Trend Strength Indicator MT4 & MT5 How Does It Work & What Is It?

Analysing the strength of a trend can be done using a number of comprehensive and practical indicators. The best of which can be found on the CAPEX trading platform.

If you’re ever looking to assess the viability of a sudden trend, it’s best to use a strength indicator to do so. This will enable you to judge whether the actual trend is going to persist for some time. Use our latest guide to find out which is the best trend strength indicator for MT4 and MT5 trading platforms.

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At CAPEX, we cover a range of different trading markets. Thus, you may require different trend strength indicators for different market situations. You’ll come to find that it is possible to apply various types of indicators depending on what you want to assess. Plus, our latest trend strength indicators are seamless in design and application. All types of traders, newcomers and professionals, will find great value when utilising these tools.

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Our intuitive trading systems comprise various features. One such feature enables you to align your trading interests with the necessary tools in which to realise your trading goals.

Customise your trading interface so as to display the trend strength indicators and generalised trading features that you feel are most important!

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What is a trend strength indicator?

Understanding how a market is performing will require you to make the most of underlying trading features and overall analysis. If you’re able to spot the latest trend, the next step is figuring out the strength of that trend. This will enable you to identify whether it’s the right time to buy or sell or whether you’re better off delaying any action. The ability to assess trend strengths will provide you with an overarching ability to recognise whether support and resistance levels will hold, if a reversal may well be on the cards, or if you can expect the current trend to continue.

How can I make the most of the trend strength indicators?

Thus, it’s clear from the get-go that you will be able to analyse a fair amount once you have managed to utilise trend strength indicators on MT4 and trend strength indicators on MT5. With the comprehensive charting capabilities on the CAPEX platform, you’ll quickly come to find that you can make the most of these indicators when assessing trends across various markets and subsequent instruments.

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The different strength indicators and how to use them on the CAPEX platform

There are various trend strength indicators that have been adopted by online traders. This gives you the ability to properly assess whether a trend is going to persist or reverse. Below, we’ve outlined 3 different indicators and how you can utilise these indicators on the CAPEX site.

High and lows

You can utilise the Dow theory and assess the market structure by looking at the highs and lows. Right off the bat, you’re able to draw some conclusions on the latest trend and whether these trends may well reverse. Bullish trends can be identified with “higher highs, and higher lows” while it’s possible to see where a range comes into play (where this pattern does not appear). The ability to assess price movements via our charts in real time will enable you to make sense of the strength of a trend. Ultimately, such an indicator will potentially enable you to identify when “higher highs” stop occurring; leading to a possible reversal in the price movement.


Another popular trend strength indicator is the Average Directional Movement Index (ADX). This indicator is represented by a green line and a red line. Whenever the red line is above the green line, a downwards trend; and vice-versa. Assessing the actual strength of the trend comes down to making sense of the space between the two lines. The further apart, the stronger the trend. This indicator is easy to read and interpret but keep in mind that it is usually combined with another indicator. Applying the latest ADX indicator on the CAPEX platform will provide you with the ability to quickly assess the latest trends on all types of CFD trading options – from shares to Forex.

Bollinger Bands

This type of trend strength indicator is multi-functional and you’ll come across it in various markets, for various reasons. However, for the purposes of this guide, we’ll assess how you can utilise Bollinger Bands in an effort to identify the strength of a trend.

Bollinger Bands, as the name suggests, consists of two volatility bands with a band in the middle representing the moving average. If a trend is in place, then you’ll come to find that the price stays inside the two volatility bands. If the trend is upwards, it’ll be above the moving average while a downward trend will mean the price remains below the moving average. If price doesn’t reach the outer bands, this can be a signal indication that the trend is changing as momentum has faded considerably. Bollinger Bands can be used on the CAPEX platform and applied across the numerous markets on hand.

In-depth charting tools on CAPEX

If you’re ever unsure of whether a trend may persist for a longer period of time, you needn’t look any further than CAPEX. We’ll provide you with a number of trend strength indicators that can be utilised while running 10 different charts at the same time. Our indicators are easy-to-use and provide seamless in-depth analysis.

Choosing and applying a trend strength indicator - caters for all trading strategists

If you are looking to assess the trends in currency markets, then our trading signals will provide you with great insights. For example, understanding the latest trends in Forex markets may well be easiest using the Bollinger Bands indicator. This indicator provides users with insightful tips on price and volatility. There are a number of additional uses that this indicator possesses. One such use, and pivotal to success in the Forex market, is being able to assess when a currency is overbought or oversold. As we’ve outlined, you’ll be able to utilise the Bollinger Bands indicator when assessing the latest trends on 55 different Forex pairs at CAPEX.

Make use of the ADX indicator on the CAPEX platform

If you are looking to trade in share CFDs, you can also make use of the ADX indicator. It’s especially useful to beginners who are yet to grapple with more complex indicators. The simplicity of ADX will provide you with the much-needed insights without having to feel as if you might be misassessing the market at play. Bear in mind that the CAPEX trading platform allows you to run 10 charts simultaneously. This will allow you to use a variety of indicators on multiple charts. All of which will provide you with the tools and knowledge required to analyse the latest trends and clarify which trades seem most viable.




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Using CAPEX as your preferred online broker

Being able to analyse the strength of any one trend is mandatory on any trading site. Platforms that do not equip you with the tools to do so are not fulfilling their obligatory role as a facilitator of online trading in a conducive environment. However, there are various other features that should also be on hand.

At CAPEX, we provide you with all the latest analytical tools that enable you to analyse trading opportunities from a fundamental and technical standpoint. Our latest trading platform features in-depth price chart types and time frames. With access to markets all across the globe all the while providing real-time symbol quotes, you needn’t look elsewhere for a comprehensive and secure online broker. Our mobile app also beckons and is in contention as being one of the best commodity online broker apps around.

Utilise informative indicators at CAPEX

With the choice between multiple trading platforms and access to a wide selection of markets and trading instruments, we truly hope to provide you with the best online trading experience. Our team is on standby to resolve any queries that you may have and we’ll provide expert market analysis. Thus, you will always have the support required on any platform. With your ability to take advantage of the best trend indicators, we believe you’ll be able to improve your trading strategy and overall approach using CAPEX.

Conclusion – Find in-depth trend strength indicators at CAPEX

With the ability to apply the most in-depth trend strength indicators on MT5 and WebTrader, you’ll come to find that it’s a lot easier assessing the latest trends when you use CAPEX. Yes, you’ll receive a wealth of recommendations via our news, development updates, and analyst opinions. However, it’s also possible to make use of the formidable charting tools to assess trends on your own. This puts the power in your hands and provides you with autonomy as you make the most of the latest markets and instruments; such as Forex and share CFDS, as well as CFDs on bands, crypto, and commodities.

The analytical tools of the MT5 trading platform are extremely useful while you can customize your personal trading platform to include a range of charting tools which will allow you to spot and analyse trend strengths on a continuous basis. Keep in mind that you should apply a trend strength that caters to all of your trading goals.

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