Trading Central features

  • The perfect combination between quantitative technology and the experience of senior analysts.
  • Multilingual technical analysis to help you understand the technical scenario at a glace.
  • Full-coverage of the most popular CFD instruments
  • Compliant with leading market authorities
  • Patented pattern recognition constantly monitoring the markets 24/7.
  • Trendlines, pivot point for trend reversals and alterantive scenarios for an improved risk management.

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Leading Technical Analysis


Trading Central provides traders with a broad range of technical indicators usable with CFDs on Shares, Commodities, Indices, Forex, ETFs and Bonds.

Trading Central Indicators & Features

Instrument Intraday

Indicates whether an instrument is forecasted to remain bullish or bearish throughout the day. Highly useful for traders when shaping their intraday trading strategies and decisions.


Indicates the price point at which an instrument is predicted to change from bullish to bearish and vice-versa. Pivot point prices may help traders identify potential buy/sell opportunities which help to build an effective trading strategy.

Trading Central preference

Indicates Trading Central’s preferred trading strategy at that particular moment, including preferred trade duration (long or short-term) when an instrument reaches a specific price.

Alternative scenario

Indicates an alternative trading strategy to Green Analysis. Data can include the price point at which an instrument may indicate signs of falling and the likelihood of it falling further, highlighting the target price points to look out for.


Offers data on pivot price points, forecasted market momentum. RSI (Relative Strength Index) and price break points. Such data can potentially be very valuable in helping traders identify trading opportunities in relation to market and instrument movements.


Shows the precise GMT date and time that indicator data was released by Trading Central. This is fully customizable allowing users to choose which indicators they’d like to show data for.


Highlights price levels at which an instrument price may continue to rise. This may potentially show when an asset hits a low price before it may continue to rise.


Reveals price levels at which an asset may continue to fall. This can be very valuable to traders looking to sell when an asset approaches a support level.