Optimism marks global equities - Thursday review, May 7

Optimism marks global equities - Thursday review, May 7

Yesterday’s events set the markets in motion. Earnings came in better than expected figures.


The American benchmarks traded higher after a handful of companies released better-than-expected earnings, and the number of unemployment claims came through on a downward trend. USA30 gained 0.89%. USA500 and TECH100 added more than 1%, 1.15% and 1.41%, respectively.

Oil prices went up yesterday in hopes that the easing of lockdown measures will increase the demand: Brent Oil gained 0.98% to $29.75 per barrel, while Oil added 1.19% to $23.83 per barrel.

Gold was up 0.07% at $1,726.95.

Asia and Australia

Japan225 rose 2.07% after Japan approved Remdesivir as the go-to drug for the virus.

HongKong45 gained 1.02%.

ASX closed 0.76% higher.

USD/JPY stood still at 106.33.

AUD/USD added 0.64% to 0.6536.


Europe50 closed higher by more than 1%. Germany30 went up 1.44%

EUR/USD was up 0.17% to $1.0850.

EUR/GBP added 0.09% to 0.8752.

GBP/USD gained 0.28% after BOE said it is open to increasing the stimulus package program at their MPC meeting in June.

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Sources: investing.com, cnbc.com, marketwatch.com

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