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A brokerage firm is a liaison between the investors and their stock investments. Investors or traders usually have a brokerage account to deal with buying and selling of assets. It works the same as a bank account with the add-on of stock exchanges.

We at CAPEX help you in your investment ventures and enhance your efficiency and overall trading experience. Read on for every information you need to open a Brokerage Account.

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CFD Trading of Cryptos

The cryptocurrency market is a volatile one, and a competent trading platform goes a long way in ensuring a good experience. There is a vast array of online trading platforms to start, but CFD trading is limited to very few. We at CAPEX let you trade Bitcoins and other cryptocurrencies with standard tools and techniques. Our investors opt for CFD trading to minimize the losses and keep investing funds despite the risk under proper surveillance. After all, an investor, trader or broker always dreams of double or triple the revenue of their invested assets.

With us, you can store your shares online and make quick and safe transactions despite lingering cyber threats. Our robust platform offers you an efficient trading platform for your trading endeavours.

Benefits of Trading with CAPEX

At CAPEX, we provide the account holders with full access to financial advisors who can assist you with some of the best strategies to trade all sorts of assets. Our robust platform offers you 2100+ CFD tools to choose from. In addition, we forward advanced resources for veterans and beginners alike to gain valuable trading expertise. You can learn more on Forex trading, how to long or short cryptos, etc., to jump-start your investment portfolio.

We are also flexible in our payment support, and you can deposit/withdraw funds as per your feasibility with a direct bank transfer or debit/credit card. Additionally, we at CAPEX also support crypto wallets, PayPal, other online wallets, etc.

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How a Brokerage Account Works

A brokerage account is an investment account subject to capital gain tax (CGT). Brokers operate brokerage accounts through proprietary platforms to do online trading. You can open multiple brokerage accounts at the same or different institutions. No limitations exist on opening non-retirement accounts. With us at CAPEX, you can even shop for brokerage firms with Securities Investor Protection Corporation (SIPC) coverage. SIPC insurance helps you claim your securities in case of liquidation. Different assets have different coverage; SIPC offers insurance of $5,00,000 to cover up for such losses.

We at CAPEX keep track of all our account holders, the stocks they own and a broader option of jurisdictions to pick out. Moreover, brokerage and retirement accounts are not alike. The latter has certain tax benefits and rules, whereas the former include few rules with dividends reflected on yearly taxes.

Possibilities while trading with a Brokerage Account

Trading corporates, free municipal or any other bonds within a brokerage account is a convenient route to manage funds and maintain liquidity. With a range of brokerage accounts to choose from, we at CAPEX offer one of the best assistance services to kick-start your investment drive. Here you can trade in different types of assets, including cryptocurrencies like Bitcoins, Litecoin, Etheruem etc., Shares, Forex, Commodities, Bonds, Indices, Blends etc. You can also protect your revenue with safer investments like Certificate of Deposits(CDs) or Money Markets with us. There are also Exchange-traded funds, UITs, and Real estate investment trusts (REITs) which are security trades that deal with mutual funds and real estate investments. At CAPEX, you can open an online brokerage account with memberships in limited or complex partnerships such as MLPs with subsidies. You can also trade index funds and preferred stocks with your account.

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How To Find The Right Broker?

For you to start investing or trading, the assistance of a broker becomes a necessity to get cheaper and better customer service, along with other benefits. However, finding the right broker can be challenging. The passive market investors usually go for either of these viz., Trading accounts, SIPP, ISA or Regular investing accounts. These accounts provide a host of services that differ.

We, at CAPEX, focus on our customers, so we provide access to one of the best trading platforms, vast educational materials and excelent customer support. It is important to always look for the regulated broker and can fulfill that requirement.

To shortlist brokers and open an online brokerage account effectively, please keep a note of the following.

Be aware of the funds you want

Check the availability of a fund on your preferred brokerage or platform with the help of the ISIN code. For instance, UK Stockbrokers provide all the ETFs registered in London Stock Exchange.

Evaluate brokerage commissions, trading fees, and other charges

In associating with online brokers, charges as per financial services, for instance, platform fees, inactivity fees, dealing charges, SIPP annual management fees, etc., are to be kept in check. Few trading platforms like us at CAPEX levy no commission fees for the trades.

Types Of Brokerage Account

Online investors, especially the passive ones, indulge in investments that require lower maintenance and higher returns. Which brokerage account to open depends on what you intend to invest in and the tax scenario. Here are three brokerage accounts for you to consider:

Margin Account

A margin account does not have limited trading options. It is different from a cash account. It is a brokerage account where you can short securities by borrowing money. A margin account helps you buy securities on margin but hold higher risks compared to a cash account. Borrowing money does enhance the capital gains without cringing the tax liability. However, this complexity puts an arbitrary burden on collecting dividends on your funds. A margin brokerage account is only recommendable to experienced traders. There is a higher probability of loss than gain with margin accounts. These accounts hold good purchasing power along with potential exposure to losses. However, CFD online trading with us at CAPEX can be done by both beginners and experts alike.

