Is The Stock Market Open On The Weekends? Learn Trading At CAPEX

At CAPEX, we get asked the question, is the stock market open on the weekends? During the week, our customers effectively trade stock. We believe the same success is achievable during the weekend. In this guide, we will tell you everything about trading in the stock market on the weekend.

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Highest standards of data protection and security

Here at CAPEX, we offer our traders the highest level of data protection to ensure their funds are safe. We pride ourselves on having the appropriate security measures so that our online platform and free to download mobile apps are not susceptible to hacks or security breaches.

We use the most advanced technology to protect our customers’ accounts, including reputable banks, so you need not worry about the location. We also provide secure connections for every trade and every deposit or withdrawal that occurs on our platform. As we grow, we’re continuing to work on ways to improve our overall safety.

Highly sought after online trading platforms

Our online trading platforms are the most popular platforms available on the market. These include WebTrader, which is also accessible on our free to download Apple and Android mobile apps, and the MetaTrader 5 (MT5).

These platforms are reliable and can handle high volumes of trades, even at the busiest trading times, due to their high level of stability. They are proven to be very accessible because of their simple to use interface and layout, so you can quickly get the hang of it as a first time user. The platforms provide high performance for our customers through their streamlined trading experience and continuously update their services to keep up the standard.

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The stock market - Understanding stock trading

The stock market is a market that allows individuals to buy, sell or hold onto stocks, equities and commodities to trade. It is available in both physical locations and online. However, the physical stock markets are not open on the weekends, and you usually go through a broker or specialist to assist customers with their trades.

The online stock market is known to trade on both the weekdays and weekends because there is both stocks after-hour trading and pre-market trading. There are also different international markets working in different time zones accessible out of the weekday hours. Here at CAPEX, we accommodate customers from many countries, including those in Europe and parts of Asia and Africa, which all have different time zones. Hence, the stock market is open at various times globally.

Stock exchanges hours

As mentioned, the stock exchange does have both physical and online locations. The physical, for example, includes major international financial centres like London, Paris and New York, to name a few. Each of these locations has its trading hours that you can access from your chosen country on CAPEX. For example, the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) is open from 9.30 am to 4 pm Monday to Friday. Or the London Stock Exchange (LSE) is open from 8 am to 4.30 pm.

Whereas on the weekends and holidays, it is closed for business. But you can pre-pick stocks you plan on buying or selling by placing an order. The stock markets are essential to the free-market economy because they allow many individuals and investors to trade and exchange.

Benefits of stock trading

Here at CAPEX, we want our customers to be successful traders and investors in the stock market. We strive to provide the best resources with the help of our CAPEX online trading school to improve your financial knowledge of the stock market.

Those who become more advanced in trading will be able to make profits through capital gains and understanding how the stock market works. It is known to be a lucrative market the higher the risks you take, provided you have a solid understanding. With our help, you can learn to adapt to both the weekday and weekend stock exchange.

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Weekend trading - Using an ECN

If you want to trade stock on the weekend, you should consider an electronic communication network (ECN). The ECN is a digital system used through computers to automatically match you to buy and sell orders when the market is closed. The ECN method is beneficial for traders and investors who are stock trading internationally and want to complete a transaction without the help of a third party. It allows the individual to have some privacy in their trades. It may, however, come with fees and be less user friendly to a stock trading beginner. But, it’s time and cost-efficient in the long run.

Benefits of an ECN

It ensures a successful trade outside of the usual trading hours on the weekday. It allows you to react to outside influences such as after-hours news and announcements. It avoids the wider spreads and it can quickly search through a more considerable amount of prices than the average broker.

Without the help of ECNs, it would take a longer time for traders to match with buyers and sellers and increase the cost of trading because there would be more uncertainty when choosing the right enter and exit positions.

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Benefits of trading on the weekend

Although it is ideal to trade during the working week, it may not always be accessible for those who don’t have as much free time to day trade or work full-time positions. The weekend is a great option and does come with a few benefits. We at CAPEX allow our customers to take advantage of these and more on our platform if you choose to trade on the weekend with us.

Popular international stock indexes

Some stock exchanges aren’t in the country you’re trading in. And due to the time difference and their trading hours, they benefit from these after-hour volumes. An example is the major stock exchange, Dubai Financial Market (DFM) Index which is open on the typical workweek of Sunday to Thursday, from 10.00 am to 1.50 pm Gulf Standard Time.

Opportunities to make a profit

The more time you’re spending trading, the higher the likelihood that you will make more money. You’re giving yourself more time to practice your skills and develop that during both weekday and weekend hours. If you are someone who works a full day, this could be a way to generate more income the better at stock trading you become. It could also be a welcomed change to the routine of many of us, encouraging us to be more focused and concentrate on making those all-important trading decisions.

