Palantir secures deal with the US military

By: Miguel A. Rodriguez

13:57, 25 May 2021

One of the largest data analytics platforms revealed its new contract with two military space programs

Palantir Technologies confirmed the $32.5 million contract it won to provide its software to the US Air Force and Space Force. Upon the deal’s sealing, Palantir will start offering its software to the Department of the Air Force (DAF), Space and Missile System Center's Cross-Mission Ground & Communications Enterprise (SMX/ECX) NORAD-NORTHCOM.

"I'm excited about this partnership and the work we are doing to provide better data-driven decision making to our leadership. Palantir's technology and framework has truly accelerated our ability to remove data stovepipes throughout the community and create actionable knowledge," stated Col. Jennifer Krolikowski, the senior materiel leader for Space C2.

This is not Palantir's first military rodeo. In 2020, it worked with the Space Force to provide a data backbone for the space command and control modernization program, using Foundry to create a common operating picture space.

Following the news, Palantir stock price edged 2.27% higher.


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