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The world of online trading has become readily accessible to the general public and many interested customers are looking to open their accounts and complete their transactions.

Day traders open and close positions within a single trading day using a number of intraday strategies, buying high volumes of stocks with small price movements that provide returns. Through our Trading Academy at CAPEX, we will improve your knowledge of trading and master the essentials required for day trading.

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Various account types to suit your trading requirements

No matter if you’re a newcomer to online trading or an experienced trader, there is an account type suited to your trading needs. We’ve also included an extensive demo account option; allowing you to get a feel for the CAPEX platform and all the inherent tools on offer.

Choose between the Basic, Essential, Original, Premium or Signature account type, depending on your own investment objectives, and receive dual platform access, comprehensive support, access to market news, and much more. You can utilise our market reviews so as to tweak your day trading approach with any of the above-mentioned account types!

Intuitive CAPEX trading platforms

The latest MetaTrader trading platform, MT5 andr the WebTrader – are intuitive and highly-advanced online trading platforms. The overall design of both platforms is suited to all types of traders and makes for ease-of-use across the board. You can incorporate a number of indicators and analytical tools – all of which can be customized to suit your trading interests.

Furthermore, our platforms are capable of facilitating real-time execution of trades with access to markets across the globe on a continual basis. Be at the forefront of online trading with CAPEX. Plus, you’ll be able engage in day trading as you see fit whereby you can trade in multiple asset classes without hindrance.

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What is day trading?

The day trading definition is the practice of buying and selling financial instruments, mostly forex and stocks with your online trading account, within the same calendar day. Open positions are not carried overnight. Closing trades daily, prevents interest charges, limits risk, and protects the day trader from falling into a pit when negative price gaps occur. The objective of the day trader is to take many small profits that compound into large gains. Those who are successful day traders, treat day trading as a full-time job and not just a hobby.


Day traders make use of high amounts of leverage, to pocket good returns however, a leveraged negative trade can amount to sizable losses. You can call leveraging a ‘credit’ provided by brokers to make large trades possible. Making use of leveraging can be risky and it is possible to lose more money than the amount you have invested. Use leverage at CAPEX provides you with the opportunity to trade more shares, utilizing a minimal amount of capital.

Becoming a day trader

The day trader should be equipped with knowledge and understanding of the financial markets, be well funded, and have a calculated strategy. Joining a trading academy, that specializes in coaching, provides the newcomer with financial know-how, strategies to trade profitably, provides direction and gives all our readers more potential with trading markets. At CAPEX, we believe that this is both beneficial and invaluable to setting you on the right path to day trade.

Day traders grab the opportunity to profit from trading stocks that fluctuate throughout the day due to reactions to various causes. They take advantage of rising and falling stocks, trading in both ‘long’ if a stock is moving higher or going short selling if a stock is falling, benefitting from ever-changing sentiment.

Utilise risk management features

It’s important that you understand that day trading can be a complex trading approach to adopt. However, with our state-of-the-art features, you can limit potential losses and mitigate a lot of risk that otherwise may negatively impact your trading activities.

It’s possible to employ various stop orders so that your trades are executed at the correct price point. In addition to buying stop orders and selling stop orders, you can also enact a stop-limit order. At CAPEX, we’re aware that markets can move in either direction at the drop of a hat. Therefore, you can employ a stop-limit order to mitigate risks involved in all types of markets – especially volatile ones.

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The benefits and disadvantages of day trading

Many customers make use of this day trading definition, with the idea that a good living can be made, be self-employed, either from the comfort of home or anywhere in the world whether on holiday or at play. The day trading definition requires good time management, allowing the trader to choose their own hours and work at their own pace. Although it is a smart thing to educate yourself about trading, the day trader does not require a formal qualification as a licensed trader.  Our education-oriented approach offers traders all the knowledge needed through our webinars, a financial dictionary, detailed information, and ongoing training through the CAPEX Trading Academy.

Trading any market

Experienced day traders can profit from both bull and bear markets, taking advantage of rising and falling stocks, however when the market is consolidating, day traders tend to lose money.  Decisions on what to trade are made by using technical analysis focusing on intraday day charts. Our sophisticated, easy-to-use charts will provide you with all the charting tools required to make your transaction decisions. The day trader can make some profit if they are aware of the risk appetite and afford the liability of losing. Plus, you’ll have access to all of these markets on a daily basis (24/5). Use our charting tools and extensive trading features to mitigate the chances of exposing yourself to unforeseen risk. At CAPEX, you’ll be able to put yourself in the best possible position to trade successfully from day-to-day.

