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Here at CAPEX, you can expect to have an exceptional CFD trading experience as we offer the highest leverage with the lowest commission.

CFD trading is a great way to begin your trading journey, especially if you want greater exposure in the market while investing less capital. Continue reading to discover why CAPEX is the best commission free online broker.

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Low trading fee and zero commission

Trading without a commission fee is an excellent opportunity for traders to keep most of the profit that they earn. Some brokers charge higher commissions and trading charges, which leaves traders with only a part of what they earned. Here at CAPEX, traders can trade with the lowest spreads and zero commission. Plus, we don’t have a minimum deposit limit, nor do we charge our traders for deposits and withdrawals.

Several learning tools and features

The key to trading successfully lies in ongoing learning. The more you know, the better you’ll be able to trade. Keeping that in mind, we, at CAPEX, offer our traders several learning tools, courtesy of the CAPEX Academy, where you can watch informative videos to learn trading.

We also offer a trading dictionary so you can learn the basic terminologies of trading and an expert trading blog where you can catch up on trading trends and remain updated to make the right trades at the right time.

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How do trading platforms earn? – Getting to understand commission costs

Online brokers or trading platforms are just like any other business, and their goal is to make profits as well. This naturally raises the question, how exactly do brokers make a profit? Most brokers charge traders a fee on the spread or a commission fee per transaction.

What does that mean for investors?

A spread refers to the difference in an asset’s buying price and selling price, and several brokers charge traders a small amount out of that spread to cover the service charges and make some profit alongside. While some brokers have high commission fees, some have high fees on the spread.

Here at CAPEX, we’re not only known as an online broker with low spreads but also the best commission free online broker. On several instruments, such as Forex pairs, we don’t charge commission rates at all. Instead, there is a small fee on the spread. Plus, when we do charge commission on a certain instrument, we ensure that it’s the lowest commission that an online broker can offer.

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What is CFD trading? Trade CFDs on a variety of trading instruments with CAPEX

A CFD, or contract for differences, is basically an agreement between a buyer and a seller, where the buyer invests in an asset’s price prediction rather than owning the underlying asset. Meanwhile, the seller predicts that the value of the given asset will fall in due time, so he agrees to be at the selling point of the CFD.

Pros of trading CFDs

  • What makes CFDs truly unique is that they can be traded on almost any financial instrument, allowing CFD traders to tap into numerous markets at a time. The opportunities are endless when you’re trading CFDs with the best commission free online broker out there.
  • Plus, CFD brokers can benefit from the falling market as well. How? Well by selling positions in the market. The moment the CFD broker predicts a fall in an asset’s value, he can go short to make a profit from that potential market downfall
  • Another plus point of trading CFDs is that you can trade on margin. This means you’ll be able to gain greater exposure in a market with limited funds through borrowed money. The broker pays the larger chunk of your trade, allowing you to reap multiplied profits.

Cons of trading CFDs

  • Meanwhile, the only con of trading CFDs is the risk that they carry. It’s important to consider that leverage comes with a multiplied risk of losing money just as it multiplies potential profits.

Trade a wide range of CFDs at CAPEX

Here at CAPEX, you can trade CFDs on a wide range of financial instruments, including stocks, bonds, ETFs, indices, commodities, Forex, and cryptocurrencies. We’re also known as the highest leverage online broker as our leverage ratios go up to 1:30 for retail investors. Despite offering traders an exceptional trading experience, we allow traders to trade commission-free because we value our clients trading experience above all.

How to trade stocks as a newcomer – Trading stocks profitably

Know your market

As a trader, it’s essential that you conduct proper research before entering any trade. The chances of losing money are very high but you can compensate for that through market research. Know the assets you’re trading, study the factors that affect the market you’re trading in, and learn how to analyze the market so you can time your trades effectively. If you need learning support, you can benefit from our numerous learning tools, such as the CAPEX Academy, where traders can learn trading through interactive videos.

Choose your broker wisely

All trading platforms out there can’t offer you the same level of services. Instead, some brokers are way better than others and offer a much more user-friendly experience. Here at CAPEX, we’re recognized for our wide range of tools and features, excellent commission free trading platforms, and noticeably low costs. In fact, traders can trade with us without paying any commission fee at all.

Learn expert strategies

Having a few strategies down your sleeve can increase your chances of making profitable trades greatly. You can learn expert strategies with us at CAPEX, as we offer users an expert trading blog and also allow them to follow market experts. On top of that, we have an online broker demo account feature for each account present on our platform originally. You can learn strategies & practice applying them on our demo account until you’re ready enough to actually profit through them.

