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With the emergence of a wide number of online brokers, the ability to utilise more than one platform has come under the spotlight. However, is it possible to have 2 brokers?

Our latest coverage at CAPEX will answer the question, “Can I have 2 brokers?” and highlight several reasons you should possibly start by using one.

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Increased competition in the online trading industry

The latest move to online brokerage platforms which provide seamless trading opportunities has been taken to by many. One of the biggest benefits is the lack of barriers to entry as well as the chance to start trading without having to invest a large amount of funds from the get-go. These broker sites have been designed in a way which facilitates a streamlined, yet highly-informative, process of online trading. With the latest advancements in trading tools and features, the demand for competitive brokerage services is at an all-time high.

It is with this in mind, and the foresight of wanting to cultivate a safe and insightful trading experience, that we developed our platform here at CAPEX. What we have come across on a number of occasions is that many of you are wondering can I have 2 online brokers?

Can I have 2 brokers?

In the free market, online brokerage firms continue to compete for the same customer base – those looking to trade online. As more firms push the boundaries of innovation, the more customers look elsewhere for more advanced trading sites. However, many traders have taken to utilising two or more brokers at the same time. There are no regulations in place that stop individuals from doing this. The crux of the matter largely rests on the fact that using two brokers may not always prove to be fruitful.

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Can I have 2 brokers? Naturally, you’re entitled to this and can sign up with multiple brokers. We would be remiss not to mention the benefits of deciding to stick with one broker though. Below, we’ve touched on several advantages that you will experience if you decide that one broker platform is sufficient.

Get to know the platform as best as possible

When you use one broker instead of two, you’ll be able to spend more time getting to know the trading platform inside and out. This will allow you to familiarise yourself with all the quirks and subtle characteristics of the site. It will also allow you to find your feet without having to jump from one site to another – both of which may be drastically different. The ability to learn all you need to about one trading platform will allow you to utilise the tools and features to your advantage. This leads to more informative trading across the board.

Keep track of all your current positions and overall trading activity

You will find that it becomes very confusing very quickly when you trade on several platforms. Having the ability to keep track of all your open positions or would-be trades across different sites is a lot more difficult than you might think. Using one trading platform allows you to focus your attention fully on the markets and possible trades you want to engage in without you being pulled away by another site.

Form a relationship with the broker in question

It’s also possible to form a long-standing bond with one broker. When you flip-flop between the two, it becomes a lot more difficult building a relationship with both entities. At CAPEX, we reward loyalty and hope to have the opportunity to serve your interests over the long term as opposed to the short term. This enables us to tweak our services as well as learn what works and what doesn’t.




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Can I have 2 brokers? Yes, you can. But, when you trade using the site, you probably won’t need two different brokers. We have created our trading platform so as to be as extensive, yet usable, as possible. Thus, you’ll have access to our MetaTrader 5 trading platform or the latest WebTrader. With more than 2,100 CFD instruments on offer, you’ll have access to global exchanges with one click of a button. Plus, we have various integrated tools that allow you to gain insider tips and insights on various market developments and one of the best online trading strategies.

Mastering the essentials of online trading has never been easier than with CAPEX. As an experienced trader, you can delve further into more complex strategies and utilise powerful analytical trading tools. The idea is that our trading platform caters to traders just as much as experienced hands. The end result is that you probably won’t need to use two brokers as you’ll have extensive services at your disposal when you use CAPEX as your sole broker.

Conclusion – The two broker dilemma

It is possible to use two brokers online. However, we’re confident that you may only want to utilise the trading services on offer from CAPEX. We continue to build on our solid base and strive to reach the point where our trading platform is as dynamic and versatile as possible.

The inclusion of all the best possible trading tools, features, and in-demand asset classes, means that you won’t need to use two distinct brokers. You’ll quickly come to find that we, at  CAPEX, meet all of your trading requirements, and much more. Sign up today and find out just how true this sentiment is.

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