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  • 24 March 2021
    Q3 results fell short of the mark for Nike
  • 24 March 2021
    Intel plans to spend $20 billion on new plants in Arizona
  • 24 March 2021
    Lockdowns in Europe fuel investor fears regarding a slower economic recovery - Tuesday Review, March 23
  • 23 March 2021
    Global stocks mixed amid new lockdown fears and rising Sino-US tensions - Monday review, March 22
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    Market Overview
  • 19 March 2021
    COVID-19 worries once again monopolize global markets - Thursday Review, March 18
  • 18 March 2021
    Stocks traded lower following FOMC meeting - Wednesday Review, March 17
  • 18 March 2021
    Safety first
  • 17 March 2021
    Electric Vehicles are now the main point of attraction for Volkswagen

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How to Invest Money and Where?

We’re going to look at how to invest money as well as some options where you could invest money, from setting your investment goals to finding the best investments for your individual circumstances and steps to get started. 

Tadawul All Share Index (TASI) – How to Trade and Invest

You may be aware of the Tadawul All Share Index if you have invested in the Saudi region via an authorized fund based overseas, or if you live and invest in the Middle East. In this guide we look at methods and investment products that track and provide exposure to the TASI index, the reference for the Saudi stock exchange. 

Riyad Bank Stock (Tadawul:1010)

Despite a grim 2023, Riyad Bank stock (Tadawul: 1010) remain very popular among Saudia investors and top-performing international funds. While you can buy Riyad Bank shares directly, sometimes it is worth considering an ETF with Riyad Bank representation.