Flexible hours

In addition to those with a busy schedule, the weekend hours are ideal for individuals who want to have the freedom to choose the hours and days that best suit them. We at CAPEX encourage our customers to benefit from this freedom in choice as it is known to be successful to those who follow the patterns and trends of the stock market, specifically on the weekend.

Benefits trading strategies

The trading week is known to allow many trading techniques to perform exceptionally well. However, some strategies are better suited for weekend traders because of the changes in volume, the weekend price volatility and other overall market conditions.

Access to a demo account

We know that individuals may want to practice their trading techniques first before spending their real money. So, we offer a free demo account for our customers to help them perfect these trading strategies and methods. Regardless of your experience, the demo platform is a fantastic place to develop and train your skills. It provides a great outlook on the market as a whole and can help you plan what trades you may want to take on and how much money you want to invest.


Stock market globally

To those that have wondered, “is the stock market open on the weekends?” we can confirm that it most definitely is. The majority of stock exchanges, physical and online, are known to take Saturdays and Sundays off, but that doesn’t mean it’s entirely impossible to trade internationally.

Popular global weekend stock exchanges

We offer a wide variety of stock indexes on CAPEX, including those based in Europe, the US, and even the Middle East. The Middle East has specific trading hours running from Sunday to Thursday like the DFM or even Saturday to Wednesday. Some other popular weekend stock exchanges include the Kuwait Stock Exchange, which has the largest banks, conglomerates and real estate available in Kuwait. The Tel Aviv 25 Index is another exchange that consists of the 25 top companies in the financial market in Israel.

With the help of ECNs and the progression of technology in the digital world, some brokers and investors offer weekend trading on European and US indices. These include the FTSE and DAX, but you could be at risk of fees and weekend trading rates because it is not in the usual trading hours.

Other assets to consider trading on the weekend

As well as trading stock on the weekend, day traders have looked to other areas of finance to capitalise on popularity and profit. One of the most popular and volatile markets currently available on the weekend on CAPEX is the cryptocurrency market. Others include forex trading and CFD trading, which is also available on our platform.

As mentioned, the news could be announced about a particular asset after trading hours, so it’s essential to stay alert and up to date. At CAPEX, we have an economic calendar that allows our customers to keep up with international events. We also consistently update our market news forum to keep you in the loop with developments. It would be best to consider other news from tweets or other social media platforms like Reddit because traders are known to act fast on rumours and speculation.




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Risks of trading on the weekend

Weekend trading does have several advantages, but it also comes with risks. We looked at a few key limitations and highlighted them below for you to look out for.

Different time zones

Although this may work in your favour, it is also a significant risk because your body clock may not take well to some of the hours other stock exchanges operate on. For example, the Middle East Stock Exchanges have a lot to offer, but that comes at a time difference, and you could potentially be trading during the night. However, if you are a night owl, then this is ideal for you.


Due to the weekend trading volume being significantly lower, you are at a higher risk of more volatile assets. However, this does encourage some traders to pursue more risky trades because there is the chance to make a higher profit. The added risk of unexpected news can drive the stock prices to move in an unwanted direction, which could be detrimental to your funds. In addition, the lack of traders means there is a greater spread between the bid and ask prices, so you may not be getting the best deal on your trades.

Low volume of trades

Although in some countries, weekend trading does attract a lot of clients. It still does not amount to the volume seen during the weekly stock market. The most popular exchanges like the London or New York Stock Exchanges close during the weekend, as do some popular commodities like oil or gold. It means that specific markets are pretty flat and may not result in a lot or any profit. Day traders use technical analysis, which is encouraged on CAPEX as we offer advice and helpful resources to make the most of your stock trading experience. However, if you base your technical analysis on solely price movements, trading during the week may be better.

Fewer instruments available

Each online broker has its trading times, but some don’t consider the weekend hours. Thankfully, on CAPEX, we use both the WebTrader and MetaTrader 5 (MT5) platforms. MT5 is excellent for weekend trading because it has various opening hours depending on what asset or market you are trading with. There are fewer instruments you can use than during the week, but we believe you can still perfect your techniques on certain stocks with us.

Conclusion – Trade CFDs on stocks at CAPEX

At CAPEX, we know that our customers thrive when trading stocks during the week. We also appreciate that although the weekend hours of the stock market may vary depending on what country you’re in and what you decide to trade. We encourage you to open an account with us today as there are possibilities to capitalise from the greater volatility and flexible hours.

The stock market is very much open on the weekends, and this offers customers the opportunity to buy and sell assets that they may not have considered before. You can also perfect your trading strategy if you’re busy during the weekday trading hours and find what works for you during the weekend.

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