Choose the analysis tools for a successful trading experience! Make the most of the key moments on the market with our cutting-edge and multifunctional platforms and enjoy a flawless web and mobile experience.

Our Platform Just Got Better

We continue investing in innovative trading solutions and incorporate all the new technologies in our feature-packed platform. Focus your efforts on trading efficiently with a state-of-the-art design, fast execution speeds and enhanced technical analysis tools.


78.32% of retail CFD accounts lose money.

  • Dedicated Instruments & Account Panels

    Use a feature-rich account panel that gives you complete control over order management, including free-of-charge deposits and withdrawals.* *Please note that CAPEX, operated by Key Way Investments Ltd, is not liable for any fees or hidden costs charged by your bank or online payment provider.

  • Improved Menus

    Our new platform layout integrates enhanced functionalities for a one-stop trading experience. Find all your favorite analysis tools organised in easy-to-navigate menus.

  • Refined Asset Monitoring

    Whether trading on rising or falling markets, you have access to insightful data on each instrument you choose to trade.

  • Powerful Decision-Supporting Tools

    We go the extra mile to ensure that you can conveniently support your trading strategies with reliable analysis resources, such as Trading Central.

Daily Analyst Recommendations (DAR)

Daily Analyst Recommendations is an innovative tool, perfectly integrated into our platform to enable a free-flowing trading experience.


78.32% of retail CFD accounts lose money.

  • 01

    Expert Success Rate

    Analysts are rated based on their predictions that have resulted in a positive return.

  • 02

    Expert Average Return

    DAR also calculates the measure of the average return per analyst recommendation.

  • 03

    Statistical Significance

    Another feature of DAR is the total amount of relevant data that has been accumulated in relation to the analyst.

Trade on Trending Now

Assess market conditions in real time with conveniently located filter and search navigation menus which help you pinpoint the instruments that rank at the top. Available on the web platform as well as iOS/ Android apps.


78.32% of retail CFD accounts lose money.

  • Top Risers & Fallers

    Check out which instruments have experienced the highest levels of price increase or decrease over the last 24 hours.

  • Top Volatile

    Assess the instruments' volatility and incorporate their fluctuations on the share market into your trading strategies.

  • Top Traders Trends

    Find out which instruments experience the highest buy and sell trends, in rounded-off percentages, based on minute-by-minute updated data of closed trades.

  • 52-Week High & Low

    Get a clear picture of the instruments that have reached their highest or lowest price compared to the previous year.

  • Uptrend & Downtrend

    Discover which instruments have experienced a positive or negative daily change over the last 7 days.

  • 30-Day High & Low

    Analyse which instruments have reached their highest or lowest price within the last 30 days.

Create your strategy

CAPEX offers more than 2 100 CFD instruments, allowing you to diversify your portfolio and implement an efficient and risk-balanced trading strategy. Start now by creating an account, in three easy steps.


78.32% of retail CFD accounts lose money.