Professional Client Status: What it means for you

What is a professional client?

A professional client is a trader that understands the risks involved with greater comprehension than retail clients.
A professional client is considered capable of making personal investment decisions and will have the option of trading with higher leverage levels, but at the same time certain protections provided to retail clients will not be applicable anymore.

How do you become a professional client?

In order to be able to become a Professional Client, you will need to meet specific conditions which are based on your knowledge, experience, and past trading activity.

More specifically, to qualify, you will need to meet two out of the three specific criteria below:

  • Trading Activity

    An average of 10 transactions made each quarter taking into account the last 4 quarters with any regulated broker

  • Portfolio

    The size of your portfolio (including cash deposits and/or financial instruments) exceeds EUR 500,000

  • Professional Experience

    More than 12 months of professional experience in relation to the financial sector

If you do meet these, then feel free to apply for the Professional Client status and you’ll get the option of trading with higher leverage on specific assets, among others.

After submitting your application and if it meets the mandatory requirements, you will be contacted by one of our account representatives.

What benefits does a Professional Client enjoy?

  • Get the option of trading with higher leverage on specific assets

  • Take advantage of priority support from a dedicated team, ready to provide assistance through phone and email

  • Take part in live sessions with industry experts, and have first-hand access to market insights to benefit your strategies

  • Receive in-depth news and analysis of the financial markets from our verified third-party tools

Restrictions on CFDs

ESMA imposed certain leverage restrictions on CFD instruments. By choosing to become a Professional Client, any restrictions such as this one will not be applicable for you, and we will not be required to impose these measures on your account and trading activities.

However, professional clients do not have the same investor protections and compensation rights as Retail investors.

More specifically:

  • 01


    You will be given fewer information disclosures related to, its services, products, and financial instruments offered and their performance

  • 02

    Knowledge and Experience

    When we assess whether a product or service is appropriate for you, we can assume that you have the necessary level of knowledge and experience

  • 03

    Investor Compensation Fund

    You will not be entitled to participate in the ICF, as it is available only for retail clients

It should be noted that as a Professional Client you will still enjoy part of the current protections offered to our Retail Clients - such as Safeguarding of Client Money, Negative Balance protection, Best Execution arrangements and 50% Margin Close-Out per Account.

In addition, the Complaints handling policy will still apply if you elect and are approved as a Professional Client.
Make sure to submit your application to become a Professional Client!

For further information on our Client Categorization policy, please click here.


Make sure to submit your application to become a Professional Client!