CTT Correios de Portugal S.A.





About CTT and CTT Trading

CTT - Correios De Portugal, S.A. provides postal and financial services worldwide.

The company has a retail network of 2,370 contact points with 539 post offices, 1,831 postal agencies, and 1,933 stamp sale points, as well as 117 automatic stamp vending machines and 14 automatic postal product vending machines. It also boasts a sorting network of three production and logistics centers, five logistics and delivery centers, and a transport network.

The company was previously known as Correio Publico. CTT - Correios De Portugal. It was founded in 1520 and is headquartered in Lisbon, Portugal.

How can you trade CTT stock?

You can buy CTT shares live on Euronext Lisbon where they are listed, or you can trade them through derivatives solutions, such as CFDs. Buying shares on exchanges is a long-term investment since you stand to gain only if prices go up.

At CAPEX.com, you can follow the CTT chart to trade on the price movements of this popular stock through CFDs. If you think that the stock value will go up, you can open a long position (BUY). If you think prices will decrease, you can open a short position (SELL).

At CAPEX.com you can trade CTT stock from Monday to Friday between 07:05-15:25. If you cannot trade at those hours, you can always pick another instrument, as we have more than 2000 options available.