Cryptocurrency Mining An Expert Guide for Crypto Mining

With cryptocurrencies entering the mainstream, more people every day are developing an interest in the technology. Many of these are joining the ecosystem because of cryptocurrency mining, a necessary function of the blockchain, but which can generate income for anyone interested.

CAPEX explains everything you need to know about cryptocurrency mining and why opening your account with us is a better alternative to obtain profits from cryptocurrencies than mining.

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Understanding mining

Although we at CAPEX don’t offer cryptocurrency mining, we wanted to present all of the information related to the activity so readers can better understand how it works. As an alternative, we at CAPEX offer the ability to trade CFDs, which are another great way to have your money work for you.

Simply put, cryptocurrency mining is a process through which a device – a computer or a specialty-built machine – performs specific tasks in exchange for a little bit of cryptocurrency. Cryptocurrency mining is what creates the transactions on the blockchain to confirm payments and activity, and miners receive a small percentage of each transaction for their time and resources. Compared to the fees associated with fiat money transfers, cryptocurrency fees are only a tiny fraction, but mining a significant number of transactions can build up income.

What is cryptocurrency mining?

In cryptocurrency mining, a computer or other device performs specific tasks necessary to obtain verification of a transaction. These tasks are called “Proof of Work,” which is a concept inherent to most cryptocurrencies. It was created to develop a fair playing field for all the miners targeting a particular blockchain and help the chain maintain its decentralized nature. The tasks, at their root, are nothing more than math equations and the more miners want to mine a specific currency, the tougher the equations become.

A large mining field brings balance to what is referred to as the mining pool, the collective of all the miners working on a particular blockchain. However, it also motivates the use of bigger and stronger equipment that can achieve greater monetary returns. In general, any device contributing to cryptocurrency mining will share the benefits, but the return will depend on the amount of work input.

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Cloud mining

If you’re looking for cryptocurrency mining options, cloud mining has become the most popular method. It’s among the easiest, and doesn’t require the miner to do more than establish and configure a virtual operation. Cloud mining is a process through which a miner pays someone else, usually a large corporation, a specific amount of money to rent out a mining machine, or rig, to conduct the mining.

This agreement is established for a predetermined amount of time and all of the money earned through the rig for mining, minus any costs for electricity, maintenance, etc., is paid directly to the miner’s cryptocurrency wallet.

Can cloud mining be done for free?

There are two options to cloud mining, paid and free. Most people looking to mine cryptocurrency would, of course, gravitate towards the “free” option, but it has certain drawbacks. Specifically, free mining is slower, carries extra conditions and has a lower throughput, which means the rewards for the investment won’t be as great.

If you want to profit from cryptocurrencies without having to pay high fees, trading crypto with us at CAPEX, the best crypto trading platform, is a much better option.

What is the cost of paid cloud mining?

Paid mining has several variables that need to be considered. Once a miner finds a host, the plans being offered need to be reviewed. The plans vary by price (some companies allow miners to create their own plan), and, the more the miner is willing to pay, the greater the reward. Once the miner settles on a plan, payment is made, registration of the cryptocurrency wallet is completed and the mining begins.

The standard plans can cost anywhere from $500 to as much as $5,000, and the agreements are typically established from as little as two years to a lifetime. Because of the variances, miners can expect to begin to see a profit after six months to a year, but it all depends on the plan, cryptocurrency market movements and other factors.

Advantages of cloud mining

The biggest advantage to cloud mining is that it requires no significant investment or know-how to get started. With a purchased solution, it is also possible to have the profits put back into the operation, increasing the plan to gain greater rewards. Because it is as simple as finding a cloud mining solution, it is possible to get started in less than a day.

The companies that offer cloud mining services often have massive mining facilities that contain multiple mining farms. Hundreds or thousands of rigs are stacked and operating together and are available for rent from individuals.  Cloud mining has become popular because it gives individuals the ability to participate in cryptocurrency mining, even if they don’t have the financial resources to purchase their own equipment. The companies also have the knowledge and experience necessary to conduct mining, which is a big benefit for those just getting started.

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CPU mining

CPU (central processing unit) mining utilizes computer processors to mine cryptocurrencies. The CPU is the heart of a computer and, while it is possible to mine cryptocurrency on a PC, CPU mining is typically deployed in a machine whose sole purpose is to mine. This allows it to maximize the power of the CPU. It was one of the more popular options when cryptocurrency mining first started; however, it is no longer as fashionable as technology has changed.

What does it have to be considered for CPU mining?

This is due to several factors. CPU mining is much slower than other alternatives and it is possible to not see any return for several months. Because of this, and the power requirements needed to run a CPU mining machine, there isn’t a way for it to be profitable. CPU mining expenses will often be as much as ten times what the profit could be and, unless the miner has free access to electricity, it becomes a losing proposition.

