Online Broker With High Leverage 2024 CFD Trading With Leverage

With the wide range of online trading platforms available in the market, choosing the best amongst them can be challenging.

In the following article, we aim to provide a clear overview of the factors that determine whether a broker is ideal or not, and why we, at CAPEX, are the best online broker with high leverage.

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Wide range of tradable assets

Having the option to trade several unique assets is an excellent opportunity for traders to diversify their trades. For instance, if you invest in stocks, ETFs and commodities, their markets tend to act opposite. So, if one trade doesn’t go well, the other can cover up for that. Here at CAPEX, you can trade CFDs on a wide range of financial assets, including stocks, indices, Forex, cryptocurrencies, and commodities.

High leverage available

Trading with high leverage is extremely beneficial if you’re someone who’s seeking greater market exposure with a limited amount of capital.

Here at CAPEX, traders get to trade with the highest leverage and lowest trading fees. Especially when it comes to trading Forex, our leverage for retail clients goes up to 1:30, and for expert professional traders, it goes up to 1:300.

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What is CFD trading? – A quick overview

CFD, short for contracts for differences, is a contract between a buyer and a seller in which a buyer trades on an asset’s price prediction rather than taking ownership of the asset. Since CFDs are traded on margin, the trader gets to pay only a percentage of asset’s value to place a trade.

What does that mean for investors?

To simplify CFDs, an investor uses CFDs to place bets on a prediction of a rise or fall in an asset price. The investor can either buy a CFD or sell it depending on his expectations of where the market might lead to. One major pro of trading CFDs is that traders can benefit from falling markets as well. How? Well, simply by going short or selling a position if they feel that its value will shortly drop.

Here  at CAPEX, we allow traders to trade CFDs on a wide range of instruments including stocks, indices, ETFs, and Forex. You can trade Forex with the highest leverage ratios on our user-friendly trading platform; after all, we are amongst the best high leverage Forex brokers.

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What is leverage in CFD trading? – Benefits of trading with high leverage at CAPEX

Leverage, also known as margin trading, simply refers to the use of borrowed funds in order to gain large exposure into a market with limited funds. Or in other words, when you trade with leverage, the broker you’re trading with lends you funds so that you can make large trades with limited capital.

So, if a broker offers you a leverage of 1:30, this means that for every 1 dollar that you deposit, the stockbroker will give you 30 $ extra. This is borrowed money, so there’s always a risk of losing more than you have. Although, if done the correct way, leverage trading or margin trading can be a great way to multiply your funds quickly. Keep in mind that regulation limits trading with a leverage over 1:30 to a CFD business account or professional account.

At CAPEX, we offer accounts for both retail and professional clients. We also offer online Forex trading with leverage, and given the wide range of Forex pairs that we offer traders, the leverage offered makes trading Forex even more exciting.

How high is the leverage ratio at CAPEX? - Online Forex trading with leverage

Here at CAPEX, we offer our traders leverage according to their experience. For retail clients, our leverage is up to 1:30 on major Forex pairs, up to 1:20 on minor pairs and exotics, and up to 1:20 on major commodities such as gold. Similarly, for all other assets, our leverage ratio varies from 1:2 up to 1:30. Our Forex trading leverage is the highest, and crypto trading leverage is the lowest compared to other financial instruments available on our platform.

However, for professional clients, our leverage ratio is much higher. Professional clients can trade major & minor Forex pairs and exotics with leverages that go up to 1:300. Similarly, they get to trade major commodities and major indices with leverage up to 1:200. Several other assets are available to trade with high leverage as well. We would recommend that you read our leverage and margin policy which is available on our website to learn more about why we are the best online broker with high leverage.

Learn and practise risk-free with a CAPEX demo account

Here at CAPEX, we offer users demo accounts where they can practice trading. We also offer numerous learning tools such as CAPEX Academy, where you can watch videos to learn trading in an easier and simpler manner.

How to trade CFDs securely? – A guide on trading with leverage at CAPEX

CFDs are high-risk instruments, so there are a number of strategies to at least consider before you begin your CFD trading journey. For starters, here are a few:

Start small and take one step at a time

While leverage is a great way to get more exposure with limited capital, it also magnifies the risk of your trades. So, you should opt for lower leverage and make smaller trades. Before obtaining greater market exposure, you should thoroughly understand the risks of trading with leverage, the factors that affect the market that you’re trading, a few strategies that can increase your chances of trading profitably, and how to analyze the market so you can time your trades effectively.

Diversify your trades

Don’t invest all your funds in the same asset. Instead, look to invest in a number of assets across various classes. To ensure you’re able to do this, we recommend that you trade with a broker that offers a wide range of options to trade CFDs on.

Here at CAPEX, we are known and applauded for offering our users a wide range of assets to trade CFDs on. These include stocks, Forex, futures, indices, ETFs, blends, commodities, and even cryptocurrencies. You can test your luck with each of the given assets through our dedicated demo accounts as well. Why risk your money when you can learn for free? Register now and polish your trading skills efficiently.

Choose your trading platform wisely

Choosing a trading platform that isn’t user-friendly can cost you big time. The user interface, features and tools, and intuitiveness of a platform are all important aspects for a trader.

