Forex Scalping Trading: What you need to know

We, at CAPEX, understand that Forex scalping trading seems like a quick way to make some money trading. Forex scalping trading involves capitalising on small price changes in Forex, and quickly reselling to get fast results.

We, at CAPEX, will clear up any uncertainty so your Forex scalping strategy is one to feel proud of.

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Great instruments to use with your strategy

We understand that for scalping trading, a Forex scalping strategy using CFDs is the way to go. But, with all the instruments we provide, we believe our CAPEX trading platform makes sure that Forex scalping trading is the instrument you should go with.

We display liquidity rates front and centre on our charts – meaning no matter the instrument you have chosen, you’ll be able to see how quickly you can get results – and how quickly you can exit a position. This simplifies Forex scalping trading for all you focused scalpers out there. However, if you want to dip your hand in other areas, we display liquidity just as prominently in CFDs on stocks as well.

The trading platforms that work the best

At CAPEX, we have the best Forex trading platform perfect for the best Forex scalping strategies, as we make sure everything is simplified and laid out for your ease of use.

Your Forex scalping trading will be simplified once you click on the ‘currencies’ tab, and you’ll have everything at your disposal. A wide list of currencies to choose from and focus on. Trading signals, indicating which currencies are bullish and bearish to implement good Forex Scalping strategies. A chart, complete with key statistics and graph lines so you can focus on your Forex Scalping strategy. And, even a history of the trade, if you want to do a little research before you start buying and selling at a rapid rate. Our CAPEX trading platform makes sure you can adapt to your Forex scalping strategy.

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What is great about Forex scalping trading?

  • Instant gratification: Scalping is quick and to the point. In Forex scalping trading, you open a trade, and within a minute, you close it. Then, move on to the next. The constant buying and selling on a momentary basis gets you instant results for your efforts.
  • Liquidity: Forex scalping trading focuses on liquid markets. Such as Euro, dollar, pound etc. These currencies are open 24 hours a day, so it’s easy to pinpoint the most liquid currencies on your CAPEX trading platform.
  • Focused: With all scalping trading, yet particularly a Forex scalping strategy, you focus on one trade. This allows for quick buys and sells, and disposes of wasting time switching between currencies.

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Opportunities and risks

Opportunities – The advantages of this one minute Forex scalping strategy

  • Less risk: Because you’re literally opening and closing trades within minutes, you don’t have to worry about taking huge risks when entering a currency. Our Forex guide shows your brief exposure to the market means you don’t get sucked in too much.
  • Smaller the better: Small, profitable trades are far easier to achieve than large movements. Your one minute Forex scalping strategy means there’s no imbalance in profits, and the opportunity for larger profits almost means the risk of much bigger and more sudden price changes.
  • Quick, Fast, Easy: The whole idea of Forex scalping trading is that trades are done quicker, to save time and to get results at a faster rate. The one minute Forex scalping strategy will guarantee you much more trades than you would with larger moves.
  • Volatility is an option: You don’t need volatility for profit. When you’re Forex scalping trading, you can still potentially make profits. Small moves in a relatively stable market are definitely worthwhile with your one minute Forex scalping strategy, because all those small moves will add up.

Risks – The disadvantages of the one minute Forex Scalping strategy

  • Large deposit: In order to compensate for making so many trades quickly, you’ll need a larger starting amount to make hundreds of trades a day
  • Beginners’ disadvantage: Most Forex scalping trading is done by bankers and brokers, because they have a certain amount of knowledge over Forex scalping trading beginners. They may take far more profits as a result of this knowledge and their scale.
  • Skill: It takes a certain kind of individual to be a 1 minute Forex scalping trading expert. You need to possess quick reactions, mathematical skills and a good instinctual flair.
  • Relying on the technical stuff: We at CAPEX recommend you should use technical analysis for trading, but you should also note the risks of this. The ratios and rises in volatile Forex markets means your stop-loss orders could hinder you before you reach your take-profit level.
  • High effort: The one minute Forex scalping strategy is the most stressful of all the Forex scalping strategies. It requires almost constant focus, and you have to set aside a whole day to truly get to your profit targets.