Even though it doesn’t seem to be a money-maker, some people still practice CPU mining. This is essentially because anyone with a desktop computer can do it. All the miner needs is a computer and a couple of installed programs. While mining on a laptop is also possible, it isn’t a smart option – the laptop will likely overheat in just a few hours after getting started.

Advantages of CPU mining

Because it’s so easy to start cryptocurrency mining, some will begin CPU mining to test it out and then allow it to continue. Others simply don’t care about the costs and want to be able to say that they are participating in cryptocurrency mining. If the right rig can be configured and the expenses kept to a minimum, owning a CPU mining computer allows the miner to collect all of the profit, without having to share it with a host.

However, if you want to perform CPU mining with the objective of obtaining returns, the best alternative for you is to trade crypto with us at CAPEX, as you won’t require any advanced equipment or big initial investment to start seeing profits.



GPU mining

GPU (graphics processing unit) mining is the most popular method of cryptocurrency mining. Internet searches on mining show GPU rigs as some of the first options that are returned. Cloud mining companies use GPU rigs for their services because they are fast, affordable and efficient, despite the initial outlaw to build the rig. However, the hash speed and workforce available through GPU mining are incomparable.

GPU cryptocurrency mining rigs take advantage of the power of graphics cards to complete their tasks. A standard rig consists of a CPU, a motherboard, cooling equipment (internal and external fans), a frame and a few graphics cards. Typically, two to eight cards will be found in a single rig.

Advantages of GPU mining

The primary advantage to GPU mining is the rate of return. Because it can mine cryptocurrencies faster than the other options, while allowing the miner to capture all of the proceeds, it is found in large companies and in individual homes. The upfront costs are significant, starting at around $3,000, but that can often be recovered in under 18 months.

ASIC mining

ASICs (Application-Specific Integrated Circuits) are a unique solution. They are designed and built solely for a single task, such as cryptocurrency mining. ASICs produce massive amounts of cryptocurrency compared to GPU and CPU mining. The costs are similar to those associated with GPU mining, which, because of a greater hashrate, means they can offer larger returns.

Despite the money-making capabilities, ASICs have a fair amount of controversy surrounding them.  ASICs could, in theory, allow for virtual centralization of a blockchain, undermining the purpose of cryptocurrency. Because they are so powerful, they can keep other miners, especially those using GPU or CPU rigs, out of the picture and prevent them from maintaining acceptable hash speed levels. This, subsequently, means no earnings. ASICs have not been received favorably by many in the cryptocurrency community (but they are still being made available) and some have called for them to be banned. However, because there is no regulation preventing their use, they continue to be added.

Advantages of ASIC mining

The undeniable advantage to ASIC mining is the ability to mine huge amounts of cryptocurrency at once, which maximizes the return. However, the benefit is only significant if multiple rigs are installed at once, which is why the option is mainly reserved for companies with solid financial resources.


The best method to mine cryptocurrency

In this guide, we at CAPEX wanted to show you that there are several options available to those who want to mine cryptocurrency and choosing one depends on a number of factors.

There isn’t a single solution that applies to every circumstance, and individuals have to consider how much they can and are willing to invest, whether they have the technological know-how to configure a mining rig, if it is allowed (some jurisdictions prohibit mining in homes) and other criteria. As with virtually any important decision, it comes down to weighing the options and choosing the best solution for the situation.

Which is the best method for beginners?

To try to help those who might be considering getting involved, GPU and cloud mining are the two best options that beginners select. CPU mining is slow, which means it won’t provide decent returns, while ASIC mining has an uncertain future.

For those who want a challenge, GPU mining is the way to go. However, for those who want to build a rig without spending money while getting started quickly, CPU mining might be a smart choice. ASIC solutions aren’t recommended for most novice miners. Cloud mining, because it is easy, user-friendly, configurable and offers dynamic returns, could be the best option for virtually anyone.




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Trading crypto CFDs: A profitable alternative to cryptocurrency mining

As we have mentioned in this guide, cryptocurrency mining is a complex process that is getting diminished returns. For example, each Bitcoin halving date, the miners of this cryptocurrency get half of the profits from mining the same amount of Bitcoins.

Nevertheless, you can still profit from cryptocurrencies. At CAPEX, we offer the opportunity to profit from crypto CFDs, which lets you take advantage of the volatility of the digital currencies to obtain returns. For most people, this is even a better alternative than cryptocurrency mining, as the technological requirements that we mentioned through this guide are not necessary here.

We invite you to read our crypto guide and learn more about cryptocurrencies and how you can get profits trading it.

Conclusion – Mining and trading, two ways to profit from cryptocurrencies

There are plenty of ways to mine cryptocurrency; these are only the main methods. Choose the type of cryptocurrency to be mined, research associated wallets and then get started. There are plenty of wallets available for all digital currencies, but, in order to mine lesser-known options, more research will be needed to find a reputable alternative.

However, as we have discussed in the previous section, another way to obtain profits from cryptocurrencies is through trading. Join CAPEX today and discover why trading crypto CFDs is the best way to be part of the financial evolution.

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