Segregated Account

Segregated accounts are a wardrobe with shafts to segregate items in a sorted way. Here brokers segregate client’s funds instead of accumulating them with access to the money. If you plan to open an online brokerage account and make multiple investments, then a segregated account makes a good choice. Depending on the firms and their subject procedures, retail brokers have to perform trading under such regulations. If your broker encounters financial troubles in such a scenario, having a segregated account will save your funds from such inefficiency. There have been instances where liquidation has made brokers use client money to settle debts to protect themselves. Many jurisdictions such as ESMA- Europe, FSCA- South Africa, SEC- USA and many others have mandated the brokers to segregate such investments.

Managed Account

Managed accounts follow an investment management strategy and come with additional charges. A human or an automated advisor is a beneficial choice if you want to build revenue or invest money. Robo advisors consider variables like time horizon, risk tolerance and many factors to reduce the hovering complexities. Robo advisors use AI and Big Data to orchestrate a strategic plan based on a bunch of algorithms. If you hold $20,000 in your brokerage account with an annual fee of 0.10%, then a standard Robo advisor charges a management fee of $20 annually. It is the cheapest financial advisor you can get. Therefore, if you are or plan to be a laid-back investor, you can opt for this account. However, CFD trading with us at CAPEX is even faster, simpler, and more profitable than a Managed Account.


How To Choose A Brokerage Firm?

When you choose a brokerage, it is good to consider the level and type of services it offers. While passive investors are more focused on lower-cost trading, you should keep in mind the full-service to cost ratio. If you are not an autodidact investor, choose a full-service broker to manage your finances and a host of other variables. Unfortunately, these brokerages tend to charge high fees. While brokerages charge fees based on arbitrary variables, some firms do cede account minimums too. An alternative to this is Robo advisors. Robo advisors are best for laid-back investors as they perform with higher efficiency at a lower cost. However, if you are not interested in owning assets directly, then CFD trading with us at CAPEX is probably your best choice.

How to Open a Brokerage Account

In case you are to choose from a host of brokerage accounts, viz. Individual retirement accounts (IRAs), HSAs, non-retirement accounts, or even online brokerage for companies, always keep in mind your investment goals. Through CAPEX, you can open an online brokerage account that offers access to over 2100 CFD instruments to trade.

The steps involved in opening a securities account are similar to a bank account. The only distinction is the information factors like time horizon, risk tolerance, investment goals, etc., taken into account.

The four basic steps to set up your account in CAPEX are:

  • Register yourself by clicking on the “REGISTER” button and then entering application details.
  • After that, upload the necessary documents to verify your account.
  • You also have to list out your trading experience and take a Quiz that evaluates your knowledge level.

Finally, add funds to your account, and you can trade CFDs instantly. Even though a minimum amount of $100 is required to open the trading account, once you register, you can try out our CFD demo trading account for free.

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Features Associated With Brokerage Account

Every investor wants to start trading by making the correct investments. So, it is critical to know the features associated with your brokerage account and make the best out of them.

For every brokerage account, there is an uninvested cash section. They are not subjected to any risks if withdrawn or not. “Bank Sweep Program”- is a cash management program that allows the direct transfer of uninvested cash to a bank account.

Understanding Your Fees

The fee structure associated with a brokerage account should be well-studied before investing. In the case of a security transaction, the fees charged are

  • Account Maintenance fees
  • Account Closing fees
  • Commission fees
  • Inactivity fees
  • Transfer fees
  • Markups

Hence, before you cash out money, make sure to read the terms and conditions associated with the withdrawal, deposit or investment of that money. Then, with the help of IPO trading, keep a tab of the latest news on companies and shares going public.

Over the past year, many brokers charged zero trading fees and reduced per-contract commissions to ($0.1 – $0.6) amount. This hype of free trading benefited many investors but limited the accessibility to trading options. However, we at CAPEX charge 0% commission fees for any trades you make here, and there are no other hidden charges as well.




Register an account on and start trading.


Send over your documents and verify your account.


Login into your account and deposit money.


Start trading with CFD’s and over 5000 other instruments.

How To Start Funding A New Account?

After setting up a brokerage account, you’ll have to verify your payment method before investing. We at CAPEX are obliged to verify the ownership of the funds you deposit and require documents like bank statements, proof of payments, etc., to perform the same. Only after verification can you trade with the deposited funds. We also do not charge any deposit fees.

Meanwhile, withdrawals are much easier, and our accounts team will release the funds via the same deposit method. On some rare occasions, our support team may ask for additional documents to ensure a hassle-free withdrawal process.

Conclusión – Open an account with CAPEX

You can find a bunch of brokerage accounts available in the market with different deliverables. This article has not covered every aspect of opening an online brokerage account except the basics.

Trading is a vast niche, and if you are a novice, there is a lot more to learn and understand the markets. However, this volatile market is quite intriguing and challenging; therefore, it is important to understand that the invested capital can be lost. In that sense,  you’ll find it valuable to do your research when starting your investing journey. In the meantime, join us at CAPEX and our CAPEX Academy and expert insight to further your trading skills.

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