Know your limit

It’s common for traders to get excited and invest more money than they can bear to lose. However, this is not smart investing. You should focus on diversifying your trades and investing smaller amounts, to begin with. You must also use stop-loss to control any potential losses that may occur. Here at CAPEX, we suggest our traders sign up on our demo account and trade with fake money so they can judge the risks of trading in actual life.

Knowledge is Power!

When it comes to your money - it's priceless.

An investment in learning how to trade always pays the best dividends. Get access to the right resources, tools and information so you can trade with all the information available!

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Strategies that can be applied while trading CFDs with CAPEX

Having effective strategies up your sleeve as you walk into CFD trading can make a huge difference. Here are a few strategies:

News trading strategy

The following strategy promotes the idea of opening and closing positions in the market based on news updates. So if there’s a news update that indicates that your market will soon go down, you instantly sell any positions you have. Similarly, if you predict through a news update that a market is going up, you invest in that market. In order to effectively apply the news trading strategy, you should have a clear understanding of the external factors which may affect an asset’s value. Here at CAPEX, we offer our traders regular news updates so they can time their trades efficiently and stay in touch with ongoing trends.

1% rule

The following strategy is commonly applied by day traders and has proven to be highly effective. It states that none of your trades should be worth more than 1% of your capital, and you should diversify your trades to ensure you make a profit. This reduces the risk of losing too much money and provides a sense of security as some of your trades that end up profitably will cover up for those that didn’t.

Trend trading strategy

The following strategy is based on the idea that if an asset’s value is going in a certain direction, it will continue to go in that direction and you should open or close trades accordingly. The following strategies often have a stop-loss or take-profit provision to ensure traders can lock in profits and avoid further losses.


Factors to consider in the best CFD trading platform – How CAPEX outperforms the competition

These are a few factors to consider while signing up with the best commission free trading platform.

Is the platform simple and user-friendly?

A user-friendly trading platform will offer a smooth trading experience. Here at CAPEX, both our trading platforms, the CAPEX WebTrader and MetaTrader 5 (MT5), are highly intuitive and easy to use. From the moment you land on our platforms, you’ll notice how everything is easily accessible and neatly placed, making the platforms easy on the eyes. The user interface is up to the mark, and there are several trading tools and instruments to support traders with their trades.

Is the broker secure?

The first sign of a secure broker is the license and regulation it’s under. CAPEX is licensed and registered under CySEC, which is a tier-1 financial authority. We are also registered with numerous financial institutions across the globe, which speaks volumes for the secure trading environment we provide.

Is excellent customer support provided?

As a trader on a trading platform, you’re bound to have queries. So, having an available and efficient customer support team is essential. We, at CAPEX, offer customer support through phone, email, and live chat. The customer support team is available seven days of the week. Plus, there’s an extensive FAQs page on our website where we’ve answered several questions to make things easier for our traders.

Does the broker charge less or more?

While some brokers charge traders a commission fee, others will charge a fee on the spread. As a beginner, you want to find a trading platform that offers the lowest commission fee and the lowest spreads, making it easier for you to begin with little capital. CAPEX is known for being the lowest commission broker as well as the lowest spread Forex broker. We charge less yet offer more when compared to other brokers of our kind, so sign up now for the best commission free Forex trading experience.




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How to begin trading stocks today – register with CAPEX now

Registering with us at CAPEX shouldn’t take you more than a few minutes. Here’s a step by step guide for your convenience:

  1. Hop on to our registration page and enter your email address and set a password.
  2. Confirm that you’re over the age of 18 – this is for minor protection.
  3. You’ll be redirected to our platform, where you can complete the registration process to begin trading today.
  4. Enter personal details such as your address, income, taxation, and contact number.
  5. Lastly, we’ll ask you to solve a quiz so we can assess your trading capacity and capabilities.

That’s how easy it is. The account verification process doesn’t take long either, and right after you’re done signing up, you can begin your trading journey by depositing funds into your trading account. We recommend that you try our free CFD demo trading account feature beforehand.

Final thoughts – trade with us at CAPEX today

While trading CFDs can seem like an overwhelming activity due to the high-risk factor they carry, you can make the trading journey smoother and more convenient if you trade with CAPEX. Our tools and services are designed to help traders make the most of their trading journey and allow them to trade in a secure and user-friendly environment.

A cherry on top is that you don’t have to worry about paying large commission fees or fees on spreads at We have the lowest costs and yet offer the best services. Hop on to our website and register with the best online broker with commission free trading.

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