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Microsoft rolls back glitch-causing update

Miguel A. Rodriguez
Miguel A. Rodriguez
24 marzo 2021
Nokia partners with American tech giants to develop 5G technology

Microsoft finally addressed the glitch issues plaguing apps like Teams, Outlook, and Exchange Online.

The company tweeted that the issues reported by more than 26,000 users were due to "a recent change to an authentication system."However, regardless of the rollback of the update, people might still encounter issues.

Despite the setback, Microsoft closed at the beginning of this week a partnership with the Finnish telecom company Nokia. The latter will work alongside Amazon, Google, and Microsoft to develop new cloud-based 5G radio solutions with its RNA (radio access network) technology. "Open collaboration is key to developing new and innovative high value 5G use cases that will equip our customers with the tools they need for digital transformation," stated Tomi Uitto, Nokia President of Mobile Networks.

The market reacted in a mixed manner to the news, with Microsoft trading 0.40% lower, while Nokia shares were up more than 4%. Google stock price added 0.22%, and Amazon lost 0.12%.







Miguel A. Rodriguez
Miguel A. Rodriguez

Miguel comenzó su destacada carrera profesional en reputadas instituciones financieras como el Banco Santander y el Banco Central-Hispano. Es autor de importantes libros sobre trading en el mercado de divisas.