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Stocks trading is popular amongst traders due to its many advantages and a stocks broker demo account is the best way to get better at it without risking your finances.

At CAPEX, we are the best place for online trading of CFDs. We will outline the benefits of our Free Demo Account, our trading tools and unique platform. We offer the best Free Demo Account and exclusive features for all traders.

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Best choice of trading instruments

A good broker will offer a variety of CFDs on indices, cryptocurrencies, forex pairs and more. It is important to choose a broker that offers a large number of trading instruments to maximize your opportunity when trading CFDs in the global marketplace.

At CAPEX, we will show you how to trade CFDs on your favourite assets. With our large range of companies to choose from, all traders can experience the best stock trading platform in the global marketplace.

CAPEX demo trading platform

We, at CAPEX, want to help you get the best of your CFD trading experience. To that end, we offer a fully-featured demo trading platform that lets you use all the features of the live trading platform without any financial risk. When you open an account with us, you receive access to a secondary demo account with virtual money that you can use to put our platform to test and try new strategies.

An online broker demo account is the best way to practice all that you can learn in the CAPEX Academy safely and without risking your real capital, so when you start trading at CAPEX with real money, you are more prepared than ever to make the best decisions.

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Experience the CAPEX trading platforms

CAPEX dual trading platforms provide powerful technology. Trade on FacebookGoogleEUR/USD#USA500 and Gold – all in one platform.

The robust and modern platform is easy to use and provides access to the world’s global markets at your fingertips. The unique dual trading platform is designed to provide you with the best trading experience using CAPEX WebTrader and MetaTrader 5 (MT5).

CAPEX WEBTRADER – Customized for your trading needs

The CAPEX WebTrader platform is a customizable trading platform. Available on desktop (Windows, Mac) and mobile (Android, iOS), it provides intuitive, web-based access to a vast range of tradable instruments, charting tools, analytical tools, and many more features.

As a CAPEX WebTrader user you have access to tools such as Trading Central, which delivers analysis and recommendations from real financial experts. Additionally, you receive market intel from TipRanks which provides Daily Analyst Ratings, Bloggers Opinions, Insiders’ Hot Stocks, Hedge Fund Activities and News Sentiment.

METATRADER 5 – The trader’s choice in global platform technology – MetaTrader platform

MT5 is world-renowned and the online trading platform of choice amongst traders. It is available on both desktop and mobile. It provides traders with access to sophisticated trading strategies using the built-in tools, advanced charting, and analysis options.

The MetaTrader platform has an easy-to-use interface and is automated so that you can spend more time perfecting your trading strategy without the need to use a complicated trading platform.

The best MT5 trading platform includes many useful instruments, such as trading position alerts, embedded tick charts, and related instruments.

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The best mobile apps – Trade your way

The future of trading is mobile and trading on mobile devices has become increasingly popular amongst traders. The demand for the best service on all mobile devices is on the rise as traders shift towards mobile trading.

With the MetaTrader 5 platform and CAPEX WebTrader platform, you can trade markets by switching between mobile and PC at your convenience.

CAPEX – Reliable, award winning broker

With CAPEX you will discover the exciting world of stock trading global markets. Trade from a large selection of markets across the globe.

CAPEX offers trading accounts that are suitable for beginner traders through to the elite level trader. All CAPEX accounts come with a free stock trading demo account where you can practice your stock trading without using any funds. You can find more information at stock trading free demo account.


Account types

Our dedicated team at CAPEX are dedicated to providing the best global market solutions for traders. We do this by providing individual support and over 2100 assets from multiple markets, including Forex, shares, indices, bonds, EFTs, and commodities.

We have 5 account types that are suitable for traders from beginner traders to the elite level traders. Each account includes a free demo account, access to the dual trading platform, dedicated client support, daily market reviews & financial research, daily analyst ratings and levels of access to the CAPEX video library.

A demo account is available with all accounts free of charge and suitable for all traders, both new and experienced. Stocks trading with a demo account provides users with the opportunity to harness the full potential of the live trading platform, interface and environment prior to making live trades. We have an account type to suit every investor profile, as follows:

The CAPEX Basic account

The CAPEX Basic account requires only the minimum deposit of $100. In addition, this account type provides complete access to both platforms, app, instruments and markets, alerts, and multiple order types.

Also, support via email, one Customer Service Representative session via phone per week, a basic training package, virtual money to use in the demo trading platform, and limited access to learn to trade library at and the Knowledge Centre on CAPEX WebTrader.

Furthermore, this account provides access to many tools and information for market research, including instrument profile data and key statistics, Traders Trend, Economic Calendar, Sentiment Tools Suite by TipRanks, and the Daily Technical Newsletter by Trading Central.

The CAPEX Essential account

The CAPEX Essential account requires a minimum deposit of $1,000. This account type provides the same benefits as the Basic account. Also, it includes the possibility of having three accounts, up to two sessions per week with a Customer Service Representative, the “Essential” training package, up to one 1-on-1 Training session via Zoom every two weeks, and access to monthly webinars held by local market experts. In addition, it includes the Daily US Premarket Newsletter.

The CAPEX Original account

Requires a $5,000 minimum deposit and upgrades your Customer Service Representative sessions to three per week via phone. Also, it provides access to a Customer Service Representative via WhatsApp in your local language. In addition, it improves your training package, brings up to one 1-on-1 Training Session via Zoom per week, and invitations to local seminars and events held by renowned market experts. Finally, it increases the number of tools and analyses from Trading Central and lets you have up to 5 accounts and higher capabilities on WebTrader.

