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We at CAPEX have much more to offer than our CySEC-regulated status. Managed by Key Way Investments Limited, our goal is to change how the world invests by providing exclusive resources and brokerage account perks to traders of all backgrounds.

A transparent, fluid and innovative trading experience comes as standard here at CAPEX. However, the range of different CAPEX trading accounts will provide many varied perks. All that is left for you to decide is which brokerage account is best suited to your trading needs. Read on and you’ll soon find the answers.

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About CAPEX: Your next trading destination

We at CAPEX present our traders with the chance to buy, sell, and hold over 2100 financial instruments, including Forex indices, ETFs, shares, blends, top cryptocurrencies, and more. You can trade with CAPEX across your choice of two fantastic online Forex trading platforms – the MetaTrader 5 (MT5) and WebTrader. With chart customisation and reliability being key to efficient trading, we are pleased to say the MT5 and WebTrader are two industry leaders who pass the test with flying colors.

Our company ethos revolves around equipping our new and loyal traders with enough industry knowledge and expertise to create the perfect trading environment. Of course, the trading world provides many unexpected twists and turns, and there are many factors that affect the markets. In that sense, we cannot promise profits, but we can promise to provide you with the best information available to make the best-educated guess possible.


Factors influencing Forex Trading

Graph Shape

Important political developments

Tax changes

Consumer & producer preferences – CPI or PPI reports

Interest Rate Decisions - Bank of England MPC Announcements, Fed Interest rate Decisions, etc.

Other market-related FX news

Visit our Special Articles page for the latest market news on cryptos, stocks, indices, and more!


Forex Trading at CAPEX - growing exponentially

We at CAPEX started life with the aim of conquering the European-based forex trading community. To date, we have built ourselves an exceptional reputation as an ever-growing brokerage that constantly provides users with innovative ways to trade online. To put that into numbers, we have already helped execute over 13 million trades across 275,000 accounts with a global trading volume of $138 billion.

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CFDs and Forex trading

One of the popular ways of investing in the best Forex online broker platform is through Contracts for Difference (CFDs). When trading Forex CFDs, you anticipate whether the price of one currency will rise or fall against another.

What are Forex CFDs?

When you trade Forex CFDs, there’s no physical asset transfer involved. Instead, your transactions take place through a network of financial institutions, on your Forex broker’s best Forex trading platforms. But before you dive in head-first, be sure to read more about trading CFDs with CAPEX before you embark on your journey into the world of Forex.

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CAPEX assets

As we briefly mentioned above, joining us here at CAPEX will present you with the chance to access over 2100 financial instruments. Thanks to our platform’s slick usability, diversifying your portfolio has never been easier!

  • Forex markets: Built up of 55 major, minor and exotic currency pairings, including GBP/USD and USD/JPY.
  • Cryptocurrencies: The bubble is yet to pop and you can expect to find 5 major cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin, Ethereum and Ripple at CAPEX.
  • Shares: Research, review, and invest in a choice of over 2,000 companies, such as Netflix, Google and Apple
  • Bonds: Find 4 bond CFDs across corporate, municipal and government bonds at CAPEX today.
  • Commodities: Gold, oil, coffee, gas, and 14 further commodities can be traded.
  • Indices: Over 20 major indices to choose from, including S&P 500 and JAPAN225
  • Blends: Enjoy researching and investing in 15 CFDs, including e-commerce and cannabis
  • ETFs: Trade over 30 ETF instruments, including SQQQ and USO.

What is CAPEX Forex? - Your go-to online marketplace

We at CAPEX offer one of the best Forex brokerages where people buy and sell currencies in pairs by checking their live rates from different online Forex brokers throughout the world. Now, because there is no physical location where currency trading takes place, Forex is a decentralized market and can be accessed from anywhere in the world.

The Forex market has four trading sessions during which people can check the live rates of currencies: Sydney (Australia), Tokyo (Japan), London (UK), and New York (the US).  Forex trading opens on Monday morning with the Sydney session and closes on Friday afternoon after the New York trading session ends.

