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AMD tops expectations

Miguel A. Rodriguez
Miguel A. Rodriguez
29 enero 2021
AMD's upward trajectory continues, driven by sales of CPU and game console chips

In the past quarter, AMD reported an adjusted EPS of $0.52 on revenues of $3.24 billion. The figures came in higher than what Wall Street was expecting: $0.47 earnings per share and revenues of $3.03 billion.

The quarter's star was the enterprise segment, which reported a 176% increase year-over-year and a 13% growth from the previous quarter to $1.28 billion. This division includes server chips and graphic processors for game consoles such as Sony PS5 and Microsoft Xbox One. The increase was driven by the rise in processor sales – chips which have been consistently selling out since last fall when they hit the shelves.

AMD expects its revenue to reach a high of $3.3 billion for the current quarter, while for the full year a 37% growth. In 2020, AMD's revenue was 45% higher year-over-year.

Following the news, AMD stock price gained 0.62%.

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Miguel A. Rodriguez
Miguel A. Rodriguez

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