What are Blue Chips Stocks? Blue Chip Stock Explained At CAPEX.com

Welcome to our ultimate blue chips stock explained guide! If you are new to trading, the first asset class you should familiarise yourself with is blue chip stocks. These are some of the highest grade investments you can trade.

By the end of this guide not only will you be able to answer the question ‘What are blue chip stock?’ but you will understand why you should have an allocation in your portfolio and how to go about trading CFDs on blue chip stocks on CAPEX. Let’s jump right into it.

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Great learning resources

Probably no other trading platform supports an extensive catalogue of learning resources that can match what you will find here. The webinars, videos, demo trading platform and various other resources will help you mature from an amateur to a master trader.

Here you can learn about what is blue chip stock and various asset classes as well as when and how to trade CFDs on them using the professional analytics tools and technical indicators native to us at CAPEX. We ensure that these resources are always being tweaked to include any new tips and educational trading aspects that come to light.

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With this app you can enjoy all the features of desktop trading from the convenience of your mobile device. You can enable push notifications on your app to be alerted of important price movements that may influence your trading strategy. Our mobile app gives you the power and control to never be caught off guard by market volatility.

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What is blue chip stock?

Blue chip basics

You may have come across the phrase ‘blue chip stock’ while watching the news, at a party with friends bragging about their brilliant new investment or reading one of our blog posts at CAPEX.com. Here is what you should know regarding what is a blue chip stock and how companies earn this prestigious title.

Blue chip status is awarded to the stocks of companies that have stood the test of time (stocks refer to the tradable financial instruments that represent ownership of the company). Blue chip stocks have a track record of strong yet reliable performance over a long time horizon generally spanning decades. These corporations have earned a national/international reputation for delivering high quality products or services and for their ability to maintain profitability during strong and weak market conditions.

Are blue chip stocks a safe investment?

Now we have covered what is blue chip stock, you may be wondering what is blue chip stock’s safety profile? Blue chip stocks are generally considered to be a safe investment category and one of the best starting places for new traders. It is important to note that blue chip status does mean there is no risk involved investing or trading these stocks. All investments have an element of risk to them, however on the continuum of risk, blue chips are on the safer end compared to stocks that do not have blue chip status.

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Blue chip stock examples

Since we have a better understanding of what is blue chip stock, you may be wondering what is blue chipstock example, well let’s look at a few of the big names.  Some of the highest profile blue chip stocks are the FAANG-tech stocks (Facebook, Amazon, Apple, Netflix and Google). Other notable blue chip stocks that enjoy the spotlight include Tesla, Nvidia, Nike and Coca Cola. Shares of all these blue chip stocks and dozens more can be traded on CAPEX using CFD (contract-for-differences) trading.

By now you are probably itching to start trading CFDs on blue chip stocks and in the next section of our bluechip stock explained guide we’ll show you how to do just that.

Trade blue chip stock at CAPEX

Finding the right platform that meets all of your bespoke trading needs can be a troublesome task. Fortunately, our team of experts have reviewed hundreds of operators over the years and have hand-picked one of the best to highlight in our blue chips stock explained guide. We, at CAPEX, are a well-established, trusted and easy-to-use online trading platform that our team holds in very high regard as it offers a high quality t balance of features that will satisfy traderand advanced traders alike.

Setting up your account

Our ‘What is blue chip stock’ section has given you foundational knowledge of the asset class and the risks involved. The next step is learning how to trade it on a great platform like CAPEX. Setting up an account at CAPEX could not be simpler. Just head over to their website at CAPEX.com , choose an account type and follow the standard procedure of entering your email address and creating a password. You will then receive a confirmation email that you need to accept and just like that you have successfully created your account! One step closer to trading.

The next step is to verify your account by submitting documents to prove your identity. We, at CAPEX, have a very swift verification process that concludes in a matter of minutes. Once your account is verified the final step is to deposit some capital with which to trade. This trading platform supports various payment gateways including bank transfers, debit and credit card facilities as well as e-wallet transfers. Be sure to search their website for costs and specifics related to each payment method.

How to trade CFDs on blue chip stocks on CAPEX

Trading blue chip stocks on CAPEX is achieved by using contract-for-differences trades. These trades do not represent ownership of the underlying stock, instead traders can speculate on the price movements of blue chip like Facebook, Google and many other financial instruments. With CFD trading you can choose to add leverage to your trade, a feature which can amplify profits and losses. At CAPEX.com, you’ll find wonderful educational resources that will help you improve your trading on CFDs.

With that, you have graduated from wondering what is a blue chip stocks to a position where you can start trading. Before jumping in, we would like to take you through some of the wonderful features of CAPEX that will support you in your efforts to become a blue chip trader. Trade with one of the best online brokers for stocks joining us at CAPEX.com today.

