7 Simple Online Trading Strategies Read How It Works

Online trading strategies are common amongst most of the big names within the online trading scene. Our experts will be taking a thorough look at the trading strategies that work on this page and detail how you can use them.

The CAPEX training academy provides all of our customers and readers with all the tools required to join the online trading scene. We will be exploring common trading strategies that are employed by millions of traders.

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What’s more, is the fact that the MT5 trading platform facilitates fast executions and the ability to incorporate a range of different trading strategies. By utilising various trading strategies on our extensive platform, you’ll be able to trade in several markets with more insight and skill.

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Why you should consider applying strategy to your trades

Trading is essentially a game of predicting the performance of certain markets. As with any game you have played before, there will always be strategies that can be implemented to improve your probability of success. If it was that easy, everyone would be using online trading strategies when making their transactions and making profits but it unfortunately isn’t. Strategies certainly help in guiding your approach to any market but chaos can always result in an account making a loss – despite the amount of strategy that has been applied.

With this in mind, you also need to consider that without applying strategy you will be walking into a competitive industryblind. At CAPEX, we provide you with some of the best strategies that are commonly employed and provide the necessary quality of service to help you make the most of your investment opportunities. You will come to realise that utilising and implementing trading strategies on the CAPEX platform is fairly simple. When you trade one of over 2,000 shares available at CAPEX, you can take advantage of these strategies and benefit tremendously.

Increasing your potential profits

The greatest motive towards implementing strategy is to increase your potential profits while you are trading. There is a broad spectrum of strategies that are available and you might come across one that complements your trading goals and style. If you are lucky enough to identify one, you might find that the educated approach towards the market will provide you with more profits as opposed to the traditional method of trading. You will need to use the best online trading platform to get the job done. This ensures that all of the necessary tools are readily available.

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How our experts analyze strategies

You might be wondering just how our experts at CAPEX analyze the various online trading strategies that are currently available. Well, our team has an enormous wealth of experience within the online trading industry and have taken each topic into careful consideration before making our findings available within our academy. Checking what makes the best online broker should provide further testament to the service that we make available. In this section, we will be taking a look at the considerations made towards each of the online trading strategies.

Understanding the fundamentals

When you invest in a market, you are setting a data point within the price performance of the asset. As you can imagine, this leads to an enormous amount of data available with each market that is available. Whenever you are presented with data, there is always analysis that can be done towards it. With this analysis, trends start to develop and the mathematicians begin to formulate hypotheses relative to the price. This is the fundamental basis of the majority of online trading strategies and we devote ourselves to understanding each of the approaches.

Proving the effectiveness

With the basis of the strategy in mind, our experts are able to apply the approach within our data sets relative to each market and determine their effectiveness. This can easily be done with any trading option, simply apply the strategy and see if it would have been profitable when working with historical data. This is a clear indicator of the effectiveness of the strategy but there is always a certain degree of volatility that needs to be taken into account, especially when it comes to the crypto trading course.

With all of this information available towards online trading strategies, you can begin to consider whether or not they would be effective towards your own investments. Once you have the knowledge, you can use our state-of-the-art trading platform at CAPEX to determine if the glove fits.

World-class platforms

By using our online brokerage service here at CAPEX, you gain access to two world-class platforms. Both MetaTrader 5 and our web-based CAPEX WebTrader trading platform are available for customers to use. By browsing through the specifications of each, you will quickly come to realize that we have everything available that you will need.

7 strategies every trader needs - best online trading strategies

Strategies can become remarkably complex and we are well aware that this will scare off a couple of traders who are looking to implement them. To get you started with online trading strategies, our team has discussed 7 strategies which were considered easy to implement into any investment portfolio. We also ensured that all the strategies discussed here can be applied within our service. If you are ever in doubt, be sure to discuss the matter with your dedicated relationship manager within our service.


Perhaps the most common strategy that is applied by traders is the long-short approach. This involves taking a long position with a market that is anticipated to increase in value and the short position if your price prediction anticipates a decline in value. This strategy is counterintuitive for the traditional traders who are looking to make long term investments but it can be profitable if you manage to use it correctly. This strategy is predominantly used with hedge funds but the concept can be applied to a wide variety of markets.

At CAPEX, we provide you with an insight towards hedge funds activity and you can also enjoy an enormous variety of stock options to choose from. There are plenty of markets available with all of our accounts and strategies are welcomed within our service. Just ensure that your markets of interest are covered.

Day trading

Another common strategy that is employed by traders with a bit more time on their hands is day trading. If you have never come across the term before, we suggest that you browse through the day trading definition that is available within our training academy. The strategy involves opening and closing your trading positions within the same day. This provides you with smaller, short-term gains that stack up to make a larger profit. By using this strategy, you exclude yourself from any overnight changes that might impact the market you are investing in.