Get the news you need to know

Having a great understanding of the trading market is very important when you are Forex scalping trading. On, we have a whole collection of web pages dedicated to resources to keep you updated on market shifts and an economic calendar detailing everything you need to know about Forex. Our Market News section presents reviews for upcoming weeks and news on any sudden changes in values in certain currencies. So, you’ll have no excuse when you’re Forex scalping trading after researching our resources page.

Swing vs Scalp Trading – The Key Differences

  • Timing: Forex scalping trading involves buying and selling currencies at a fast rate to make small profits that could eventually accumulate. Swing trading, however, is when you hold a trade for more than a day, hoping for a market swing.
  •  Focus:  Forex scalping trading is more intensive. You’re constantly buying and selling Forex, so you need to have the right amount of focus and analysis to make sure your results add up. Swing trading doesn’t require this focus as you’re holding onto the asset for longer
  •  Patience: Forex scalping trading is not for those that can wait around – your Forex trading strategy most likely involves getting buying and selling a trade within mere moments. Swing trading is for those who can be more patient, and hold onto a trade for the long run – to see if they can eventually catch a swing.
  • Risk: When Forex scalping trading, your risk of loss is greatly reduced. You’re buying and selling hundreds of currencies for such small profits, losing a few will be minimal damage. For swing trading, however, you’re banking on this one trade paying off over a longer period of time.

What strategy will work for me?

Well, we at CAPEX know that a trading system highly depends on the person’s temperament. If you want to get into Forex scalping trading, you’re likely to be a person who can work well under high pressure situations, but isn’t that patient. We find the best Forex Scalping strategy to start with is the 1 minute scalping strategy.

First of all, we need to note that you need to get the technicalities down before you start Forex scalping trading. Make sure you set stop-losses, and take-profits on our CAPEX trading platform when you are Forex scalping trading. This way, you are making sure you are protected by automatically closing trades when setting a maximum profit level. You may not understand the Forex market well enough yet to manually open and close trades on your own.

Also, spreads are essential for great Forex scalping trading. The differences between two prices and how you can get the best result from that spread is essential for any good Forex scalping strategy. On CAPEX, we make sure spreads are good value, and easy to read. Take for example, our CFD vs. spread betting. Most USD currency pairs have a spread of 2.7, so you’re guaranteed to make the most of quick buying and selling when you are Forex scalping trading. The spreads are fixed too, so you don’t need to expect sudden inclines in spreads due to any market changes or speculations.


1 Minute trading strategy – Open, close and focus on the big players

With the one minute trading strategy, you are opening and closing currencies in that time frame. The target here is quantity, as you can easily close well over 100 trades a day with a reasonable potential profit. The Indicators you’ll need for this strategy are the Stochastic Oscillator, and two Exponential Moving Averages (EMAs)– both are available on, and you can learn more about what these indicators do in our Financial Dictionary.

Make sure you set the Stochastic Oscillator to periods of 5, 3 and 3. And, for your EMAs, set them with periods of 50 and 100. These indicators will let you know the best time to enter, and to close, and to make the most of low spreads. If you rack up a big enough quantity, this Forex scalping strategy will result in a great experience.




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Other Forex scalping trading tools – Expectancy per trade setup

We at CAPEX recommend you’d note this formula to make sure your cumulative profits are worth the potential losses you could make.

Expectancy per trade setup = (Win percentage multiplied by average win) – (loss percentage multiplied by average loss)

Getting a positive figure by using this formula means you can expect a trade profit, but a negative figure means your Forex scalping strategy could generate a loss. The small wins are important, but they need to add up.

Another few important things to take into account when Forex scalping trading are all the factors our CAPEX platform helps present to you. This includes the current spreads, current trends, our economic calendar to get an idea of how the market will be, different time frames and current/expected liquidity. Forex scalp trading is quick and reactionary, but it’s not impulsive. It’s important you research these Forex scalp trading tools.

Conclusion – Easy to learn, difficult to master

All in all, we believe Forex scalping trading is a great way of potentially making a profit while learning the Forex market and a skilled craft. With the technology we at CAPEX provide you, we simplify it with great software, easy to access resources and great fixed spreads. The one minute scalping trading strategy is the best scalping trading strategy to start with, and it will generate a potentially higher amount of profit when you work quickly and smart. But, it requires time, effort and skill. If you want to really get into Forex scalping trading, sign up to now and be dedicated!

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