Tools available to enhance your trading experience

As a ‘what is blue chip stock?’ graduate you are well advised to make use of the myriad tools provided on the CAPEX website. These tools will assist you in building the knowledge and skills required to successfully trade CFDs on blue chip stocks. In this section we will discuss four trusty tools that are sure to enhance your trading experience.

Learn to trade

If you are new to the world of trading you will soon discover that there is an incredible amount to learn. Knowing what is blue chip stock is a great start and you can further expand your knowledge with the expansive resource tools on CAPEX. Here you can find anything from a handy financial dictionary, webinars, video resources, to the CAPEX Academy which hosts all the learning resources you will need to become a successful trader.

It is important to understand the various financial instruments as well as how and when to use them. At CAPEX, we offer great resources to keep you ahead of the curve with news updates and macroeconomic indicators that will influence your market analysis.

Demo account

After putting in the time and learning the ins-and-outs of trading using the CAPEX educational resources you will want to put your new knowledge to the test, yet you may feel hesitant about risking your hard earned money on your first attempt. With CAPEX, you can practice your trading strategy and familiarise yourself with the trading interface by using a demo account.

The demo account allows you to enjoy a realistic simulated market trading experience with the peace of mind that your funds are safe. The trading view of  a website can often be an intimidating sight for amateur traders, despite CAPEX’s intuitive interface it is best to use the demo account first to ensure you know exactly what to expect and what to do when your money is on the line. The Demo account is the ideal environment to start your trading career.

Integrated trading tools

One of the biggest draws of CAPEX is their selection of trading tools. Not only does we at CAPEX boast a comprehensive native webtrader interface but they also support the industry standard Metatrader 5 platform which will delight advanced traders. Metatrader 5 allows users to run up to 10 charts simultaneously, hosts all the technical indicators and analytical tools you will need and is highly customizable so you can set it up in the manner you prefer. Expect a premium service when trading CFDs on blue chip stocks with CAPEX.

Mobile app

Markets are constantly moving and so are you. That is why it is best to find an operator that supports a high quality mobile app so you can trade no matter where you are. Our expert team ranks CAPEX’s mobile app among the best they have ever reviewed and this should come as no surprise as we won the 2019 Forex award for the best mobile trading app. With CAPEX, you can seamlessly move between your desktop and mobile interface while explaining to your friends what is blue chip stock.

Our review team has often been disappointed by the limited features of other mobile trading apps but we, at CAPEX, don’t suffer from this issue. Metatrader 5 is fully compatible with mobile devices so you can check all the technical indicators and use technical analysis tools all from the convenience of your mobile device.

These are some of the features that make CAPEX our team’s recommended online trading operator. Be sure to check out their website at CAPEX.com to learn more about what makes us the ideal trading destination for you.




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What else is important to know? – Blue chip stock explained

Where can I learn more about what is blue chip stock?

It is always a good practice to learn as much as you can about an asset that you are looking to invest in and the internet offers a wide array of resources to choose from. We like to recommend CAPEX, as their platform not only supports a top tier trading experience but also has a wonderful, extensive catalogue of learning resources where you can learn all you need to know about what is blue chips stock.

How can I trade CFDs on blue chip stocks on CAPEX?

You have chosen a wonderful platform to trade CFDs on blue chip stocks. The preferred method for trading blue chip stocks on CAPEX is using contract-for-differences, or CFD, trades. CFD trading is unique in that it allows you to speculate on the price movements of an underlying stock like Google or Tesla without needing to own it. This enables great features like leveraged trading which can amplify your profits or losses, but this is only recommended for advanced traders.

Is trading CFDs on blue chip stocks risky?

All trading has an element of risk but blue chip stocks are considered less risky than their non-blue chip counterparts. As mentioned in our ‘What is blue chips stock?’ section, blue chip companies earn this title after having proved to be a stable, reliable and profitable entity over a long time horizon, therefore they are less risky that newer companies, especially those that struggle to maintain profitability. You can increase the risk profile of your trade by adding leverage which amplifies your risk, though we do not recommend this strategy for new traders.

Conclusion – Trade CFDs on blue chip stocks at CAPEX

This concludes our blue chips stock explained guide! After reading our guide you should have a firm grasp of what is blue chip stock, you can now use this knowledge to make safer and more informed trades.

Our expert team here at CAPEX offer the whole package making it a high quality platform for trader and advanced traders. Go to CAPEX.com to experience an award winning blue chip trading platform first-hand. If you enjoyed our guide, be sure to check out more of our amazing guides and reviews that are sure to help you on your trading journey.

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