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Mixed beginning of a quarter for global markets - Weekly Review, June 29 – July 3

Miguel A. Rodriguez
Miguel A. Rodriguez
14 Septembrie 2020
The end of a quarter and the beginning of another brought different market reactions.

Monday: The American benchmarks were rallying at the end of the month: USA30 went up 2.3%, while USA500 gained 1.5%. TECH100 added 1.2%. Stocks in Asia dropped as the markets were expecting the new security law on Hong Kong and Macau. HongKong45 fell 0.49%, Japan225 lost 1.60%. 

In Europe, Germany30 went up 1.18%, while UK100 added 1.3%.

More companies started to boycott Facebook as the company hasn't addressed the propagandistic posts regarding the upcoming U.S. presidential election, the Black Lives Matter movement, Holocaust denial, and many more. Companies such as Unilever, Starbucks, Honda, and others have stopped paying ads on the platform. 

Gap stock price went up more than 18% after the company announced its ten-year collaboration with artist Kanye West. 

Beauty giant Coty is buying a 20% stake in KKW Beauty – a company that is valued now at $1 billion. During the pre-market trading, Coty lost more than 17%. 

Amazon will use $500 Million to pay its employees who have been by its side during the pandemic. 

Tuesday: Wall Street registered the best quarter in more than two decades: USA30 and USA500 added 0.84% and 1.53%.

Gold traded higher and closed at a record of $1,800.50 per ounce.

The security law was passed on Hong Kong and Macau, heating controversies around the world. HongKong45 was up 0.76%, while USD/CNY lost 0.17% to 7.0674.

Lululemon is to purchase the start-up Mirror for half of billion dollars, securing its place in the fitness industry. In the after-market, it gained 4%.

Starting this month, Gilead’s Remdisivir against COVID-19 is available for sale. The starting price for hospitals will be $3,120 per patient. The stock price went up 4% after the announcement. 

Wednesday: The markets were relatively flat at the end of the quarter. France40 lost 0.2%, Germany30 added 0.2%. In the U.S., USA30 was flat, while USA500 and TECH100 gained 0.73% and 0.74%.   

Tesla had the best trading session and broke some personal records. The stock price gained more than 8%, which pushed the market cap over $200 billion.  

Volvo made the biggest recall in its history when it announced that roughly 2.1 million would need to be repaid due to a loosened seat belt steel wire.  

The U.S. House approved the $1.5 trillion infrastructure bill. 

Thursday: The positive NFP made the markets move: Wall Street gained more than 1%. The European markets rose by more than 2%.

Macy’s reported its quarterly earnings. Though it reported a quarterly loss of $3.58 billion, the stock price gained 1.5% in the pre-market.  

The unemployment rate in the Eurozone came at 7.4% in May, while the U.S. unemployment rate dropped to 11.1% from 13.3%. 

Tesla became the number one car market in the world by market cap - $207 billion, after it posted amazing quarterly results. 

Friday: Despite having financial difficulties being unable to pay dividends, FCA closed higher by 0.51%, and it goes ahead with its merger with PSA.

The American chip makes, Intel, announced its partnership with Jio Platforms, a subsidiary of Reliance Industries. Intel would buy a 0.39% stake in Jio for $253.5 million.

In Europe, Spain released a third stimulus package mean to keep its economy afloat. The stimulus is worth 50 billion EUR to boost solvency. 

As for airlines, in the States, American Airlines is to start working at full capacity, although the number of infections is increasing. In Europe, the air carriers are still fighting the pandemic's effects: Airbus plans to cut 15,000 jobs, while EasyJet will fire around 2,000 people.

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