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With vast educational resources, a real-time demo account, and a crypto guide from professionals, we at CAPEX offer, in the CAPEX online trading school, a crypto trading course for traders looking to invest in the booming crypto industry.

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Crypto CFDs

Over 20 cryptocurrency CFD markets are available at CAPEX and include major cryptocurrencies like bitcoin, Ethereum, Cardano, and Litecoin. Crypto CFDs can be traded over two CAPEX trading platforms and a free demo account will help new traders learn how to invest in these digital assets.

We are always reviewing their market offerings and will even add more cryptocurrencies in the future. CFD crypto trading offers unique advantages that exchange crypto trading cannot and cryptocurrencies can even be traded at CAPEX using 1:2 leverage to increase a trader’s position even further on more than 20 cryptocurrencies.

Multiple platforms

Some trading brokers just have a single platform to trade on. Not at CAPEX though. We offer two different trading platforms available on your home PC and mobile devices. You’ll be able to trade crypto CFDs on either the in-house CAPEX WebTrader or on the third-party developed MetaTrader 5.

Both trading platforms provide traders with the CAPEX trading charts and indicators that allow you to perfectly curate your trades using detailed information. MetaTrader 5 is a renowned trading platform, while the WebTrader has been developed in-house by CAPEX and the demo account perfectly replicates this trading platform.

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What is cryptocurrency?

Can you even imagine a day where you haven’t heard some sort of news about cryptocurrencies or have a friend offer their opinion on which cryptocurrency is the best to invest in? Cryptocurrencies have developed from an underground movement against the traditional banking system, to one of the most popular trading instruments in the world. But what exactly is cryptocurrency? Before you begin your journey through the CAPEX crypto trading course, you’ll need a basic understanding of cryptocurrencies.

Cryptocurrency is a digital currency that is decentralized and is free from government interference or direct regulation. The virtual currency leverages advanced blockchain technology to create an irrefutable ledger of transactions that cannot be altered or removed in any way. Cryptocurrencies are highly secure, transparent, and can provide a high level of anonymity too.

Cryptocurrency today

However, cryptocurrencies in 2021 are so much more than a payment system – they are also a means to build and develop advanced blockchain apps that aim to revolutionize modern business practices and have pushed the value of some cryptocurrencies.

Cryptocurrencies are now a tradeable asset that can be used to diversify a portfolio or to accumulate an advanced form of payment that is unaffected by traditional factors of global commerce such as interest rates and government policies.

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How to trade cryptocurrency at CAPEX

There is more than one way to trade cryptocurrencies and you’ll learn that in this crypto guide. Earlier in 2021, Canadian financial authorities approved several cryptocurrency ETFs tied to the value of bitcoin. For the longest time, the only way to trade cryptocurrencies was via a Peer-2-Peer network in which individuals would buy cryptocurrency off another by trading either cryptocurrency or a FIAT currency. This is still a popular method today but certainly not the safest way to buy cryptocurrencies.

The most common method for trading cryptocurrency is to buy an asset through a cryptocurrency exchange. This requires the ownership of a cryptocurrency wallet in order to store your purchased currency.

Thankfully, at CAPEX, we offer a diverse solution for cryptocurrency trading without having to use a crypto wallet or even owning cryptocurrency at all. At CAPEX, you’ll be able to trade 24/7 on any one of two responsive and intuitive trading platforms that are available on mobile devices or PC/Laptop.

Crypto CFDs

We at CAPEX offer cryptocurrency trading in the form of Contracts for Differences (CFD). CFDs are without a doubt the most versatile and easily one of the most popular ways to invest in cryptocurrencies. CAPEX CFDs allow investors to make speculative trades on the price movement of a chosen cryptocurrency. That means you don’t actually buy the asset, rather you place a wager upon its performance.

At CAPEX, you can invest in more than 20 unique cryptocurrencies in a 24/7 marketplace. The cryptocurrency marketplace at CAPEX is available on both the WebTrader and MetaTrader 5 trading platforms.

New traders who feel they need to practice their online trading strategies can use the crypto demo account to experience a real-time replication of the cryptocurrency market. Users can trade crypto CFDs in the exact same market as live traders, without risking any real money.

Learn to trade

There are loads of educational video lessons, reading materials, feature articles, and the demo trading account that can assist new traders with their cryptocurrency trades. The CAPEX Academy is the perfect companion for novice traders to improve and gain trading experience. Featured articles cover a wide range of financial and investment topics. The CAPEX Academy is the ideal training platform for traders and, when used with the demo trading app, it is the perfect practice environment.

Taking a position

Trading crypto CFDs at CAPEX is fast, easy and totally intuitive. Advantageously you can short a cryptocurrency at CAPEX– not just buy one – and you can do so with ease. Let us show you how you can take a crypto CFD position in a few easy steps.

