3 Day Trading Strategies & How To Execute It Detailed Explanation

Day trading has gained popularity and strategies have begun to pop up as a result of this. Here at CAPEX, we will be taking a look at the validity of these strategies and how to apply them.

It is best to familiarize yourself with expert approaches so that you can avoid making newcomer mistakes. By using these strategies, you gain a competitive edge against other new traders and this could provide you with the profits that you are after.

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At CAPEX, we have ensured that all online traders have access to a range of markets and instruments. You’ll be able to trade CFDs on eight different asset classes that include Stocks, Forex, Indices, Bonds, ETFs, Commodities, Cryptocurrencies, and Blends.

What’s more is that our state-of-the-art trading platform will enable you to utilise your top strategies with ease and efficiency. This streamlines the entire trading process and enhances your trading ability to a wide degree.

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If you wish to make use of day trading strategies on our platform, Trading Central will provide you with in-depth market assessments. Combine your preferred strategies with these features and minimise your risk exposure all the while increasing your ability to trade across markets.

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The importance of strategy - Best day trading strategies

Before you can apply any strategy to your trading career, you will need to have a thorough understanding of the day trading definition. This is a crucial piece of knowledge that needs to be understood and then the following strategies can be considered.

No matter what market you are looking to invest in, there will always be strategies that are present within the trading community. Some of these strategies prove to be flawed after a number of tests are done but some of them do manage to yield results. If you can discern the good from the bad, you will be able to make use of an approach to day trading that has a higher probability of making a profit. To help traders apply these strategies to their transactions, we at CAPEX have compiled this vast information resource to cover every topic you can imagine.

At CAPEX, you have the educational tools to learn more about trading

If you’re new to the market, don’t stress. Our entire offer here at CAPEX has been built from the ground up and your career can follow the same approach. You will find the very basics covered here within our online trading school. Once you have the basics within your arsenal, you can then begin to consider applying some of the basic strategies to your transactions. These are available within each market but be sure to apply the correct strategy to your exact markets of interest.

At CAPEX, going through our educational content can help you determine exactly what market is suitable for you. We also have over 2,000 share options for you to invest in. This is unprecedented within the online trading industry and you won’t have to search much further than what is available right here.

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Day trading

We all speculate on the markets daily and day trading is one approach towards the markets that are available. With the tremendous advancements within the technological sector, day trading has become a possibility thanks to remarkably efficient transaction times. The concept is fairly simple, you will open a trading account online and transact as usual, the key difference being that you will close all of these trades before the market closes. This approach will allow traders to capitalize on small price movements throughout the day and avoid any overnight troubles.

If you have made the wise decision of choosing us as your online brokerage service, you will be able to complete all of your daily trading very easily with any account. We provide all of our customers with zero commissions on deposits and withdrawals and some of the fastest transaction speeds in the industry.

Why day trade?

The traditional perception of trading is a long-term investment. This is what the majority of the population is familiar with, placing a sum of money in a stock that is likely to gain in value overtime and withdrawing the final sum once you are ready for retirement. With the trading industry’s massive expansion over the years, customers have realized that there is far more potential than that. This has led to the introduction of many different speculation approaches towards the market. Day trading happens to be one of them and it can be very powerful if used correctly. You can minimize the risks of long-term investments by capitalizing on smaller term gains, however, the time you will spend doing this is considerably higher.

Can anyone day trade?

For the most part, day trading is simply completing transactions within the markets at a far more rapid pace. This means that the day trading strategies used are usually legal. That being said, you might find that your country of residence has imposed regulations towards the market approach. We always recommend that our readers do the necessary research and determine whether or not they are on the right side of the law.

Checking what makes the best online broker should provide you with all the information to realize that our service embraces day traders and anyone who has an active account with us will be able to use the information that is provided here. Make sure to cover your basics before we dive into the strategies in the next section.

Strategies used with day trading

Let’s finally discuss the day trading strategies that are prevalent on the market today. While discussing each option, we will also provide you with the necessary considerations you need to make before implementing them into your transactions. Don’t commit to any of them before you have done the necessary research. Thus, these tips help provide guidance on day trading strategies for traders of all levels.


This is probably one you have come across while browsing through some websites. Scalping involves traders making the most of small price changes within a specific market. To be able to scalp, you will need to have access to an online broker that can cope with the rapid transactions necessary to make a success of this strategy. Fortunately, here at CAPEX we provide you with exactly that. You will be able to trade as much as you like while enjoying the tight spreads and low fees.

Scalping is fairly intimidating to newcomers as it requires a certain level of time devotion and strict discipline to use it correctly. You will also be able to make use of our industry-leading trading platform to find all the considerations necessary when it comes to making your frequent transactions. The best MT5 trading app is readily available and perfect for the trader who is in search of a mobile software package to put their scalping strategy to use.