Keeping a cool head

Like all trading, the day trader will not always be successful throughout their career. It can be a highly pressurized strategy that takes strict discipline to master. It is all about controlling the emotions associated with trading. While successful trades bring optimism, excitement, and the thrill of compounded growth, losing trades bring anxiety, despair, panic, and fear, so learning to take emotion out of trading is crucial towards your success. All trading is a risky business and there is no guarantee that you will succeed in every trade. We have taken this into consideration with our negative balance protection policy at CAPEX.

Learn trading at the CAPEX Academy

You can also use all the learning resources at your disposal by visiting the CAPEX Academy section. Here, you’ll find sufficient material that will help you navigate the online trading world with precision and in-depth knowledge. It will also give you an added sense of confidence as you partake in day trading.

Choosing an online broker for day trading

Every day trader has different needs and choosing the best online broker to suit your trading needs to meet your investment goals makes all the difference between success and failure.  Our core value offered to clients is to become better traders through education and training. The day trading definition requires quite a bit of experience, practice, and tutelage before being successful. It is fast-paced, requiring swift action which is gained through practice. It depends on your appetite for risk, and the capital that you outlay, and the amount of time you have available to trade.

Educational resources

Choosing an online broker for the day trading definition that aims to teach their customers how to use the approach is vital. Our core value at CAPEX is education. To help you become a better trader, we provide video tutorials for both the newcomer and the more seasoned trader, information about key trading events, informative articles, webinars, and seminars. We offer competitive spreads with no commissions, opportunities to augment your earnings, through a commission structure by partnering with us through CAPEX partners and affiliate programs.

Regulations and awards

We are considered to be a trustworthy broker, with a proven track record, a firmly established player in the trading market since 2016 and the perfect destination for this day trading definition. We are one of the first brokers to be fully licensed and regulated by the ADGM FSRA. We are regulated by CySec in Cyprus, the FSCA in South Africa,, the ADGM in the UAE, and the Seychelles Financial Services Authority. Our client’s funds are guarded in segregated bank accounts and all of this should serve as a clear testament towards the validity of our service here at CAPEX.

The awards we have received speak for themselves. We are the proud winners of the Best Dealing Room at Forex awards, best Forex Educational broker, Best New Forex broker in the Middle East, and runner-up for the best trading application and fastest-growing Forex broker.




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Tips to get started – Day trading education

To find your feet with the day trading definition, we provide all of our readers with these tips when joining the online trading industry. Be sure to take them into consideration before opening and starting to trade with the best online broker account at CAPEX. Our latest day trading education resources will enable you to improve your trading expertise across the board.

Funding your account

Once you have equipped yourself with basic tuition through our Trading Academy, you should consider how much funding you have available. This will help determine which market to trade.  The forex market, where currencies are traded, requires the smallest amount of capital. With CAPEX, you can make use of a number of reputable payment methods and there are also a variety of account options available to customers. Just be sure to stick to your budget throughout your career using the day trading definition.

Getting to know the trading platforms

At CAPEX, we provide the use of two trading platforms to provide a seamless trading experience namely CAPEX Webtrader and MetaTrader 5 (MT5). CAPEX WebTrader is accessible via desktop (on Windows and MAC) and with the best MT5 trading app (on Android and iOS). It is a highly responsive platform with advanced charting tools, designed to enhance your trading decisions.

We are sure that you comprehend the importance of execution speed which is reliable and super fast so that not a single opportunity is lost. Our powerful platform will surpass your expectations and ensure that every possible opportunity is made available through reliability and lightning-fast speed.

Limit your losses

Our sophisticated risk management tool helps you to protect your trades with Stop Loss and Take Profit features. We have considered the fear caused by the losses from your trades exceeding the capital available in your trading account with our negative balance protection policy.

Margin requirements are generally high for day traders. Deciding on how much of your capital you are prepared to risk is vital and using a stop loss to limit your loss helps preserve your capital. The amount you are prepared to lose can be calculated as a percentage or a monetary amount. Once a trader comprehends the importance of the use of stop-loss, stress experienced when losing money is minimized and capital is preserved.

Conclusion – Day trade CFDs at CAPEX

This day trading definition can be what’s needed to take your online trading experience to the next level. Educating the day trader with our CAPEX Trading Academy is the core value that we hold, providing the day trader with the tools to trade profitably, by managing funds efficiently by use of the trading tools provided. The global achievement awards that we have received recognize our multi-asset brokerage company as the broker of choice. Sign up with CAPEX today and start day trading with a range of asset classes from our seamless platform or mobile app.

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