Our trading volume per day on Forex is several times larger than the one recorded in the biggest stock exchanges in the world.

Forex trading times

It’s important to remember that certain markets open and close at different times of the day – which goes without saying it’s because they are located in different time zones around the world. Trading hours may vary based on the specifics of each instrument.

This sometimes tends to get a little complicated, so head over to our CAPEX Trading Conditions page, where all the details are clearly set out so you never miss any action while using the best Forex trading platform.

Types of Forex pairs

  • Major: The major currency pairs are those pairs comprising two of the following currencies US Dollar (USD), Euro (EUR), JPY (Japanese Yen), CAD (Canadian Dollar), GBP (British Pound) and CHF (Swiss Franc).
  • Minor: The minor Currency pairs are those pairs consisting of one of the currencies mentioned in Major currency (i.e USD, EUR, JPY, CAD, GBP & CHF) and any other currency not mentioned there.
  • Exotic: Exotic could be considered any currency pair in which both sides of the currency pairs are currencies other than USD, EUR, JPY, CAD, GBP & CHF.

Trading with

The great thing about CFD trading online is that you can do it anywhere there is a secure internet connection. Inevitably, this means that mobile trading has proven particularly popular as traders can conveniently open and close positions from their mobile or tablet as and when it suits them.

Regulation and Licensing - Legitimacy and security at the heart of CAPEX

Regulation and Licensing – Legitimacy and security at the heart of CAPEX

Adhering to the highest standards of ethical conduct, we at CAPEX wear our licensing and regulation badges with the utmost pride.

To begin, we at operate under Key Way Investments LTD and are CySEC-regulated. Not only this but we are regulated by the Seychelles Financial Services Authority (FSA), the Financial Sector Conduct Authority (FSCA) and the ADGM Financial Services Regulatory Authority (FSRA).

Any transaction made to or from our platform will be securely protected by SSL encryption – meaning any third-party attempts to access your transactional data will be denied. Finally, we at CAPEX follow international regulations by storing client funds in segregated accounts and allowing our users to take out negative balance protection on their accounts

Leverage requirements

For our retail clients, we have StoX, a product with 1:1 leverage. After that,  leverage starts at 1:2, with the maximum leverage capped at 1:30 based on ESMA regulation. However, professional Forex account holders can trade with leverage up to 1:300.

Customer Service - catering to the masses

We at CAPEX pride ourselves on offering competent and swift responses to our members. To ensure we are as accommodating as possible to our diverse client base, we at CAPEX have assured that our services can be accessed across eight different languages.

Our clients can view our services in Arabic, Czech, Polish, Bulgarian, English, German, Spanish, and Italian. Again, we have considered the needs of our customers by providing support in English, Spanish, German, Italian and Arabic, ensuring all of our clients’ needs are dealt with efficiently and professionally.

The CAPEX customer support is accessible Monday through Thursday from 7:00 AM to 1:00 AM and Friday from 7:00 AM until midnight (GMT-2).

For the fastest response, we would always advise our users to take advantage of our dedicated FAQ page and, if you can’t find what you are looking for, open a chat with our dedicated live support staff.

Contact Methods

Of course, with our customer’s best interests at heart, we offer the chance for customers to contact us by phone, or email us directly, as well as providing a live chat facility and additional alternatives depending on the chosen account type.


Get access to Trading Central at CAPEX

Access the Trading Central on

At CAPEX, we’re excited to offer our traders an exceptional additional service called Trading Central, available on our proprietary WebTrader platform. As your hub for all activities on, our WebTrader platform is the best Forex online broker for you.

Trading Central combines quantitative technology with the expertise of senior analysts. Their multilingual technical analysts provide you with a quick understanding of the technical scenario.

With Trading Central, you can access real-time trendlines, pivot points for trend reversals, and alternative scenarios to improve your risk management. Compliant with leading market authorities, Trading Central covers all the popular Forex trading instruments.




Register an account on and start trading.


Send over your documents and verify your account.


Login into your account and deposit money.


