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The rise in online CFD brokers has led people to indulge in various forms of investments including CFDs on crypto, stocks and futures.

This article aims to help you understand the basics of futures trading and how we at are one of the best futures trading platforms out there.

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Excellent learning tools and features

The secret to becoming an expert in any kind of trading is to focus on continuous learning. Keeping that in mind, here at CAPEX, we offer traders several learning tools and features, including CAPEX Academy, where you can learn how to trade CFDs through videos. We also offer an expert traders blog to access ongoing trends and a trading dictionary that allows you to learn basic trading terminologies with ease.


Smooth & intuitive trading platform

Trading on a platform that isn’t smooth or is hard to figure out can be extremely challenging, especially considering the amount of time traders spend on their trading accounts. Albeit, both CFD trading platforms offered by CAPEX are highly intuitive and make it easy for traders to remain in touch with their investments at all times.

Our CFD trading apps are available on iOS and Android so that everyone can gain easy access to their trading accounts.

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What is futures trading? – Understanding how CFD on futures work

Futures were developed to assist institutional buyers as they would like to predetermine prices to avoid potential losses while selling goods. For instance, a farmer would agree to sell his crops through a commodity broker at a specific price on a certain date beforehand to ensure that he wouldn’t have to face a loss of any sort even if the crops saw a drop in value. On the other hand, if the crops increased in value, it would be profitable for the buyer.

How retail traders treat futures?

Retail traders treat futures differently, of course, but the concept behind it remains the same. A retail buyer bets on the price direction of an asset or underlying security without actually gaining ownership. So, they make a profit or suffer a loss based on the changes in the futures price. Since futures contracts carry a high level of liability for the buyer and the seller, they’re considered risky instruments. CFDs on futures are very similar since you’ll be betting on the variation of the price of the underlying asset. We invite you to read our guide on CFDs vs futures to learn more about the similarities and differences between both instruments.

However, you can better manage the risk associated with trading futures by registering with the best online broker for futures. Here at CAPEX, we offer users a wide range of CFD instruments to trade in a secure environment along with a user-friendly platform, limit orders, market research tools and educational content.

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How to trade CFD futures as a beginner?

Keeping in mind the risky nature of CFD on futures, we’ve jotted down several tips to help you begin your trading journey.

Do your homework

It doesn’t matter what you’re investing in and how; knowing the market you’re investing in and the risks you might have to endure is essential. Often, beginners undermine the risk that tag along with trading assets and go all-in with their available funds. Likewise, being familiar with the market you’ll be trading in gives you an edge while initiating trades, as you can judge the market directions much better.

Choose your trading platform wisely

It’s easy to undermine the importance of choosing the best trading platform for your investment journey; however, the impact of choosing the wrong broker may lead to severe damage. Any platform that doesn’t align with your trading needs or goals, and doesn’t provide you with the necessary tools and features can negatively impact the trading experience. Spend time choosing a top-notch regulated and licensed broker that offers a wide variety of trading instruments paired with a user-friendly trading platform.

Try out the demo account feature beforehand

Tier-1 brokers allow you to test their platforms before officially signing up through demo account features. This will enable you to benefit in several ways; for instance: you get to know where you stand in terms of trading knowledge and experience, you get an idea of the risks involved in trading a particular asset, and you get to understand what the real trading account on the platform would feel like. Here at CAPEX, we offer a fantastic simulated trading experience that allows you to practice CFD trading with fake money until you’re confident enough to enter actual trades.

Learn and apply expert strategies

The secret to trading any asset successfully is to have a few practical strategies up your sleeve and knowing which strategy can be applied at what time. For instance, you can practice and use the pull-back strategy, which is based on price pull-backs. There are a wide range of strategies, many of which you’ll become familiar with while trading with us at CAPEX.

Here at, we offer our traders a demo account feature on each of our accounts. We also have two trading platforms, both of which are extremely user-friendly and highly intuitive because we understand the importance of a top-notch trading platform. Plus, our services and offerings have enabled us to gain a good market reputation in a brief time span; you can hop on to the CFD demo trading account feature and experience it yourself.

Excellent demo account feature at CAPEX

Having the option to practice your trading skills before entering an actual trade can help you learn to trade much more effectively. So, before starting to invest, you can register on our free demo trading account that is a simulated version of our real trading account. Then, you’ll be given virtual money, which can be used to help you understand where you stand in terms of CFD trading skills and knowledge, enable you to polish your trading skills further, and give you an idea of the risks that you might have to bear when you invest real capital.