The CAPEX Premium account

Requires a $10,000 minimum deposit and upgrades your Customer Service Representative sessions to four per week via phone. In addition, it improves your training package to the “Premium” one, brings up to two 1-on-1 Training Sessions via Zoom per week, and gives you unlimited access to the Learn to trade library on and the Knowledge Centre on CAPEX WebTrader. Furthermore, it increases the number of tools and analyses from Trading Central even more. Finally, it lets you have up to 7 accounts and the Advanced Charting System by Trading View.

The CAPEX Signature account

Requires a $25,000 minimum deposit and upgrades your Customer Service Representative sessions to five per week via phone. In addition, it improves your training package to the “Signature” one, brings up to three 1-on-1 Training Sessions via Zoom per week, and allows having face-to-face meetings with the Relationship Managers. Furthermore, it gives you access to the full suite of features of CAPEX for market research, including Analyst Views. Finally, it gives you access to up to 10 accounts to Unique Trading Conditions and QuantRanks Portfolio / Strategy Builder.

Best Features for all traders

Overall, we at CAPEX offer the Best Features to all Traders which include:

  • Powerful and effortless Dual Platform – WebTrader and MT5.
  • Best mobile and device apps – trade on the move.
  • Award-winning reputable broker.
  • Dedicated support, tailored accounts and resources at your fingertips. When and where you need them.
  • Everything you need all in one place. Trade from anywhere, anytime, with speed and comfort.
  • A stocks broker demo account to try new strategies.

Start trading stocks CFDs with demo account today

We are dedicated to providing the best global market solutions for traders. We do this by providing dedicated individual support and over 2100 assets from multiple markets, including CFDs on Forex, shares, indices, bonds, EFTs, and commodities.

Try CAPEX mobile apps on free demo account

The CAPEX free demo account contains all of the features that you will find in the live trading account. We recommend that you use the demo account before you start trading. Once you are ready to start trading, your live trading account will be ready for you to start trading at any time.

The demo account gives you experience of a CAPEX live trading account so that you can practice your trading strategy without any risk to maximize your trading potential.

Why use the CAPEX Free Demo Account?

With a stocks broker demo account, you will gain important exposure to the CAPEX interface and platform, try out the mobile apps, and take full advantage of the learning resources and tools. You will gain valuable knowledge and insight into CAPEX trading which will increase your trading potential. All without making a live trade or spending any of your funds.


How to open your free CAPEX CFDs on stocks trading demo account

Opening a CAPEX trading account is easy and simple. When you complete the registration, you will have access to the CAPEX free demo account and the live trading account.

The CAPEX team of experts strongly recommend that you use the free demo account prior to starting your live trading. You can practice your trading, test your strategy, try the apps and get a feel for the platform.

The demo account includes all of the great tools and features that you will find in the live trading account. You will experience live trading to maximize your trading potential without risking your funds.

The experts at CAPEX continue to use their free demo account to test their latest trading strategies.




Register an account on and start trading.


Send over your documents and verify your account.


Login into your account and deposit money.


Start trading with CFD’s and over 2100 other instruments.

Step by step guide to opening your CAPEX account

  1. Visit the website. From the main page simply select the “Register” button which is on the top right-hand side of the page.
  2. This will take you to the Create Account page where you will start by entering your email address and a password. Fill in details such as your phone number, any promotional code and the currency of your account. Tick the box to confirm that you are over 18 and agree to the terms. Select the “Create Account” button.
  3. You are now at the Welcome to CAPEX page, select “Proceed” to complete the initial part of your registration.
  4. This is the demo version of your account. You can start using your demo account or move through the steps to finish the process to create your live trading account.

Demo account: Next steps

You are now ready to start using your demo account. Follow the steps below to register for your CAPEX live trading account. Complete these steps when you are ready to deposit your funds and commence live trading.

It is recommended that you use the demo account prior to starting your live trading for maximum trading potential and to minimize your risk.

Live trading account: Complete the registration to access your CAPEX live trading account

  1. To create your live trading account, from the demo account screen, select “Complete Registration” and then select “Next”
  2. This will take you to the Account Registration screen where you will see that there are 6 headings across the top of this screen to complete.
  3. Firstly, enter your personal information, your name, address, date of birth, among others,  and select “Next”
  4. Complete your professional information, including your education details and employment details, then select “Next”
  5. Complete your financial information. Provide your income, your source of trading funds and the answer to whether you are a US person. If you require additional tax information, select ‘Learn More’ and once complete select “Next”
  6. Here you need to provide your trading experience and lastly there is a short quiz about your trading experience. Take the short quiz and select “Finish”.
  7. Here you can choose your leverage amount and you will be taken to the deposit screen.

Live trading account: How to deposit funds and start trading

  1. Select “Deposit and Start Trading”. Enter the amount that you wish to deposit and select “Add Funds and Start Trading”
  2. The final step will take you to the Add Funds screen which is where you can select your payment method and provide the payment details. This step includes verification and once verified you have completed the process.
  3. Your free demo trading account and your live trading account are now ready to use.

Conclusion – Trade CFDs on stocks with a demo account at CAPEX

The CAPEX stocks trading demo account provides you with the opportunity to learn new skills or improve existing skills, increase trading knowledge and test drive the CAPEX powerful dual trading platform and mobile apps. This will maximize your trading potential success without risk.

The CAPEX demo account provides flexible trading options. Traders will experience the live trading environment without using any funds. Start stocks trading with a demo account today.

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