What Is Social Trading? Social Trading Definition At CAPEX.com

Social trading has become a popular form of investing in recent years. With a number of retail traders opening accounts across the board, the demand for being able to analyse more informed traders’ approaches has skyrocketed.

We, at CAPEX, have prepared  this guide to assess the social trading definition and why this form of trading continues to emerge as a frontrunner amongst those who use online broker platforms.

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Social trading definition - What is social trading?

Social trading has come to the fore in recent years as a great way to learn how to trade CFDs and other instruments. There are a wide expanse of online platforms looking to incorporate the advantages that come with this form of trading. Thus, many have built their model around social trading initiatives and the option of accessing more-informed traders’ daily approaches. The essence of ‘copy-trading’ has emerged and many traders look to adopt this method. Ultimately, social trading is an approach whereby traders have the option of ‘copying’ or following the approach of expert traders. This includes adopting similar, or identical, strategy executions. This form of trading forgoes utilising one’s own analysis and rather duplicates a peer’s analytical standpoints.

Social trading on online broker platforms

As we have outlined above, many online trading sites have lent heavily into the idea of social trading. This is evident in the overall make-up of many of these sites. However, it is always advisable to follow a balanced approach when devising a trading platform; something CAPEX has managed to do extremely well. The options at hand provide you with a platform which borrows elements of social trading and combines it with our own concepts – resulting in a comparatively more nuanced trading platform. Our integrated tools that include blogger insights and opinions and insider’s hot stocks, you’ll be able to follow the lead of those who are very informed. However, you’ll also be able to retain a sense of individuality as you start trading online. It is this combined approach that really makes CAPEX stand out from the crowd.

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The basics of social trading - How does it work on the CAPEX platform?

What is social trading? Well, social trading as a whole is a concept whereby traders are able to access market information quickly so as to assess and copy one another’s strategies. You’ll come to find that certain online traders adopt a full-on social trading approach. This entails copying the strategy and executions of more knowledge traders like-for -like.

However, it’s possible to use strategies of more advanced traders while maintaining a sense of control. At CAPEX, we have incorporated this and provide you with the ability to utilise your own technical and fundamental indicators. Thus, you can use our latest market analysis and trading tools in conjunction with one another to craft the very best strategy.




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Advantages of social trading

There are several benefits that come with adopting the social trading approach. You can find out more in our following section.

Collective insights prevail

When it comes to assessing the benefits of social trading, it’s clear that the collective nature of social trading is certainly one of these positives. As an individual, you can only attain so much knowledge. The higher the number of traders that are contributing to the social trading dynamic, the more in-depth insights are bound to prevail. The evolution of these insights from a collective standpoint will stand a newcomer in good stead as he attempts to start trading online.

Easy to start trading as a trader

One of the biggest reasons for the growth of social trading sites is the fact that novice traders feel more at ease. The ability to copy or learn from more experienced traders via the social trading network makes the entire process of online trading a lot less daunting. At CAPEX, we have included a range of analyst ratings and blogger opinions which facilitate a quicker learning process. If you’re a trader, these features are bound to benefit you immensely – making it easier to start trading online.

Overall strategy diversification

It is physically impossible to retain the information required to assess each possible eventuality within a market. One of the wide-reaching benefits of social trading is that it allows individuals to analyse a wider net of strategies. The removal of so-called ‘tunnel vision’ enables individuals within a social trading setting to gain a wider perspective and assess more potential outcomes. At CAPEX, our integrated tools act in line with this sentiment and provide you with a thorough and far-reaching analysis of different markets.

Ability to access dependable trading information

Lastly, social trading provides each trader with access to extremely practical and dependable trading information. At CAPEX, we have ensured that our online traders have unfettered access to news sentiments, opinions, and a wealth of resources tailored by experienced hands.

Conclusion – Use CAPEX for social trading online

At CAPEX, we believe in a poised online trading approach. The ability to review and analyse other traders’ strategies is certainly insightful and helpful. Due to this, we’ve incorporated a host of features within our integrated tools that enable you to do so. However, we also believe in the benefits of being able to trade autonomously. Thus, sign up with CAPEX today and receive one of the best services.

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