  1. Log in or create a new account and fund your CAPEX account.
  2. Navigate to the crypto markets from within your chosen trading platform (MetaTrader 5 or WebTrader platforms). Choose your favourite instrument from the market screen.
  3. First thing you’ll need to do within the trade window is to choose your Trade Size. This is basically how much you wish to invest in the price movement of the particular asset.
  4. Now the biggest decision – Choose your trade direction. Will you go long (buy and then sell) or go short (sell before you buy)? Use your own strategies or trading strategies learned from the CAPEX Academy to determine which direction to invest in. Be sure to add any limitation orders such as a stop-loss that you wish to take advantage of.
  5. Place your trade! Now you’ll need to monitor your performance and use the CAPEX platform to continue to observe the movements of your chosen market.

Stop-loss and take-profit orders are available at CAPEX

For those who are pressed for time, at CAPEX, we allow traders to set up both a stop-loss and take-profit orders when taking a CFD position.

A stop-loss will set a limit to how much you are willing to lose, whilst the take-profit order will set up a limit that you feel is an acceptable amount to exit the trade regardless of whether the winning trend is continuing. Not only are these great safety mechanisms offered by us at CAPEX for CFD trading but they make trading so much easier and efficient.


Benefits of trading crypto at CAPEX

Trading cryptocurrencies at CAPEX offer unique and amazing benefits. Trading cryptocurrency as CFDs provide exceptional advantages over owning the asset. We at CAPEX offer the best way to trade crypto CFDs and boast 1:2 leverage to increase your positions even further. Read on to take in some of the biggest benefits of trading crypto at CAPEX.

High liquidity

There are few markets in the world as liquid as the cryptocurrency market. Liquidity is important for ensuring fast trading, as it dictates how quickly and easily it is to sell an instrument. As a CFD trader, we offer deep liquidity making your transactions as cost effective and efficient as possible.

24/7 marketplace

Unlike any other marketplace like stocks or forex that rely on an exchange that has an opening and closing time, cryptocurrency can be traded 24/7. At CAPEX, investors can trade cryptocurrency CFDs whenever they want – the marketplace is always open for business!

High volatility

Generally, high volatility could be considered a negative concept. High volatility means that cryptocurrencies are prone to large swings in valuation. If you own a cryptocurrency, this would certainly be annoying and potentially devastating. Bitcoin rose exponentially in 2021 before halving its value almost overnight – not great for bitcoin owners but perfect for CFD traders who can invest in both long and short speculative trades. An informed trader can certainly take advantage of big volatility.


The beauty of trading cryptocurrencies as a CFD is that you have nothing to hold, own, or look after. Crypto CFDS at CAPEX are not a physical or virtual asset that you need to store. You’ll benefit from the safe and secure SSL encryption protocols when using CAPEX platforms and hackers can’t steal your investments.

Short a crypto

Remember you can trade crypto CFDs in any direction at CAPEX. That means you can short a cryptocurrency and profit on its decline. Imagine shorting bitcoin just before it halved its value in 2021. You can use a profit-limit order to take your winnings before the trend reverses too!

Fast sign up

You can access the CAPEX platform in minutes with a fast registration process. Open an account in less than 2 minutes and it only takes several minutes to complete the Know Your Customer (KYC) procedures to verify your account. Best of all, the super-fast sign-up process can be completed on the CAPEX mobile trading app too. You’ll be trading in next to no time at all!

Practice your crypto trades

You know the old adage – practice makes perfect – and it is true for learning a new skill as it is for trading cryptocurrency CFDs at CAPEX. Thankfully, we at CAPEX provide investors with an excellent way to experience crypto CFD trading without having to risk any real money and you can follow the crypto trading course. The CAPEX demo account is a real-time replication of the live-trading platform and the real cryptocurrency markets.

Using the CAPEX demo account, you can:

  • Watch cryptocurrency markets in real-time using advanced charting tools.
  • Go long and short on a chosen cryptocurrency market using virtual funds instead of your real money funds.
  • Develop, learn, and practice cryptocurrency trading strategies that you are provided by lessons and the CAPEX crypto guide in the CAPEX Academy educational resources.
  • Gain enough confidence in your knowledge and ability to make crypto CFD trades to move on the live trading platform offered by CAPEX.




Register an account on and start trading.


Send over your documents and verify your account.


Login into your account and deposit money.


Start trading with CFD’s and over 2100 other instruments.

CAPEX crypto CFDs trading summary

At CAPEX, we provide individual investors with the best way to trade cryptocurrencies using the double-edged sword that is 1:2 leverage as an added advantage. Trading cryptocurrencies as a CFD allows traders to invest in the high volatility of cryptocurrencies by allowing speculative trades on the price movement of digital assets. We offer an easy way to trade crypto CFDs and can provide a comprehensive trading course through in-depth educational lessons and other material found in the CAPEX Academy.

Conclusion – Trade Crypto CFD at CAPEX

Using the CAPEX demo account, traders can learn to crypto CFDs in their own time and advance to CAPEX live trading when they are ready. Using either the WebTrader or MetaTrader 5 platform, CAPEX traders can invest in the cryptocurrency market using strategies learned in the CAPEX Academy and our crypto guide.

Head to CAPEX today to learn to trade cryptocurrencies from excellent crypto guides and trade crypto CFDs with leverage.

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