Any CAPEX customer will tell the same story, thanks to our STP system that is used within our online brokerage service, we are able to complete transactions very quickly. This means that day trading is certainly an option once you have opened your CAPEX account but it will involve a fair amount of time to be devoted towards making your transactions. If you are an active trader with time to spare while the markets are open, then day trading might be the perfect strategy for you to use.

Swing trading

Quite similar to day trading, swing trading also makes use of short or medium term price changes to make a profit. This strategy is reliable for traders that have a little less time on their hands to complete their transactions. Market swings usually begin with a high degree of momentum and this generally subsides after some time. With swing trading, you are looking to make the most of this initial swing by investing at the correct times. Once the swing begins to slow in it’s rise, swing traders will sell the asset and claim the profits.

The major consideration that needs to be made with this strategy is the potential of a swing being short lived. You might find that the rally proved to be momentary and the price has undergone a massive downward shift overnight. Luckily, our online broker service includes a stop loss option which customers can set to avoid this outcome.

News trading

The most logical of the strategies we will be discussing is the news trading approach. The name says it all when it comes to this one. You will simply have to follow the relative media outlets to find articles that are relative to the markets you are invested in. While the strategy seems easy enough, you have to ensure that the news you are reading is provided by a reputable source. There is a large amount of fake news on the internet today and don’t let this misinformation be the cause of losses with online trading strategies.

You can apply this strategy within our service here fairly easily at CAPEX. Our entire platform is designed to be easy to use for anyone that is looking to make a transaction. You can also enter and exit trading positions as you please with our low spreads and commission fees. Applying the knowledge you gain from the news has never been easier.

Position trading

We come to the first longer term strategy that customers can use with their investments. Position trading is fairly popular amongst online traders and can span the course of decades. The strategy involves entering a trading position of a certain asset at a point in time where you deem the value will increase. This strategy is ideal for a trader that does not intend on devoting much time to their investments, they simply hope to reap the rewards after a certain amount of time.

This might seem too good to be true and it definitely is if you haven’t done the necessary research into your investment. Position trading will be a long-term commitment and one that shouldn’t be taken lightly if you are hoping to make a profit.

Social trading

One of the younger online trading strategies that online traders are using is social trading. This strategy will require very little devotion to time as you will mostly be mimicking the trades completed by more successful traders on the scene. The strategy sounds concrete enough but choosing the correct trader to follow is incredibly important if you hope for the strategy to succeed. There are plenty of traders that will guarantee their customers success and you will likely have to pay for the ability to mimic these trades.

This can be done using the CAPEX service, you will have to find your own trader to mimic but our platform makes the option to buy and sell incredibly easy. You will be able to open an account and get to placing your trades within minutes provided that you have the necessary verification documents on hand. Social trading can be a powerful strategy but it will require traders to make the important decision of who they are going to follow.


The final strategy that we will be covering is signals trading. This is the most automated of strategies that are available on the market and it simply relies on traders to wait for the correct signals to enter or exit a trade. These indicators are generated through thorough analysis of the relevant market and are calculated mathematically to provide traders with the optimal point. With this strategy, you will mostly be relying on the previous performance of the stock as the calculation will take this into account. As we all know, stocks can behave erratically and a signal may prove to be incorrect.

You can make use of the relevant signals while you are investing with CAPEX. All you will need to do this is an active account and the funds necessary to invest in the markets that your signals are provided for. We have access to over 2100 different options for you to invest in so it is fairly likely we have your interests covered.




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How you can use these strategies with CAPEX

To further illustrate the viability of our offer here at CAPEX, our experts have included this section to detail how you can go about using all of these online trading strategies within our service.

Wide variety of markets

With CAPEX, we have a wide variety of markets available. You might find that another online broker has centered their service around the Forex market but we have decided that a wide variety provides customers with more opportunities to invest. You will be able to invest in Forex, bonds, indices, ETFs, commodities, shares, blends and cryptocurrencies. This variety should be more than enough to apply a range of strategies and while you use each of them you are able to take advantage of some incredibly low fees.

We at CAPEX provide traders with a number of account options which will all have access to the vast variety of stock options we have. There are over 5000 choices once you have opened your CAPEX account, so be sure to keep our service in mind while you are browsing.

Even more information to apply to your trades

Our training academy doesn’t end here. Our team has been devoted to informing the community for a number of years now and you will find that we have covered all of the major topics out there. If it’s applicable to online trading, we have done the research. Each of our pages are also kept up to date to bring you the latest information from the world of online trading. Be sure to browse through some of our other pages to try to take your online transactions to the next level.

Conclusion – Trade CFDs at CAPEX

All online traders will come across online trading strategies at some point and it is important to be familiar with their definitions. While the scene has become more active than ever before, you will find that these strategies manage to withstand the test of time.

Our expert approach to these online trading strategies should provide you with a method to evaluate if they are suitable to your own needs. Sign up with CAPEX and make use of the 7 simple strategies that we have detailed to get a feel for how they behave with various markets.

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