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There are many companies that are not formally registered on an exchange. These securities are thus traded Over-The-Counter (OTC). You’ll find that the process whereby these securities are traded take place on a broker site such as CAPEX.

In this guide, we aim to provide you with the insights needed to trade OTC stocks. Find out more about the OTC stock meaning right here.

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As a CAPEX trader, you’ll find regular educational resources, analysts forecasts, and webinars which will culminate in you gaining a stronger ability to trade – no matter the market of preference.


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OTC stock meaning

How can I trade OTC stocks? Before we get into the ins-and-outs of trading OTC stocks, it’s important to understand more about OTC stocks. This will give you the necessary knowledge so that you can start trading stocks via a registered online broker such as CAPEX.

Why do these stocks exist?

The reason for the existence of such stocks is that many companies are unable to meet the requirements set forward by major exchanges. These listing requirements exclude many smaller companies. On exchanges, you’ll be trading listed stocks. When you engage with OTC stock trading, you’re essentially buying or selling unlisted stocks.

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How can I trade OTC stocks?

Understanding how you can trade OTC stocks will allow you to partake in such an activity with more insight and overall transparency. It is important that you always follow the latest market news and take the time to read up about the respective company of the stocks you wish to trade.

Create an online trading account

In order to trade OTC stocks, you’ll need to open a trading account. You can do this by following the online registration process of the broker you wish to sign up with. At CAPEX, we have gone to great lengths to provide you with a seamless process whereby you can open an account within minutes. Make sure that you provide the correct personal information so that your account is verified.

Deposit funds

You will need to fund your trading account in order to buy OTC stocks. Select an accepted payment option and deposit an amount that is equal to or more than the minimum prescribed amount. From here, you’ll be ready to start buying and/or selling OTC stocks online.

Buying OTC stocks

Once you have found OTC stocks that interest you, you can simply purchase the stock in question. Your chosen broker will then place the order for you. At CAPEX, we facilitate real-time trades and allow you to execute orders as you see fit. We also provide you with the ability to implement market order or limit orders. If you are unsure of how to execute orders on the CAPEX platform, you can always get in touch with support or utilise our trading resources.

Selling OTC stocks

You can also sell OTC stocks if you feel the need to do so. Your online broker will facilitate the transaction. Bear in mind that OTC stocks may be short on liquidity and this makes it difficult to sell these stocks on occasion.




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Tips for trading OTC stocks

Utilise a trading strategy

It is vital that you always make use of a trading strategy – whether you’re trading OTC stocks or simply looking to trade listed stocks. Understanding what your trading goals are will enable you to identify OTC stocks that may prove valuable. If you’re looking to make  a short term gain, then you may well want to trade more volatile OTC stocks. Always utilise a trading strategy. At CAPEX, we have provided you with strategy guides and overviews which will help you formulate your own personal strategy.

Access reputable and reliable market information

Many OTC stocks come from companies with limited financial reports or overall information. It is paramount that you attain as much reliable information on the company and underlying stock as possible. This will give you a better idea as to the direction of the stock price and how it will perform over the medium term. Gaining an understanding of the industry or sector that the company operates in will also enable you to develop better insights into possible market movements and how this will affect the OTC stock in question. At CAPEX, we have included a range of resources such as market news and analysis coverage. Use this to your advantage.

Make use of limit orders

It’s important to implement limit orders when trading OTC stocks. When it comes to these types of stocks, price movements due to your trade are possible. Thus, once you buy an OTC stock the price may shoot up. However, once your trade is filled the price will drop back down. Make use of limit orders to counteract this eventuality.

Conclusion – Learn more about trading at CAPEX

We hope that you have gained a deeper insight into OTC stocks and that we’ve answered the question, “How can I trade OTC stocks?” It’s an important concept to understand and will provide you with the ability to trade a variety of stocks of companies not listed on an exchange. Always keep our latest tips in mind when you engage in OTC stock trading. Be sure to sign up with CAPEX today so that you can begin your online trading venture within a secure and educational trading environment.

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