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Are you looking for other options than traditional markets? Do you want to open a corporate account with a broker that lets you trade in different markets without having to invest in actual instruments? Then you may want to consider CFD trading on

There are plenty of reasons to use a CFD corporate account here at CAPEX which we will touch on shortly. The most important thing about a CFD corporate account is establishing if it is going to be worth it for you to use. Keep reading to find out if you should make the switch to a CFD corporate account.

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Plenty of CFD trading options

If you are interested in using a corporate account here at CAPEX, we have plenty of CFD trading options for you to go along with it. Trade CFDs on bonds, commodities, shares, indices and plenty more. We have a multitude of different CFD trading options for you to choose from.

Tweak your trading platform

We have the capability for our users to customize and tweak our trading platforms to suit their own interests and preferences. Use this capability to tailor your trading platform to suit your preferred CFD trading avenues for your corporate account. The options are numerous with our customizable features.

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What is a corporate account? The CAPEX corporate benefits

There are a number of reasons that corporations would opt for an account with one of the best brokers. First, let’s understand what a corporate account actually is.

There are many different accounts that are tailored to a specific trading experience. You can have an individual account, a joint account, a trust account or a corporate account. A corporate account is essentially an account type that is specific for a corporate company that is trading as a singular entity. In order to warrant using a corporate account a company or corporation would need one or more people who have authorization to trade on the entity’s behalf.

Who should be using corporate accounts?

The real question is, who should be using a CFD company account? Well, the answer is fairly straightforward. If you are operating as a small corporation or company and are looking to make a capital investment into a trading account or you are looking to trade some of your company profits then an online broker corporate account at CAPEX would be a potentially good place to start. Our signature account type is functionable for corporate entities or large scale individual traders. So, if you are looking for an online broker corporate account, we can suggest a unique opportunity.

If an online broker corporate account doesn’t sound like it is relevant to you then you’ll probably want to go for an ECN broker account.

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What are CFDs and how are they traded on

Here at CAPEX, we provide our users with access to a multitude of different markets to trade via CFDs. Let’s take a brief look at what a CFD is for those who are a little hazy on the details:

What is contract for difference?

A CFD trade is actually pretty simple to understand. If you haven’t made a CFD trade before then it may at first appear to be a little confusing but it isn’t all that difficult to understand. The defining aspect of a CFD trade is that the difference between the open and trade prices are cash settled.

As the trader, you can speculate on a market either rising in value or dropping off in value. The difference between the trade price when you opened the CFD trade and when you closed it is the amount that you will either make as profit or a loss.

CFDs can be very volatile and can see you either make fantastic profits or significant losses. It can be risky so it’s advised that you proceed with caution if you are not already an experienced trader.

Trading CFDs at CAPEX

At CAPEX, we provide our users with a plentiful supply of markets to trade via CFDs. You can find everything you need on our platform when you open your CFD corporate account. Before you even get started with your CFD corporate account, you may want to take a read through the multitude of educational resources on our site first.

Once you feel confident that you are ready to get going with your CFD corporate account, you can then begin to make trades with markets that include: commodities, cryptocurrencies, ETFs, indices, bonds, shares and blends. You can even trade CFDs on Forex if you want to take a run at speculating on currency pair price movements instead.

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Why trade with a CFD corporate account?

As previously mentioned, when you trade CFDs, you speculate on the price movements in different markets, but you don’t own the underlying asset. That means, for example, that you could trade a CFD on Bitcoin, but since you don’t own the digital currency, you won’t have to set up a cryptocurrency wallet.

CFDs are also usually traded with leverage. For example, a leverage of 1:2 would mean that any price change of one point on the underlying asset would affect your investment by two. That, of course, allows you to have a more considerable exposition to a market using less capital. However, trading with leverage is risky since it could also potentially increment your losses. At CAPEX, you have the opportunity to trade with leverage in many different markets, but if you prefer to trade without leverage, we offer StoX, fractionated stock unleveraged CFDs.

Finally, another important aspect to consider is that CFDs allow you to open short positions on any underlying asset, also called a sell position. That is useful when you estimate that the price of an underlying asset will go down instead of up.


Picking the right broker for your CFD and Forex trading needs

You may well have spent a decent amount of time using other trading platforms for your CFD trading endeavours. In order for an online trading platform to price a quality CFD corporate account trading experience to its users it needs to fulfill certain requirements.

Well, you have finally come to the right platform that is going to fulfill your corporate account trading needs. Here at CAPEX, we provide you with access to all the best stock exchanges that include the likes of NASDAQ and the NYSE.

Pick and choose from the comprehensive list of trading markets available on our site. Or perhaps you are only after trading on price movements between Forex currency pairs? Whatever the case may be, our platform is the perfect place for you to open up your first CFD corporate account, as we provide you with absolutely everything you’ll need to have a comprehensive corporate trading experience. You can also opt for an STP broker account as well.




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Start trading with CFD’s and over 5000 other instruments.

How to open your Forex corporate account with CAPEX

If you have been after an online broker with no fees then you should waste no time in opening up a new Forex corporate account here at CAPEX. The account creation process is really straightforward and won’t take up too much of your time.

Simply head to the “register” button in the top right hand corner of the homepage. From there you will need to enter in your email address, a password of your choosing, your preferred currency and your mobile phone number. You will need to verify your identity before we can open your account by sending us a copy of your passport, driver’s license or a recent utility bill. Once that is complete, you then need to fill out an “appropriateness test” that will determine how experienced you are with trading in CFDs.

If you want to use a Forex corporate account then be sure to select our “signature” account option. You can even open your account with us by using our trading app for beginners.

Conclusion – Take the corporate benefits into consideration

With so many positives to using a Forex corporate account or a CFD corporate account it’s easy to see why so many traders have made the switch over. It’s important to remember that a CFD corporate account is not for everybody. If you are somebody that simply enjoys making a few trades from time to time during the course of a month while holding down another job then perhaps a corporate coconut isn’t for you.

If you find that you are someone who is actively trading everyday then the new trading experience and additional benefits for using a CFD corporate account are definitely in your best interest. So, weigh up what kind of trader you are and then make your choice from the account types we have here at CAPEX. We have an account type that suits every kind of trader so don’t be shy to check out what we have in store for you with our comprehensive trading platform.

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