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Markets continued their downward trend - Tuesday Review, June 9

Markets continued their downward trend - Tuesday Review, June 9

Markets moved chaotically, but the predisposition seems to be a slight decline

The US

The FOMC two-day meeting didn’t do much to move the markets, and the statements from President Trump seem to scare them off. USA30 shed 1.1%, while USA500 fell 0.8%. TECH100 moved against the trend and closed the session higher by 0.3%.

The influence of the OPEC+ decision fade away, and the prices began to fall. Oil dropped by 0.65% at $37.94, while Brent Oil fell 1.08% to $40.36 per barrel.

Gold added 0.08% to settle at $1,723.25.

The Dollar Index lost 0.25% and settled at 96.365.

Asia and Australia

Asian benchmarks were mixed after the inflation data was released, which turned out to be below what analysts expected.

HongKong45 fell 0.06%.

Japan225 gained 0.03%.

Australia’s ASX added 0.32%.

USD/JPY lost 0.6%.

AUD/USD dropped 1% after reaching a ten-month high.


Like in the OPEC+ case, the power of ECB’s decision started to wear off, causing the markets to retreat.

Europe50 fell by 1.5%.

Germany30 continued to decrease and ended the trading session lower by 1.57%.

France40 lost 1.55%, after food & drugs, gas & water, and the financial sectors underperformed.

UK100 shed 1.8%, as British American Tobacco forecasted a single-digit EPS.

EUR/USD rose 0.43% to 1.1340.

EUR/GBP was up 0.34% to 0.8905.

GBP/USD traded at $1.2668 after it decreased from Monday's $1.2724.

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