News trading

The next strategy is far more logical to most traders. Whenever you invest in a certain market, there will always be indicators towards the price performance of the asset. For example, the Tesla stock price is closely linked to the behaviour of the CEO, Elon Musk. With news trading, you will keep an eye on reputable news sources to provide you with insight towards any incoming price changes that are on the horizon. You need to make sure that the information you are accessing is via a reputable news source as there is plenty of misinformation online.

Ensure that you have access to news articles related to your markets of interest, if you are looking to invest in the USD/GBP, you will have to follow articles related to the economic performance of both the US and the UK. Fortunately, customers can trade over 50 currency pairs within our forex service and there are also thousands of stock opportunities you can look to invest in. We at CAPEX make a wide variety of options available to all of our customers.


The last of the day trading strategies that we will be discussing are breakout strategies. This involves taking the volume of the market into account while setting a strict price level. Once the price has managed to break above the resistance then you can look to enter into a trade. This strategy requires a fair bit of knowledge regarding the specific market that you are investing in as the volatility of the price will increase dramatically when the barriers are reached. However, if you have done your homework, the strategy could prove to be fruitful with a number of online markets.

To use this strategy, you will need to have historical data of the price performance and be able to analyze it accordingly. Our software allows you to do exactly that so your breakout strategy can be implemented. We also provide customer accounts with personalized support to address any issues or queries that you might have while you are using our service. Don’t stress about using strategy within our service, you can simply double check the options by speaking to your dedicated relationship manager and determine the best option for your trades.


Don’t forget the basics - utilise the best day trading strategies

With all of these strategies available, you might become overwhelmed and forget to apply the very basics to your daily trades. This would be a crucial error for even the most experienced trader. It’s always worthwhile to brush up on your knowledge of the basics and our experts have put together this section to remind you of the fundamental considerations that need to be made before entering a trading position.


Nothing can substitute quality research that is conducted by an online trader. Having information relative to your market of interest is crucial if you hope to make accurate price predictions. To conduct your research, you will always need to devote a fair amount of time, similar to the day trading strategies that we have discussed. This time spent will always be worth it as you will gain an informed opinion relative to your investment.

You can research the very basics to the extraordinarily complicated right here with our CAPEX information resource. We provide you with all the knowledge covering a vast variety of topics. Besides this, you can also use reputable news outlets to find the latest developments regarding the trading markets.


When you have enough knowledge regarding the online trading option, you can begin to analyze the data that is presented by its price performance. This will take some time to learn as there are many different analysis approaches that you can use. We have covered a number of them within our online information resource so try to familiarize yourself with them as much as possible before completing your trades. At CAPEX, we are devoted to bringing all of our customers and readers the latest and most accurate information surrounding the world of online trading.


Finally, with some markets you might find the inclusion of indicators while analyzing. These indicators can be very useful if you apply them correctly and provide you with even more information to make your price prediction. We discuss all of these indicators in great detail within our trading academy and you can learn all of the fundamentals without having to search through various websites. We also show you just how these indicators can be applied and which of them should be taken into account.

The CAPEX Academy covers all of our markets available within our service; Forex, indices, bonds, ETFs, commodities, shares, blends and cryptocurrencies are all comprehensively covered. If you are new to online trading, make sure to use all of the information that is provided to you.




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Why you should use the CAPEX service

If we haven’t given you enough reason to consider our platform for your online day trading strategies, let’s take a further look at what makes our offer the best on the market.

Industry-leading licenses

We are one of the very first online brokers to obtain a license from the ADGM Financial Services Regulatory Authority and we also hold licenses from CySEC in Cyprus, for all of our European customers. Any customers from South Africa can trade with a degree of comfort as we have obtained an additional license from the Financial Sector Conduct Authority. Furthermore, we are also licensed by the Financial Services Authority in the Seychelles.

If you have browsed through any other online broker offers on the market, you will very quickly realize that this list of licensing is amongst the best in the industry. With every one of these options we also provide our customers with negative balance protection if things do take a wrong turn.

Variety of options

At CAPEX, we pride ourselves on the variety within our service. You will notice from the start that there are a number of account options which can be considered. These will be relative to your personal trading circumstances but they do manage to cover a large scope of potential customers. You can also look forward to working alongside one of our dedicated employees as each and every account will have access to a relationship manager. The only difference being the days that are made available dependent on your account choice.

Beyond this, we provide access to a remarkable list of markets. No matter what you are interested in investing in, we offer the tightest spreads and lowest commissions. To help you diversify your investments, we also include all of this information that is readily available to help you find your feet with any of the markets out there. We also make two world-class trading platforms available so that customers can have their choice between installed software or web-based trading. Our offer has won a number of awards and the evidence is all within the service.

Conclusion – Day trading strategies that work

Day trading strategies are becoming more popular within the community and we have provided you with all the necessary information on their validity. Keep the importance of strategy in mind before you commit to investing in specific markets and also try to formulate an idea of what you are looking to gain from online trading. Sign up today with us here at CAPEX and put your latest trading strategies into action. Keep our service offer in mind when you are browsing the market as we have all that any interested trader could be after.

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