How To Choose An Online Broker Discover One Of The Best Online Brokers At CAPEX

With increased competition across the board, there are a large number of online brokers out there. Although having more choice is great it also makes the selection process that much more complex.

At CAPEX, we hope to outline exactly what makes up a versatile and functional online broker platform. This will provide you with more insights as to how to choose the one of the best online brokers. Read on to find out all you need to know.

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Wealth of educational resources

All of us at CAPEX understand the pressures inherent in online trading. As a newcomer, it can be daunting to utilise an online trading platform. Due to this, it’s important that there are educational resources and intuitive trading tools which facilitate a smooth transition for any individual new to a site.

At CAPEX, we have included a wide range of educational resources for your benefit. You can simply use the CAPEX Academy, our online trading school, to find your feet. This will enable you to grow in confidence as an online trader and it’ll provide you with the insights needed to use our platform to the best of your ability.

Knowledge is Power!

When it comes to your money - it's priceless.

An investment in learning how to trade always pays the best dividends. Get access to the right resources, tools and information so you can trade with all the information available!

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Easy-to-use trading app for iOS and Android

Part of knowing how to choose an online broker focuses on whether there’s a usable mobile app. All of the top trading platforms have created a mobile app that allows you to trade on the go.

At CAPEX, we have emerged with a highly sought-after trading app for iOS and Android. It’ll provide you with access to your trading account wherever you may be. All you need to do is download the app in order to take advantage of all the powerful and dynamic tools that we’ve built in. With regular updates and new add-ons, you’ll be at the forefront of one of the best trading apps in the business.

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Online brokers - The emergence of individual online trading

There has been a surge in brokers entering the online marketplace in recent years. Various established brokers have moved to include a trading app or online trading platform. Other brokers have emerged as new competitors in the trading scene. All of which is great for the growth of the industry. However, this also makes the entire process of selecting one broker more complex.

Thus, all of us at CAPEX have gone to great lengths to outline how to choose an online broker . We’ll be sure to provide you with a variety of factors below. From the onset, we’d be remiss not to mention the fact that we, at CAPEX, tick all of the boxes below, and more.

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How to choose an online broker

How to choose an online broker comes down to a number of different factors. Below, we have highlighted 5 of the most important characteristics to take into consideration. This will provide you with the much-needed insights so as to know how to choose an online broker.

Trading license

Knowing how to choose an online broker shouldn’t be rocket science. The first step is always ensuring that the online broker in question is licensed. You’ll find that these broker sites are regulated and licensed to offer financial trading services online. Sites that are not licensed are far more risky and should be avoided if possible. We, at CAPEX, are licensed by the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission (CySEC), the Financial Sector Conduct Authority (FSCA), the ADGM Financial Services Regulatory Authority and the Seychelles Financial Services Authority (FSA) – meaning all operations are transparent and legal.

Compatible trading platform

It’s important to know  how to choose an online broker. Another factor to consider is whether the trading platform on offer is compatible with your device. This is especially vital when assessing whether you can download the mobile app. Certain trading apps are only accessible via one operating system. Fortunately, we have made sure that our trading platform at CAPEX is compatible with iOS and Android. This means you should have no issues downloading or using the site.

Responsive customer support

A good trading platform will have the necessary support in place as long as markets are open. Without adequate support on hand, you’ll come to find that it is near-impossible to resolve any issues that may arise. At CAPEX, we have gone to great lengths to include a number of contact options for your convenience.

Variety of trading options

One of the most vital factors when looking at how to choose an online broker comes down to the actual trading options on hand. You’ll certainly be looking to choose from a wide pool of asset classes. At CAPEX, we have included more than 2,100 CFD options for your convenience. This means that you can trade CFD stocks, bonds, indices, crypto, commodities, forex, blends, and ETFs.

Useful trading resources

Finding the right broker shouldn’t be difficult. However, you should make sure that there are a comprehensive selection of trading resources. This includes educational resources as well as customizable charting features and tools. All of which is catered to via our trading platform at CAPEX.


Why it’s important choosing the right broker for you

Knowing how to choose an online broker is the first step in the process to open an online brokerage account. However, there is one more step which is just as vital. It is just as important that you select a trading platform which is best for you. Bear in mind that what works for one person may not always work for you.

This is why we recommend that you take the time to pinpoint the characteristics of an online trading platform that you deem as being non-negotiable. From here, you’ll be able to align your own interests with a site that caters to all of your trading requirements. We can assure you that we, at CAPEX, will certainly tend to all your trading preferences.




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CAPEX exceeds your expectations

As we’ve alluded to, we at CAPEX will continue to grow in size and magnitude. Our ability to exceed your initial expectations and maintain customer rapport is one of our biggest selling points. But, there are a variety of reasons why we feel that our platform should be number one on your list of online broker sites. We continue to expand our product listing which currently sits at over 2,100 CFD listings. Our ability to create long-standing relationships with our clientele sets us apart.

We have also moved to include a number of helpful resources via the CAPEX Academy and our comprehensive Webinars. Your growth as an online trader is our number one priority. This focus has ensured that online traders who use our trading platform continue to grow – making way for versatile and responsive traders who understand the complexities of the market.

Conclusion – Choose the right online broker

At CAPEX, we strive to cater to all of your trading needs. Our state-of-the-art trading app and customisable trading platform will provide you with all the tools needed to enhance your overall trading experience. We have also provided you with a range of educational resources and helpful lessons. Knowing how to choose an online broker and why is very important.

We hope that you have found value in our latest guide and urge you to sign up with CAPEX today. Our seamless registration process and welcome offer will enable you to hit the ground running so that you can focus on your trading activities.

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