Here at CAPEX, we offer our users two unique trading platforms, the MT5 trading platform and the CAPEX WebTrader. Both these platforms are extremely easy to use and highly intuitive. The user interface is simple, and everything is lined up on the main page neatly. Whether you want to trade an asset, check the market analytical charts, or get in touch with a customer support provider, it’s all a click away.


A few strategies and tips to apply while trading CFDs with leverage

The secret to becoming an expert trader is having strategies and tips down your sleeve so you can apply them at the right time. Here are a few that you can practice on our demo account:

Breakout strategy

The following strategy involves the identification of a key price of a financial asset so that you can buy or sell the asset as soon as it reaches that price. The key factor to consider in breakout strategy is that you must take note of the trend and market signals. If the signals are mixed, you shouldn’t make your trades. Applying this strategy requires the use of charts and detailed technical analysis along with Forex trading indicators, each of which you can find on our trading platforms.

Contrarian strategy

The following strategy is based on the thought process that trends don’t last forever. All trends are temporary, and you have to analyze the point where you believe the trend will reverse. For instance, if an asset’s price is falling continuously, you need to open a trade position when you feel that it has reached its peak and will now reverse. In order to effectively apply this theory, you can benefit from our analytical tools, market trend updates, and regular articles or guides on trading.

Control your leverage

Yes, leverage is a great tool, especially when you make the right trade. But then there’s always the possibility of  multiplying your losses as well. Don’t forget to resist the temptation to increase your position sizes and instead stick to a certain level of leverage.

Know when to use stops

Stops are essential because they help you control your losses. You need to have a crystal clear CFD stop or limit when your losses go beyond your expectations. This is essential, so you remain in the game and don’t lose all your capital in a single trade.

Demo accounts are your best friend

Practice makes perfect, especially in the stock market. The more you know, the better off you are. So, we highly recommend that traders focus their energy on learning and practicing trades with fake money on our demo account feature. Also, you can simultaneously benefit from our learning tools such as IPOs, CAPEX Academy and trading dictionary.

Cut your losses and let your profits increase

Opening a position with CFDs is the easy part of the trade; the actual test is deciding when to close a trade. So, you must not add additional capital to a losing trade and nor should you end a stop loss to give your trade a chance. The key factor here is patience because if you’re not patient enough while trading CFDs, you might end up being bankrupt.

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Factors to consider in the best CFD trading platform - why CAPEX is considered the best

Choosing the best CFD trading platform is an essential aspect of your trading journey. After all, an excellent trading platform can be the difference between a smooth trading experience and a poor one. Here are a few factors to look for in the best trading platform, along with an overview of why we at CAPEX are the best.

A user-friendly trading platform

Investors spend a lot of their time on trading platforms, either opening and closing trades or monitoring their positions. If the trading platform is like a maze that needs to be figured out, the trader will probably end up frustrated & inefficient with their trades. So, the key characteristics and features to look for in a trading platform are ease of usability, simple user interface, and high intuitiveness.

We at CAPEX offer traders two trading platforms; the MT5 trader and the CAPEX WebTrader. Both of these platforms are simple to use and easy on the eyes. Everything on our platforms is aligned neatly for easy access so our traders can conveniently remain in touch with and manage their trades.

Integrated tools and advanced features

Having access to tools and features designed specifically to support you throughout your trading journey can make all the difference. Here at CAPEX, we offer our traders a wide range of integrated tools such as charts and analytical graphs that can help them time their trades. We  also offer demo accounts for traders to practice trading on and expert trading blogs to help them learn and remain up to date. No wonder we are recognized as the best online broker for stocks CFDs and other instruments.

Excellent customer support

Customer support is extremely important when it comes to trading online. Here at CAPEX, we offer our users customer support through live chat, phone, and email. Our multilingual customer support team is on their toes 24 hours a day, five days a week. You can get a relevant response from anyof our support channels within a day. If you want an even faster answer to your queries, you can hop on to our website and check out the elaborative FAQs page, where we’ve answered several potential questions that may arise.




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Trade Forex CFDs with CAPEX today – A step by step guide on registering your account

Just like everything else on our trading platform, the signing up process is a piece of cake. Here’s a step by step guide to help you sign up today:

  1. Click on the register now button on our website, add your email address and set up a password, then confirm that you’re above 18 years of age and click register.
  2. You’ll be guided to our platform, where we’ll ask you to complete your registration process. Add a few more personal details, including your salary, address, and taxation etc.
  3. You’ll then be asked to take a quiz so that we can assess the level of trading you’re fit to practice. This is to ensure nobody trades beyond their capacity to avoid losses.

As soon as you’ve signed up, you can deposit a minimum amount of funds and begin your trading journey with a wide range of assets to trade CFDs on. We’re not only recognized as the broker with the highest leverage. Instead, we’re also the best broker with the lowest minimum deposit.

Final thoughts – begin your trading journey today.

Trading with high leverage is a great way to gain greater exposure with lesser investment. However, there are certainly a few factors to consider when you’re trading because just as leverage multiplies profit, it multiplies potential losses as well.

Here at CAPEX, we allow expert traders to trade with much higher leverage than the average retail investor. This is because we understand the risks that tag along and want to ensure traders on our platform are able to trade in a secure environment. Protecting your funds is just as important for us as it is for you. Hence, we also suggest that you practice trading with leverage on our CFD demo trading account and get a clearer picture of what it’s like.

So, if you’re all set to begin your trading journey today, hop on to our website and sign up for an account on either one of our trading platforms.

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