Start trading with CFD’s and over 2100 other instruments.

Trading Accounts – suitable for all trading levels

Here at CAPEX, we understand that there is no one-size-fits-all in trading. To reflect this, we’ve offered our users a choice of account types to suit their knowledge, experience, and future plans.

The CAPEX Basic account

New traders can make a straightforward minimum deposit of $100 to unlock the many great perks of the CAPEX basic account. Here, traders and investors will receive complete access to the MetaTrader 5 (MT5) and WebTrader, both online and via the dedicated mobile app. Alongside full access to both trading platforms, the complete CAPEX portfolio of assets and markets will be fully tradable. As customization is still very much a priority for basic account holders, CAPEX offers traders the chance to set alerts and multiple orders, too.

To develop your skill set, a basic training package and virtual money is offered to use across the demo trading platform. Although only limited access to the Learn to Trade Library and Knowledge Center are offered, customer support is available via email to answer any burning questions. Expect to enjoy many additional tools and further trading information that is ideal for research purposes, including Traders Trend, an Economic Calendar, a Daily Technical Newsletter by Trading Central, and plenty more.

The CAPEX Essential account

For those looking to make a greater starting deposit, The CAPEX Essential account may be of greater appeal. Currently, a minimum deposit requirement of $1000 must be made to unlock all of the benefits noted in the Basic account, plus the opportunity to have three accounts, two weekly sessions with a CAPEX customer service rep, 1-to-1 Zoom trading training twice a month, and further access to webinars held by market experts.

The CAPEX Original account

Where it all began – The CAPEX original account has a $5,000 minimum deposit requirement and instantly upgrades your customer service representative sessions to three per week. Beyond customer support, you’ll also benefit from vast improvements to your training package and two additional 1-to-1 Zoom trading training sessions per month.

In choosing the CAPEX original account, you will also increase the number of available tools from Trading Central and the number of accounts (5) you can open, all with higher capabilities. Expect to receive invitations to local seminars and events held by renowned market experts, too.

The CAPEX Premium account

This tier requires a $10,000 minimum deposit and upgrades you to the CAPEX premium account. In making this deposit, your customer service representative sessions will be increased to four per week.

For those looking to enhance their knowledge, you’ll also receive the Premium training package, unlock two 2-to-2 Zoom trading training sessions per week, and unlimited access to the exclusive Learn to trade library and Knowledge Center on CAPEX WebTrader. As with the CAPEX original account, further charting tools will be readily available, alongside the chance to hold seven accounts, all with the Advanced Charting System by Trading View.

The CAPEX Signature account

Finally, for those willing to make a $25,000+ investment, we present the CAPEX signature account. Once a deposit has been made, you will be able to make use of dedicated customer service representative sessions five days a week.

Furthermore, you can expect to have your training package improved to Signature status, receive three 1-to-1 Zoom trading training sessions per week, face-to-face meetings with CAPEX relationship managers, and full access to the demo account. Here, you can trial all of your latest Forex trading strategies and learn the intricacies of any instrument you wish to trade with real money. Lastly, as a CAPEX signature account holder, you will unlock full access to all on-site tools, analysis, and education, alongside the option of opening up to 10 trading accounts.

Conclusion – CAPEX provides an optimal trading environment

We at CAPEX are proud of how far our Forex trading platform has come, but we are not finished yet. The demand to increase, promote, and expand on our already comprehensive instruments, tools, and options is always in the pipeline—any chance to improve the user experience we will be quick to review and implement.

Our main goal here at CAPEX has always been to provide traders with an “optimal trading environment” – we think you’ll agree, we’ve passed the test. Offering users not one but two platforms to make good use of and over 2100 instruments to help chart trading movements, we believe we have equipped our users with enough tools to unlock an excellent trading environment. Of course, we also allow clients to take advantage of the CAPEX Academy, where users can sharpen their knowledge before taking their new theories for a test run on their demo account. Could we be considered the best online broker for beginners? Absolutely! However, we strive to be the best online broker for all!

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