary goals has been to equip our traders with all the tools they need to trade successfully in the ever-evolving financial markets. In this aspect, we here at CAPEX believe to have succeeded with our provision of the powerful MT5 trading platform and advanced proprietary WebTrader, as well as the many other resources on our website to make online trading a truly rewarding experience.

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