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Novavax delays again the timeline for ramping up production for its COVID-19 vaccine

Miguel A. Rodriguez
Miguel A. Rodriguez
11 Mai 2021
The biotechnology company that focuses on discovering, developing and commercialization of vaccines reported figures for the first quarter of 2021

Novavax revealed revenue of $447 million, beating the $213.3 million consensus. Part of it came as payment from the US government for its COVID-19 vaccine research. For overall research and development, it spent $593 million in the quarter. At the same time, its net loss came in at $223 million. Despite posting a loss per share of $3.05, it still managed to top by $0.55 the consensus.

The results came on the same day as it announced that it is postponing the timeline for ramping up the COVID-19 vaccine production. Moreover, it doesn’t expect to seek regulatory approval for the shot in Europe, Britain, and the US until Q3 2021. The Maryland-based company has repeatedly pushed back the production forecasts as it struggled to get the raw materials and equipment needed to make the vaccine.

Moreover, Novavax said it doesn’t expect to reach the target production of 150 million doses/ month until Q4 2021, revised upwards from an initial third quarter.

Following the news, Novavax stock price plummeted almost 9%.







Miguel A. Rodriguez
Miguel A. Rodriguez

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