Pros and Cons of trading CFD on futures

All types of trades come with a set of pros and cons, and analyzing these is important before you dive into investments, as it allows you to do a cost-benefit analysis. Here are the main pros of trading CFD on futures:

  • You don’t need large sums of money to make big trades, thanks to the option of leveraging margin. Take in mind that trading with leverage presents a high risk.
  • These contracts allow investors to hedge against an asset’s price drop in the futures market.
  • The commission and execution costs are relatively low.

Meanwhile, the major cons of trading futures are:

  • The risk factor in futures trading is relatively high, considering speculators can lose their initial margin as well if the asset’s price doesn’t go as expected.
  • Your losses can exceed your investments, and futures markets come with liquidity risk, operational risk, and interest rate risk as well.

Things to look for in the one of the best futures trading platforms – Understanding why CAPEX could be the right choice for you

Now that the importance of choosing the best futures broker has been established, here are some qualities that you can look for to ensure you’ve chosen one of the best futures trading platforms for yourself:

License and regulation

The primary factor determining whether a broker is secure and legitimate is the license and regulation it’s under. Financial regulators ensure companies adhere to strict rules and guidelines, ensuring client funds’ safety and preventing lawful activities of any sort. Here at CAPEX, we are licensed and regulated under Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission (CySEC), which is a tier-1 financial authority. Also, we at CAPEX are licenced and regulated by the Seychelles Financial Services Authority (FSA), the Financial Sector Conduct Authority (FSCA) and the ADGM Financial Services Regulatory Authority (FSRA).

User-friendly trading platform

The trading platform you choose for your trades plays an immense role in the success or failure of your trading journey. How? Well, if the platform you choose is hard to understand, you won’t be active enough with your trades. An easy to use platform makes it easy to access trades, make instant deposits, and instant withdrawals conveniently. We offer our users two trading platforms, and both of them are recognized for being user-friendly. The user interface is simple, and the outlook of the platforms is easy on the eyes.

Available and active customer support

Any broker that values its customer’s experience will make sure to offer a fast and reliable customer support service. Similarly, at CAPEX, users can access customer support through email, phone,  live chat, and WhatsApp, depending on your account type. Our multilingual customer support team is available five days a week and is always on its toes to solve any incoming queries. We also offer a comprehensive FAQs section on our webpage, where we’ve answered almost all potential questions/queries that may arise.

Learning tools and features

The key to becoming a successful trader is through ongoing learning. The more you know about various markets, market analytics, and trading strategies, the more likely you will make the right trades. So, choosing a platform that prioritizes learning is essential. Here at CAPEX, we have several tools and features to help traders learn how to trade CFDs and guides on different investment topics like the differences and similarities on trading futures vs. options. For instance, our trading platforms offer expert coaches so traders can follow their trades or seek guidance to learn and achieve similar outcomes. Users can also benefit from our demo account feature, as it’s a great way to practice trading with zero risks.




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How to begin your futures trading journey today – Register with us now

Just like everything else on our website and trading platform, the account opening procedure at CAPEX could not have been easier.

  1. Hop on to our website and click the registration option.
  2. You’ll be guided to our sign up page, where you’ll have to enter your email along with some basic details. You’ll also be asked to verify that you’re 18 or above.
  3. Once you’ve set a password and clicked on ‘register’, the platform will show up.
  4. To begin trading, you’ll need to provide personal details such as name, address, tax information, financial information, and trading experience. This ensures optimal security on the platform, as we don’t want people to risk more than they can afford to lose.
  5. Last but not least, there’s a quiz/appropriateness test so the platform can judge your trading knowledge and experience and then place you accordingly.

Our traders’ security is our priority, which is why we have a thorough authentication process in place. Once you’re done registering, you can immediately begin your trading journey with a low minimum deposit and numerous tradable options.

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Trading CFDs on futures can be a great way to potentially capitalize on your funds; however, it’s not exactly an easy instrument to trade and the risk of losing money is high. There are several factors to consider for successfully trading futures, out of which the primary factor in choosing one of the best online brokers for futures.

We at CAPEX are known for being one of the best futures trading platforms for several reasons. Primarily, we’re licensed and regulated under four tier-1 financial authorities and registered with numerous local financial authorities across the world. Secondly, we offer our traders a secure and user-friendly environment to trade CFDs on futures and several other instruments. Thirdly, our platforms are packed with analytical tools and charts that are easy to read so traders can conveniently study the market and trade accordingly. Not to mention, our customer support service is available 24 hours, five days a week, in numerous languages.

The bottom line is that if you’re looking for one of the best online brokers for futures, click on the sign-up button on our website. We’d suggest that you test CFDs on stocks trading with demo account (or any other market) right at CAPEX as well.

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