Best STP Broker 2024 What Is A STP Broker & how does it work?

Welcome to the CAPEX coverage of the best STP broker that is currently available on the market. We will be detailing the Straight Through Processing and all of the most important factors to consider with this type of broker.

Understanding the difference between the broker’s processing method is crucial if you are hoping to find an online service that meets all of your expectations. CAPEX provides you with all the relevant information to make this important decision. Throughout this page we address the benefits and disadvantages of STP so that you can take everything into account.

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At CAPEX, we have ensured that our traders are able to access a range of different markets online. Here, you’ll be able to make use of our STP broker services while trading a range of CFDs. For those interested in trading Forex, we provide access to 55 different pairs. This means that you can utilise Straight Through Processing when trading your favourite forex pairs – streamlining the entire trading process from start to finish. It is our aim to provide you with a seamless trading experience throughout.

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We have built our brand based on trust and reliability. To this end, we offer a free demo trading account to all newcomers. This enables you to access the full range of CAPEX services without opening yourself up to financial risk.

We urge you to try our demo account so as to experience the inherent trading features and tools that make up CAPEX. The demo account is certainly the best way to learn all about online trading as you’ll have unfettered access to the CAPEX Academy. Added to which, you’ll learn how to utilise the STP broker offering when you trade Forex CFDs.

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What does an STP broker provide?

If you are familiar with online trading services, you would have probably come across the option of using a Straight Through Processing (STP) broker. The option is available with all brokers that offer access to Forex markets and provides customers with the advantage of having their orders sent straight to the market. You won’t have to go through the admin of having to put up with an intermediary dealing desk while trying to make the most of the Forex news today.

The demands of Forex

The Forex markets are fairly demanding as an investment option. The market takes little time off and traders will have to keep their wits about them to avoid enduring any significant losses. The traditional broker processing method of completing customer orders through a dealing desk has become outdated within the industry as traders seek to make their trades directly on the market. CAPEX has adopted this process to help our customers complete their transactions whenever they please.

This is a major benefit for online forex traders as it makes the major trading sessions fairly easy to access. You can also enjoy the comfort of placing the limits on your orders. This will allow you to sleep easy as you know your funds are protected from any dramatic swings that might take place within the forex market.

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Why choose STP brokers?

With a difference in online broker processing, there will always be benefits and drawbacks relative to each process. In this section we will consider the pros that are included with the best STP broker on the market and the disadvantages that other brokers are managing to address. These factors should be kept in mind when you are considering opening a trading account online.

No intermediary parties

If you have opted to make use of the best STP broker service, you can enjoy the freedom of not having to deal with intermediary parties between each trade. Your transactions will all be dealt with directly on the market and the order amounts should be met fairly quickly. The lack of a dealing desk also means that customers won’t have to pay very high transaction fees as less staff and payments are required from the brokerage. This makes the best STP broker service very attractive to traders that are looking to complete transactions without having to lose much of their funds.

Other two important reasons to choose STP brokers

Variety in spreads

When you use a traditional brokerage service, you will mostly be making use of fixed spreads which can be a disadvantage for certain trading conditions. Thanks to the liquidity that is made available to STP brokers, customers can look forward to either using fixed or variable spreads with their Forex transactions. The variety in spreads will prove beneficial if it matches your specific trading style and the option for fixed spreads will always be available with different account options. Most online service providers are unable to offer this if they are not making use of the STP system.

The first thing you will notice about our CAPEX service is that we have some of the tightest spreads on the markets. Don’t fall prey to other broker services who are charging commission fees, we allow all our customers the option to place deposits and request withdrawals with no fees applicable to their account.

Faster transactions

The liquidity provided to the best STP broker will enable the service to complete your orders faster than that of traditional dealing desk services. When it comes to Forex, your transaction’s success could come down to the second of placing your order and STP provides customers with the advantage of making the most of these seconds.

There will also be a larger number of competitive bids on the market which will increase the transaction processing time. The bypassing of dealing desks is a must if you are considering making use of trading strategies within the Forex market as the majority of them require speedy transactions.




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Our service here at CAPEX – the lowest spreads and highest-level of customer service.

You will be thrilled to discover that the world-renowned service available here at CAPEX makes use of STP when completing your orders. We allow all of our customers to enjoy the benefits of Straight Through Processing while being able to enjoy all that we have to offer. Let’s take a look at some of the factors that set us apart from the competition on the scene.

Access to a variety of orders at CAPEX

Straight Through Processing also allows smaller brokers to offer the transaction to larger brokers on the scene. This means that there is more potential to have your order placed and met while you are using the service we have available here at CAPEX. The dealing desks have all been taken out of the equation and you can enjoy direct access to the markets you want to invest in. We include a number of Forex pairs that all of our customers can enjoy, from the major favourites to the minor currency pairs who have also gained some popularity.

An STP broker will generally provide customers with the ability to enjoy lower commission fees on all of their trades. This is due to the minimizing of the trade costs to compensate for slightly higher spreads. This is perfect for readers who are looking to enter the Forex market.

World-class customer service

When you open your CAPEX account, you can trade with confidence as we provide you with some of the best customer support that is available across the online trading industry. You will gain access to your very own customer support representative who can address any queries or concerns that you might have while you are trading. There is also a live chat option available if you have come across a pesky bug within our trading platform or website. There are additional contact methods made available to anyone interested in our service and you can make contact without even having an account open.

Options available with every market

Once your account has been verified, you will be able to trade with over 2100 different instruments. Whether it’s Forex, Indices, Bonds, ETFs, Commodities, Shares, Blends or cryptocurrencies, we make them all available so that you can diversify your investment portfolio within one service. Even our Forex market has over 50 currency pairs available which is definitely amongst the best within the industry.

Lowest fees and spreads you will come across

Every online trader will be in search of low commission fees while using the service. It simply means that CAPEX traders will have more funds to invest with while making use of our world-class offer. We provide you with some of the tightest spreads out there and you won’t have to pay commission for making any of your deposits and withdrawals –  another clear indicator that our brokerage service is a cut above the rest.

Conclusion – Plenty of advantages on offer from the CAPEX platform

The best STP broker will provide customers the chance to place their orders directly within the Forex market. Straight Through Processing is quite young when considered to the original processing methods but it already offers plenty of advantages to users who are looking to move on from the traditional dealing desk options. While you are browsing through the market for offers, be sure to keep the definition of an STP broker in mind to determine if it suits your trading style.

Here at CAPEX, we provide you with access to a wide variety of markets while abiding by the regulations set by four different regulatory commissions. We also cater to customers who have experience with online trading and any newcomers to the scene.

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